"Hehe, you are also very interesting." Baoqi looked at him. "Congratulations on becoming a love terminator in Xiaojing!"

BiShengYuan generous smile "thank you! It’s not easy for me to chase a small well. It’s been about … it’s been about two or three years. But Xiaojing is worth waiting for! "
Touched the nose and smiled, and suddenly I felt a little sour and unloved!
Nian Xiaojing’s face was always smiling. "Why are you here?"
"The company asked me to take stock of the goods." Bi Shengyuan looked at Nian Xiaojing’s face with a warm smile. He is a financial director of a city company. He is a senior white-collar worker. Compared with Fan Tie, he is a little ordinary, but for most fluttering people in Beijing, he still got the grade.
However, it is probably because of this common desire that Xiaojing finally decided to choose him.
It’s really inconvenient for a few people to talk in this place. After saying a few words, Bi Shengyuan suggested, "How about this? I invite three ladies to dinner later? Just pick a place and don’t kill it too hard. "
In the year, Xiaojing asked Baoqi with a smile, "Are there any other arrangements?"
Bao Qi shrugged his shoulders and quipped, "I don’t know if Mr. Bi will be too picky. I like killing people best!" You are depriving me of my only hobby! "
Bi Shengyuan looked at Nian Xiaojing’s face with a particularly warm smile. "Isn’t this saving?" How to support your family by profligacy! "
Section 423
Bao Qi’s eyes sank and she pursed her lips. She didn’t talk again. Seeing that the two of them inadvertently showed plain happiness made her suddenly feel that maybe Xiaojing’s idea was to be like this for her. Usually, not all women want to burn vigorously once, but they would rather turn to ashes than die.
It was agreed that a few people would go downstairs to meet the mall ladder for dinner.
Bi Shengyuan respects ladies more, leaving them private all the time.
Three women chattered in the back.
Looking at the man not far ahead, Bao Qi poked him on behalf of Wang Xueyang, the shoulder of Xiaojing. "When did Xiaojing honestly hand over to treat? You can really hide that there is no wind at all … "
"I’ve known you for two or three years, and it’s officially confirmed for a week or so." In the year, Xiaojing looked at the man’s back and smiled
Treasure and pure to turn over their son and some worry pressure voice asked "er, he knows you … before? Don’t mind? "
Turned his head next year, Xiaojing looked at her with a sigh and smiled. "What age is the girl? Who cares about this? He knows that I have a past. Of course, he also has a past, but I have the same goal as him, that is, to form a family and find someone who can live. No one will investigate who lived in the past. That’s it … "
Looking at her face, it’s cool, precious and pure. This girl is burning with love. She is at a loss for a while. Over the years, her heart has been full of cold owls occupying a small well, which is a simple way to live and find an object.
After a few seconds of silence, there is no sigh. "Fan team knows that it is estimated that it will cry …"
In 2008, Xiaojing’s eyes darkened. "It’s only a matter of time before everything will pass."
Looking at her cold side, Yan Baoqing’s heart is somewhat blocked, and literary cells have risen to a higher level. "Xiaojing has no trace of anything in his heart for some people, but for some people, he has a person in his heart that he will never forget for a generation."
"The wound will heal when it is pus!" That’s too high and deep!
Bao Qi sighed, and her eyes were a little ethereal but tolerable!
Everyone has a different brain, and each brain breeds many different ideas. She doesn’t agree with other people’s ideas and laws, but accuses or interferes with others’ likes and needs of lifestyle. Xiao Jing, a friend, can’t do more than support her decision to respect her lifestyle.
She thinks that from today on, she no longer needs to fix an outsider. Maybe it’s just hurting.
The ladder has always been a treasure and pure heart is not steadfast in jumping. Doo Fan Tie said that she has never come. Now she regrets telling him where they are, and they are afraid to bump into each other.
Finally, the stairs reached the bottom floor, and the stairs were only one meter apart. When the three people finally fell to the last step, Bao Qi’s worries became a fact.
What a coincidence! Not early, not late, not even-handed, so I happened to see Fan Tie rushing into the mall.
Captain Fan walked in a hurry in the crowd. He was tall and distinguished, and his appearance stood out from the crowd. Bao Qi wanted to wail, and his scalp was numb. Why is he so handsome? It’s not easy for her to ignore it and say she can’t see it …
What should we do? It’s hard to hit.
Compared with embarrassment, she frowned and cast a melancholy 45-degree glance at the top of the noisy shopping mall, depicting the scene of upcoming dog blood in her heart, and felt that her heart was shaking.
Nian Xiaojing’s expression was faint. She couldn’t guess what she felt. Anyway, her heart was beating so fast that she almost came out of her throat.’ Boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo, boo.
After a split second, Fan Tie’s figure froze as stiff as a fossil.
Qi stagnates
Since Baoqi can see him, he can naturally see Nianxiaojing and the man who is smiling and reaching for her.
Clutching his fist tightly, Fan Tiejun Lang’s face was clouded for an instant, and he stared at Nian Xiaojing and the man with a burning indignation, and there was an anxious mood gnawing at him …

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