"Ah" Zhu Feng suddenly felt a great pain in her waist and then saw that she had run out and looked at her angrily. Zhu Feng said, "I didn’t expect you to learn badly, too."

Jin Caiyi smiled and said, "Does it hurt?"
"It hurts so much."
"I’ll rub it for you that night." Say that finish, the white face gives a blush and runs back to the room quickly.
Zhu Feng smiled and blinked while singing "Big Girl Beautiful, Big Girl Beautiful …" while wearing a game helmet.
Just connected to the game, his communicator kept ringing, and those animals sent it to read the dragon message, "Dude, are we going crazy after the world map is released?"
Zhu Feng smiled and gave him a message "See you in Qinglong City".
Chapter two hundred and thirteen The country
Zhu Feng called all those animals to Qinglong City, and he found that many foreign players came to Qinglong City in strange clothes. Some players’ clothes are made of metal, and now they look shiny and hanging. Some people are stealthy, wearing a black tight suit and a black sand mask, leaving their eyes outside, or a black hat and a combat knife slung over their waist, and they will know that they are ninjas.
"This group of animals don’t come out late activities run out in broad daylight? Not too tired to bend over? The head is almost tied to the crotch. "Zhu Feng turned to the person behind him and asked.
Xiaohui said with a smile, "They are just like this. It is said that their nation is afraid that dogs will pick up stones if they walk with their backs bent."
"Ha ha" a line of people laughed, and the fire dragon also held out his thumb to express his height.
"Crazy pig, where are we going?" Color just asked in doubt behind him, but his eyes kept looking at foreigners around him. "
"Go and buy a mount. Do you all have it?"
"Buy a mount? The maximum speed of a wild mount can be up to 15, and it can only be up to 12. "Hero shouted and looked at him with an idiot expression.
Zhu Feng stared his one eye "I want to speed so fast? If you send it a long way, you’ll go out to fight monsters. Ride and run away. Who the hell is this? Always have copying skills, you know? "
"By forgetting that you are a pervert," the hero muttered.
I handed in a gold coin at NPC to learn the driving skills, and then spent 2 gold coins to buy an egg. Zhu Feng held the egg in his hand and said to the people, "Do you know what this is? This is a mount fire dragon. Let’s compare who is more handsome in a moment. "Say that finish and drum up the egg."
Suddenly, the surrounding area was as silent as death. Everyone stared at his mount for a long time. The fire dragon bowed his head in shame and said, "What a handsome mount! You won!"
The body is white and shiny, and the hair seems to be combed. Two long ears stand sharp in the head, and the limbs are constantly rubbing. Big eyes, long face and round nose make Zhu Feng almost cry
"Ha ha … ha ha ….." Around the critical laughter let him even more uncomfortable.
"Haha … Is this, is this a horse or a donkey?" Sheets sitting on the ground with one hand covering her belly and the other pointing to a tall animal in front of her asked
The words sound just fell and the mount was very cooperative in calling "Ouch, Ouch". At that time, everyone realized that it was a donkey.
The fire dragon patted him on the shoulder. "Dude, I lost. I really lost." Then I ran aside and laughed.
Zhu Feng looked back and saw that these animals were all laughing their heads off. Even people who were so indifferent to rhyme and passing water couldn’t help laughing. "Alas," he sighed and took back his mount. Suddenly, he shouted angrily at all, "What are you laughing at?" Never seen a white dragon donkey? Go. "
They all got up with a smile and skeleton asked a sentence of life "white dragon donkey? Is it a descendant of Bai Longma? "
Zhu Feng kicked him down and threw himself at him. He punched and kicked the hammer-like fist and knocked on the weak body of the skeleton. It sounded like it was about to fall apart. Zhu Fengbian beat and scolded, "I’ll make you a mummy today and tear down all your skeleton bones."
After a few minutes of miserable humanity, Zhu Feng finally got out of his heart and said with a wave of his hand, "Find someone to throw this pile of skeleton bones into the river and let’s go."
The sheets lifted the skeleton up and woke up. "Don’t do this again or the bones will be gone."
They followed Zhu Feng to the messenger. When they passed the friendship PK field, they saw many players there. He smiled at several people and said, "Let’s go and see the excitement."
When several people approached, they found that two players were fighting in the venue. A China player was holding a single letter on a black skin. The China player was a fanatic and the American player was also a warrior. The China player’s attack was obviously not as high as the other player’s, but he was clever in avoiding it. Every time he cut the other player twice, he could get a knife. After a few minutes, when he cut the player’s blood and left one drop, the American player stopped attacking and said "yield" with both hands and fists.
"Hehe, the foreigner is quite interesting. I’ll try him." Camel said and jumped into PK field.
The China soldier saw the camel walking up and said to him, "Hehe, this is my friend. We are just having fun."
"Hehe, I’ll play with him and I won’t be killed." Camel thief said with a smile.
The foreigner smiled at the camel, shook hands and said to his friend, "I like to compete with people. Please wait outside."
Zhu Feng saw the soldier coming and smiled and said to several people, "Is the camel abusive? He also wants to have fun with players of this strength? It’s a shame. "Then he saw the camel actually show the guild badge.
The "Wow Black Screen" field was in an uproar.
"I saw it this time." "Amen, this foreigner is going to see the emperor."
The foreigner smiled and said to the camel, "Hello, China friend, shall we stop?"
"Stop attacking me first," replied the camel with a smile.
The foreigner nodded and took a broadsword to cut off the camel’s body. The camel deftly evaded his attack on one side, and then kept circling around his body. The double daggers kept swinging fast, so that the foreigner’s blood was left with five drops after half a minute, and the camel was stabbed twice. The foreigner opened his eyes and raised his thumb and said, "It’s amazing how fast it is."
"Ha ha, your attack is good too. Goodbye." The camel said and walked over the stage.
When I saw him coming, several people in Zhu Feng looked at the other side with a look that I didn’t know him. After a few minutes of fighting, everyone made a wink and sneaked out of the crowd.
"am I cool?" The skeleton asked the chasing camel
"I’m not happy with those two knives or I let him hit them on purpose," said the camel pie mouth
A few people have stretched out his middle finger at him at the delivery place. Zhu Feng asked, "Which country do you want to go to most? I’m going to look around now. "
"Make your own country" sheet shouted, and then he saw the contempt of everyone and quickly said, "I want to kill all the players there."
Zhu Feng thief smiled and asked, "Why don’t we have a good time? Have you looked enough? "
"It’s not enough to play BOSS at ordinary times." Several people said that the fire dragon also said with a smile, "We don’t have much before."
"Ha ha, then let’s go and show all the badges. Now we don’t keep a low profile. We should try our best to be high-profile and make public." Zhu Feng said and showed the badges.
If you send them to other countries’ homes, you can go to the other country’s main city first, and then send them to other places from here. Zhu Feng and his party found that most of the surrounding areas are ninja occupations, and some warriors and wizards look similar to Chinese players. The buildings in the city are bamboo, very delicate, colorful and beautiful.
Zhu Feng saw several people all here and asked, "Shall we engage in terrorist activities now or visit one?"
"What’s the visit like a pigsty? Work, "the sheet said with a smile.
Hero color awake "we’d better go to the place where the NPC guards can’t see us outside the city and slaughter the players who come out of the city, even if they become famous, we are not afraid."
"Hey, hey, this is a good idea. Don’t kill too many people. After killing people, don’t send the scroll back to the city and it will appear in the wicked prison." Zhu Feng said with a smile
Adult players saw two or more people laughing very lewd and walking outside the city. Judging from their physical equipment, it should be China players who didn’t know what they were going to do.
Out of the city after the Zhu Feng thief smiled and said, "comrades, we can’t kill people here because of it? What’s the reason to argue with them later? You see this line not line … "
"Ha ha"
"Okay, I agree."
"I won’t do it" shouted the coffee.
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Chapter two hundred and fourteen Big kill (1)
At the entrance of the main city of the enemy country, more than two dozen big men surrounded a beautiful woman and greeted each other with smiles.

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