Chapter five hundred and thirty-two I should also be the whole.

On May 3, the Cavaliers and Celtics ushered in the fifth contest and returned to Cleveland.
Pierce’s pre-match press conference showed that he was quite dissatisfied with the referee’s first two decisions.
In the fourth game, Pierce tried to finish the attack at the last minute, but Cavaliers center Vallejo interfered with the fall.
The referee didn’t punish Pierce for this. He got emotional and said something to the referee, and then immediately got a technical foul.
The camera recorded him saying, "James would definitely foul the ball."
Yeah, that’s what Pierce said, and so did the Celtics.
Charles Buckley believes that this year’s East-West finals will be ugly compared with the West.
The big butt is not ironic about James. He said in his column, "You can’t expect James to play for five minutes every night to get a 4+ triple-double and then go to kill his opponent. It is said that it is not James but Teijin. Although the referee in the third and fourth wars was very controversial in the end, you can’t deny that James had a great scenery for a season. The Cavaliers finally showed their true colors. This team is nothing but James."
Mike Brown, a bearded man, is no wiser than he used to be. Whenever Rivers goes on the rampage and calls for a time-out to train all the players and re-arrange the targeted tactics and the classic whistle-blowing tactics, the bespectacled coach looks at his team’s repeated mistakes and shakes his head in a polite way.
A game ago, James said that we should give pavlovic more chances, and then pavlovic made two baskets in 25 minutes.
So the question is, why does James think that his performance has never been bad, but West wants to give pavlovic a chance that he has been unable to play this year?
Shortly after the Clippers got the match point, a local website of the Cavaliers revealed an amazing news-the mother of LeBron James, the little emperor of Delonte West, was having an affair!
However, the news has not been copied yet, and a few major media did not report the news on the day of the Cavaliers-Celtics game. They are still collecting evidence to verify the authenticity of the news.
In the fifth match between the two teams, the Cavaliers are at home. If the referee continues to help, they may really take the match point, although they will definitely be sprayed all summer afterwards.
However, the local fans in Cleveland are not very optimistic, because the West incident has not yet expanded to the beautiful world, but it is already a big news in Cleveland, and the Cavaliers fans are dizzy.
Cavaliers fans searched around for a long time after the game and found no figure of the party West.
This makes Cavaliers fans feel very bad, because if this is true, James is playing with West, then the latter will definitely be hidden by the Cavaliers.
In the fifth contest, James showed a thousand positions. He didn’t pay enough attention on the scene and made mistakes on the scene. In the first four games, the little emperor was not the same. He only scored 16 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, and was expelled for the last six fouls. At the same time, he also contributed nine mistakes.
The Cavaliers painstakingly traded James to their teammates and magically evaporated from the team in the playoffs, especially in the regular season when the Cavaliers were arrogant and the crazy attack group on the outside disappeared from people overnight. It is even more ironic that this time the Cavaliers actually fell in the Celtics’ three-point rain!
James attended the press conference after the game, but his face was tired or tired, especially when he was asked by reporters about West. The little emperor suddenly flew into a rage and left the press conference soon.
That’s good. James’s reaction made the "Youmamen" incident spread quickly from Cleveland, and it was broadcast by explosion, and no party made a statement on it.
The Celtics won an easy victory on the road, but no one paid attention to it. Everyone was talking about it. Is it true that no one came out to explain it?
The mysterious disappearance of the client West in the fifth game explained that "West was injured in training and entered the daily watch list"
The reporter interviewed the Cavaliers, but everyone knows the seriousness of this matter. No one dares to say anything. Maybe they really don’t know anything.
James refused to interview the little emperor after the game.
Coach Mike Brown said that this is definitely a long talk and that they are still full of confidence.
"We haven’t been eliminated yet, and there is no team that can say that we have an advantage. That’s why we will continue to fight. The Clippers and Spurs are also fighting, but we don’t have any thoughts about them for the time being. We all have no absolute advantage in Celtic. If we win a game, it will be time to make a final decision."
-calm los Angeles
When I got up at noon on May 31st, I was surprised to find this news!
"What seems to have broken out so soon a year earlier?"
Ji Guo was ashamed to watch artificial Mimi for more than an hour yesterday, lamenting that high-end goods are high-end goods, which are much more fake than those in European and American blockbusters. It really is a penny for a penny.
"I think I’ll change it until I retire and we can play the mother directly."
Taylor Swift decided to ignore him. This guy has a cheap mouth. I guess he’s used to talking rubbish. Damn it!
"I can’t go to your game tonight and come back early after the game."
Ji Guo smiled shamefully. "Your IQ should be the same. How can I fly to San Antonio with the team for a while and come back?"
"Bitch, don’t tell the press about me or I’ll kill you."
"I can tell without telling others."
"That can’t be said!"
Taylor Swift was so angry that she stuck eggs around. If she hadn’t been active now, she would have bitten him.
"Anyway, so is my sister. I’m a little excited to think about it."
Ji Guoshi followed the plane and proudly said to the giant panda, "Do you know what it feels like?"
Ji Guoqiu glanced at him and replied in his heart, "I know that grasping hard will explode!"
"Bah, that’s low-grade goods. High-grade goods can’t."
"Whether it’s low-level or high-level, it’s fake anyway."
"That’s better than nothing."
"No matter how strong it is, it is fake."
"Mom always likes fake."
"You are a bitch …"
The Clippers came to San Antonio again. They had less than two hours of shooting training in the afternoon to help the players find the state of the night game.
Old Deng Liwei was interviewed during player training. When asked about Crawford, old Deng Liwei said, "I have said a lot about Jamal. Now the Clippers are a team with talent and experience. If Billups represents the team experience, then the twin brothers and Crawford represent the team talent. Crawford has come out of the bench several times in this season’s playoffs and scored 2+ points, but keeping stable is what he needs most, otherwise he will never get rid of the" nerve knife "hat."
Billups also said on the sidelines, "We need Jamal to guarantee 15 points per game instead of cutting 25 points with 5 points per game."
Neuroscalpel, as its name implies, is poor in power but unstable.
Crawford can make you worship when it breaks out, and it will disappoint you when it is depressed.

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