Not long after he left, someone came to "Six Doors to catch the head, and the iron hand came to pay a visit to Xiao Li’s predecessor Li Xunhuan in cold blood!" Tang Tian took a look at four people in the messy hall. According to the information left by the mysterious man, the wheelchair in front of him should be pushing his simple and honest young hand behind him. A pair of gloves must be iron-handed! A long sword in white must be cold-blooded, so look around with this. If you don’t say it, you are chasing after your life! At this moment, Li Xunhuan came out of the room. "Did Zhuge old man call you? Come on! " Say that finish there watching them with gentle eyes and a smile, sitting in a wheelchair, with an iron hand building, devoting to salute at the entrance of the corridor, Li Xunhuan is not welcome! Take them into the room Tang days also like to go in "you’re welcome! Sit anywhere. I’m not your master’s stubborn old man! There are many rules! Sit down! Sit down! " Several people looked at each other, "Thank you!" Everybody find a place to sit! Li Xunhuan asked, "How is your master recently?" Love replied, "Master is still tough! It’s been busy recently! Yesterday, I found out that my predecessors had settled here and asked us to come and visit! " "Ha ha! This old ghost! "

Then a few people talked about some interesting things in the Jianghu. Li Xunhuan told them about going out to Chu Liuxiang in his friendship with Zhuge and came back into the house to see the faces of the four famous arrests. Tang Tianxin said again, "Ha ha! The thief handsome met a famous mouse and met a cat! " So I watched Chu Liuxiang Zhile Chu Liuxiang know what Tang Tian was thinking, of course? Hate hate stared at his eyes Chu Liuxiang is proficient in Yi Shu. His true face has never been missed in front of outsiders. Therefore, although I think this elder brother Li looks familiar, I just can’t remember it! Also didn’t think about it again. Four people left at noon and took out a few ribbons when they left, saying that it was late to enter the palace. Li Xunhuan also received it! After the four people left, Chu Liuxiang breathed a sigh of relief. Tang Tian joked, "Master, your old friend brought out four catchers and you taught a thief. What do you mean!" Before Li Xunhuan could react, Chu Liuxiang was in a hurry. "You stinky little bastard!" After chasing Tang Tian in the past, he is in better health now, leaving Li Xunhuan there to look at the other disciples with mirth!
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Chapter 22 Full Moon Night ()
Chapter 22
I’ve been begging for a long time, but no one has got the cover ready. phooshop is too big to bring ACDSee to do it. It’s finally done. Let’s have a look. It’s ok! A little easier! There is no way to limit the conditions!
On the full moon night of May 15th, Li Xunhuan went straight to the Forbidden City with Chu Liuxiang, Tang Tian, Bai Zhantang and Guo Furong. Outside the palace, they saw four famous catchers and an old man from China who were greeting people. They saw five people from Li Xunhuan coming to meet them first. The old man burst out laughing before he was greeted. "The elegant demeanor of the flower-exploring lang is still the same as before!" Li Xunhuan is still the light expression "Mr Zhuge is ridiculous! Old! I can’t tell when I will go when I am sick. It’s hard to be more ambitious than Mr. Zhu Ge! " ZhuGeZheng I wry smile "ah! After all these years of fighting, I still can’t fight you, you old drunkard! " Li Xunhuan also ha ha laughs "old deathlessly you just don’t have a long memory! Haha! " Just say that finish cough cough up Tang Tianyi see hurriedly gather together in the past to clap his back "teacher! How’s it going? !”
Li Xunhuan clap his hand "nothing! Ha ha! The effect can’t be that fast! I’m not in a hurry these days after so many years! " ZhuGeZheng I also coming a face of nervous a pair of eyebrows dou wrinkled up "this person is the stubborn temper! Your bones have long told you to find a place to rest, but you don’t listen to people’s advice. You are injured running around at such a big age! And a heavy drinker! By worrying! " Li Xunhuan ha ha a smile "old chap, it’s not that you don’t know me. If I can rest at ease, am I still Li Xunhuan? Haha! " "You!" "Well, well, don’t greet us here. Someone’s coming again. Just ask Chaser to take us in!" "All right! I’m desperate for you to take your uncle Li and them in! " Chasing for life replied, "It’s a master!" The Hall of Supreme Harmony is just outside the Taihe Gate. The Jinshui Jade Belt River looks like a Jinshui Jade Belt in the moonlight. A group of people crossed the street in the moonlight, entered the Donghuamen Longzongmen, turned into the Longlou Fengtao Wumen, and finally arrived in this forbidden area. The central city patrolled the guards for three steps, one post, five steps and one whistle. It is difficult for anyone to break in if he didn’t pursue his life. Even if he can get here, he can’t cross the line again. Although there are four invisible shadows in this place, there may be large and medium-sized guards lurking everywhere, large and medium-sized hidden Tiger has been invited to Wulin by sincere courtesy, ambitious young heroes, and hiding here for the time being to hide from his enemies. No one dares to underestimate their strength in the theory of Jiang Yang thieves.
When I arrived at Taihe Gate, I prayed for my life and said, "Uncle Shi, if you go in here, it will be the Forbidden City. After passing the big platform, that hall is the Hall of Supreme Harmony." Guo Furong asked, "That is, the Golden Luandian?" "Of course not, but the Hall of Supreme Harmony is the highest place in the whole imperial city. Ximen Chuixue and Ye Gucheng choose the forbidden mountain over the sword. That’s it!" I took a quick look at Tang Tian and said, "It’s not like the usual place where the roof can go. It’s not easy to cover it with glazed tiles and it doesn’t leave a foot. You should leave some attention on your feet after you go. It will be great if you fall from the surface!" Their Tang Tianyi "death brother! Don’t tease me that I can still fall with my master here! " "Ha ha!" He smiled awkwardly when he saw that Tang Tian didn’t wake up like a martial artist-but he forgot who was next to him! Shame on you ~! Fortunately, Uncle Li is gentle and generous, otherwise ~ ~! He can’t even think about it! Arch hand and ran Tang days tut way "not the kui is a death warrant brother! This lightness skill is really not a cover! " Look back at Chu Liuxiang "brother! Isn’t it oppressive to see the martial brother’s lightness skill? " Aside, Bai Zhantang interjected, "Where is the trace of chasing after life and stepping on the snow?" Li Xunhuan stopped two people quarrel "good! Let’s go in first! "
The four men followed Li Xunhuan all the way to the Taihe Hall. Guo Furong asked strangely, "How come your master seems to be familiar with this place!" Tang days hey hey a smile "of course! My master has been to the Flower Exploration Palace before, of course! " "Scare! Really? " Guo Furong’s eyes were wide at once, and the boss’s face was incredible. Several people in Tang days laughed, and Li Xunhuan had already heard them talking about it! The flower-exploring lang, who used to be in high spirits, is also old! Years go by, youth is easy to grow old! See that I am also a senior in Jianghu! What else can I miss in this Jianghu? Just when a few people were talking and thinking blankly, the Hall of Supreme Harmony arrived at Danbu, and it seemed that it was just a few dozen stones, but when I thought of the great dynasty trade, the civil and military officials hung their heads around and stood in silence, waiting for the day to call. Tang Tian couldn’t help but feel that the blood in his body was burning, drunk, lying on his knees, waking up, and the heroes of Tianshi wizards and strange men racked their brains and tried their best to fight for their lives.
According to Dan, the Hall of Supreme Harmony is even more meteorological and solemn. Looking up, the ridge of the Hall of Supreme Harmony seems to stand in the clouds. It is the Baohe Hall next to the Baohe Hall. There are three bungalows on the west side and the north wall. There are faint lights in the closed window. According to the door, a big white oil card is hung. Looking at these four characters, Tang Tian suddenly felt the seemingly majestic imperial court. Nai Xia Wu violated these unruly heroes. Which official? Nai, even if people want to compete in their own fields, there is no way to stop them from posting these four big characters as if they were hiding their ears.
A few people stopped talking when they arrived here, and the occasion was not a noisy place. Besides, the surrounding atmosphere was depressing. There were a few people on the top of the temple or sitting there. Some of them attracted the attention of Tang Tian. There were three people sitting on the top of the temple, two people sitting alone, and two middle-aged teenagers sitting there. The middle-aged man was tall, rough-looking, dark-skinned, slender and often with a morbid yellow color, which made people unwilling to look at him for a long time. A long sword was hanging around his waist, about four feet and nine inches long. Looking at it, the ordinary
The man dressed in China looks like a 30-year-old man, whose appearance is almost evil and handsome. What is particularly impressive is that his skin is crystal clear and shining with dazzling luster, and his long black hair is much wider on both sides than the average person. His shoulders and nose are high and upright, and his eyes are full of spirits. If you look at it with almost evil charm, you will never forget to cooperate with him all your life, but it makes people feel palpitation. Tang Tian suddenly thought of these two people sitting in the rain, sword and waves, and that middle-aged man must be the magician Pang Ban. The boy behind me didn’t guess that it must have been raining at night.
How did these two people get together! Li Xunhuan noticed that his apprentice said, "appreciate each other knows himself best as his opponent! It’s not bad for these two people to have a personal relationship! " As if I felt watching here and looking at them together, Tang Tian suddenly felt that there was a surging tide coming in front of his eyes, as if he were about to swallow himself up. There was a black dragon running out of the water. It was like a sledgehammer smashing his chest. Just then, Li Xunhuan coughed and went forward. The black dragon disappeared. Tang Tian was so relaxed that he almost fell down. Li Xunhuan saw that his eyebrows were wrinkled and he snorted. He waved to the face class and the waves turned to the clouds. Hehe smiled. "Li Xiong is joking. Why are you so angry?" This little brother is your apprentice! It’ s really a bone! " Pang Ban’s mouth was tilted with an evil smile. "Xiao Li’s flying knife is still the sharpest. No one in the Jianghu dares to regret that his front brother Li met again!" Li Xunhuan smiled and said nothing. It was a gentle smile. Some bosses also knew each other very well. Knowing that he was not angry, there would be no attention to silence and other leading roles.
At this time, in the corner of the square, Tang Tian saw a man waving at him, but he looked crazy and followed his master Du Laogai! And next to them was a young man in his twenties with two 15-and 16-year-olds, so he asked Laobai, "Who’s Brother Bai?" Lao Bai followed his eyes and didn’t recognize it for a moment. Then he thought for a while and suddenly said, "Is it him?" "who?" "Huashan nine chicken! The wind is clear! " The wind is clear! "Tang days surprised way to know that in the information he got, this is a hermit with a great spirit! Tang Tian couldn’t help but look at it a few times. At this time, the wind was clear and young, and the whole person was sharp-edged and imposing. It was like a sword drawn from its sheath. Looking at the two children around him, Tang Tian thought of "Shit! This can’t be Yue Buqun and Ning Zhongze as children! !” Give crazy a wink at a distance, get a signal from him, but after years of tacit understanding, I still chose to believe that he was crazy and actively talked to Feng Qingyang. Tang Tian was far away and didn’t know what he said. However, he knew that he was crazy when he saw the crazy dance and the embarrassed expression on his face!
Here, Laobai knows that Tang Tian has just come into contact with Jianghu, and he doesn’t know much about celebrities in Jianghu. I’d like to take this opportunity to give him some advice on whether he knows Chu Liuxiang and Guo Furong. It’s the first time I’ve seen so many celebrities in Tang Tian. In front of these names, Bu Jingyun and Nie Feng came together; Plus, tonight, except for Zhang Ji, who fled overseas, and the top ten who’s who of monks who became monks with eagle edge, everyone is here, and people from the other 12 gangs are also coming to confront each other! With so many experts, they dare not work directly, and there are not many people in each gang, only three or four at most! Less alone came to see the Chivalrous Island, eyeing the Villain’s Valley, and quietly read the meditation hall. Cihang Jingzhai faintly surrounded Pangban’s main hall. Tianhui Qin Shuang stared at Bu Jingyun, but except for Nie Feng, Bu Jingyun was a little awkward, but she didn’t send anyone to move to the Flower Palace. Princess Fei Yue and her brother also came to look at Li Xunhuan. The eyes were very bad! No one came to teach, after all, they have been designated as a cult by the emperor! There are also people from other sects, such as Emei Kongtong Kunlun Lingjiu Palace, and so on, but there are very few people.
In a short time, Mr. Zhuge came with his four disciples and they came together with Tang Tian and said, "The promisee has arrived! I sealed the palace door, too! I hope these people will watch the war safely and don’t give me any cages! " Li Xunhuan laughed. "The palace master is like a cloud. You are still worried about this!" Mr Zhuge wry smile way "old drunkard was here to satirize me! A master is like a cloud. A master is like a cloud. Who can stop you from flying a knife? Although you can stop that sword, who can stop the God in the wind? I’m afraid that the thief is also free to come and go! " Say that finish took a glance at Chu Liuxiang ahem! Ahem! "Brother, what’s wrong with you?" Tang Tian asked with a smile in his eyes, "It’s choking!" Tang days hey hey a smile "teacher! Brother choked on his own saliva! " "Ha ha ha ha!" Everyone laughed. Chu Liuxiang blushed and made a gift to Mr. Zhuge. "Little arrogance underestimated the hero of the sky and didn’t know that it was really ridiculous. Today, I realized that it was uncle who helped to cover up the hand and leave fragrance and shame!" Mr. Zhuge was frightened and said, "My nephew! This meal can be eaten indiscriminately, but you can’t talk nonsense! If I hear this, I won’t be accused of malfeasance! Don’t say! Can’t say! " They are ha ha laugh.
The iron hand said, "Teacher Chu doesn’t need to be formal. We also know that most of your things have been bought and distributed to the poor people! We are always tight! " "Ha ha! Brother Iron Hand laughed! Laughed! " Chasing for life said, "Ha ha! Ten Li Ping tracks the night and leaves fragrance for nine days. Phoenix dances, dragons, dragons, geese and butterflies ride the romantic clouds, draw pictures, blow snow, sword, cold wounds, golden wine, warm lips and jade hands. Off-line means it’s still cold in the sun, while horses and horses are dying, relying on the sword outside. Long song looks at Sirius! It’s hard for you, a thief, a grand marshal and a rogue, to be jealous! " Hahaha! Another burst of laughter. Chu Liuxiang looked up and shouted with joy, "Look at the protagonist!" Sure enough, everyone’s eyes turned to the forbidden top! !
Chapter 23 Full moon night (in)
Chapter 23
Tang Tian listened to Chu Liuxiang’s words and turned his eyes to the Forbidden Peak Hall. There stood a man on the roof. He was tall and straight, dressed as white as snow. He looked at it by himself, but it was extremely cold. It seemed that he could freeze people by looking at it again. Tang Tian closed his eyes. He knew that at this time, seeing things with his eyes usually didn’t have any effect, so he closed his eyes and went to see this peerless master. This is also what he realized after reading what the mysterious man left him. Tang Tian closed his eyes and forced his mind to calm down immediately, and then imagined that his thoughts would spread to the outside. The whole square was dark, and suddenly a few things appeared beside him. He "saw" a lion, which was Zhuge Zheng. I was walking out, and an ethereal sword was hanging around it. There was a breeze and a roaring shura, whose body was dark red and blood-stained. People with such a heavy suffocation must have stopped crying after death. He felt a calm tide flowing quietly like a docile pony, and there was a black dragon beside it. He tried to sense that the wind was clear, but it was a radiant sword, but it was less than others.
He tried to induce Ximen Chuixue. Before he got close, he saw a white lone wolf growling and coming at him. Tang Tianyi was surprised to recover his mind, but it was already late. The lone wolf rushed to him as strong as a calf. His sharp claws were faint with light, and his eyes were white with no emotion. His teeth were salivating and he was about to bite Tang Tian. At this moment, a light flashed in the dark, and the white wolf was afraid to roar and ran into the darkness. Then Tang Tian heard a cough and found himself. The clothes have been soaked in cold sweat. Li Xunhuan looked at him and said, "Be careful not to visit them at will. Masters are arrogant. Most of them are eccentric. This kind of snooping is a provocation in their view." Tang Tian bowed his head and said, "It’s a master!" Then he raised his head and squinted, thinking that the white swordsman at the top of the temple said in his heart, I will definitely surpass you!
At this time, a figure rose straight to the hall, but it was not a straight line when the man went there, but it hovered like a big bird in the virtual space, as if there was a place to borrow money. It was weird and handsome, but Laobai sighed. "Chu, this is the phoenix dance for nine days! It seems that it is slightly better than you! " "I’m not as good as him!" Chu Liuxiang said to see his face heavy as water, but there was a hidden excitement in his eyes. Tang Tian thought maybe he gave birth to a competition! So he turned to chase after his life, and sure enough, his hands were rubbing and his legs were still shaking and shaking, and he didn’t even listen to him for several times.
Tang Tian smiled and looked at the man’s face with a pair of dark eyes as gorgeous as the stars, but the most attractive thing was that he put on his beard, which was thick, black and fine. The magic was that it was actually straight and his eyebrows were turned over. If you look at it suddenly, you must be surprised how this man got four eyebrows! Yes, four eyebrows. Lu Xiaofeng Lu Xiaofeng is famous for his four eyebrows, because he works against nature, because he is handsome and handsome, and because of his wisdom!
Chu Liuxiang said, "I didn’t expect him to come!" Guo Furong chimed in, "Of course, who doesn’t know that Ximen Chuixue, the sword god, has a friend in Lu Xiaofeng! Ximen Chuixue wants to compete with others, and Lu Xiaofeng is sure to come! " The iron hand said, "Lu Xiaofeng came early and was called by Ximen Chuixue to talk about things. You didn’t see him just now. It seems that Ye Gucheng will come out soon!" Guo Furong asked curiously, "Is Ye Gucheng here?" Iron hand replied, "Early! We’ll put him to rest somewhere else! They agreed that it was time to fight, and now there are not many times, and Ximen Chuixue appeared and he should come out. "As soon as the voice fell, Li Xunhuan said," Coming! " Tang Tian looks around! There has been a figure in white in the moonlight, fluttering like a high flying skill on the wind. Lu Xiaofeng Laobai sighed again. "I didn’t expect Ye Gucheng to have such a high flying skill." It took Chu Liuxiang a long time to spit out his breath with a smile in his eyes. "If the flying skill is not high, how can you make it fly?"
At this time, people have arrived in Li Xunhuan in the middle of the month and suddenly said, "Let’s go!" Say that finish with Tang Tianyi longitudinal a hall roof, followed by Chu Liuxiang with Guo Furong chasing after death tearing affection, then people also react to use light achievement hall roof at that time, the roof was almost full of people, in addition to Jianghu people, there are seven guards dressed in command with knives, obviously all of them are large and medium-sized masters, and they also want to see the elegance of the two contemporary swordsman.
From the commanding roof, I can see it clearly. In the moonlight, Ye Gucheng looks a little pale. Although Ximen Chuixue’s face is also very pale, he still has some angry feelings. "It seems that it is not a cave to the wind. The Lord of Baiyun has been injured!" Tang Tian asked curiously, "Who hurt him! ?” "Tangmen Tang Tianyi!" "Tang door! ?” Tang Tian was surprised. I didn’t expect there to be a Tang Gate here, but I thought it was a Tang Gate. It should be there, but he didn’t touch it. People didn’t notice that Tang Tian was wrong! Because they have been attracted by those two people!
Both of them are white as snow, their faces are spotless, and their faces are expressionless. At this moment, they have become as cold and sharp as their swords, and there is no emotion. Both of them stare at each other and their eyes are shining.
Everyone is far away from them. Although their swords haven’t been drawn, the shock wave is shocking. This sharp shock wave is terrible from their own bodies, and this person is not them. shuriken and Ye Gucheng suddenly said, "Don’t be sick after years?" Ximen Chuixue said, "How lucky you are!" Ye Gucheng said, "The past will focus on fighting you today. We will do our best. Ximen Chuixue said," Yes! " Ye Gucheng said, "Very well." He said that his voice was already out of breath. After two sentences, he seemed to be breathing.
Ximen Chuixue still turned a blind eye to his face and raised his sword coldly, saying, "This sword is a sharp weapon of heaven, with a blade of three feet seven inches and a net weight of seven catties and thirteen liang". Ye Gucheng said, "Good sword". Ximen Chuixue said, "It is indeed a good sword". Ye Gucheng also raised his sword "This sword is an overseas cold sword elite, with a blade of three feet three and a net weight of six catties and four liang". Ximen Chuixue said, "Good sword" and Ye Gucheng said, "It is a good sword".
Although the two swords have been raised, they have not yet been drawn. Drawing a sword is also an indispensable part of swordsmanship, and it is obvious that two people are taller than one.
Then Li Xunhuan suddenly said, "No!" They looked at him and Li Xunhuan said, "Brother Zhuge, have you noticed that there is something wrong with this Baiyun City Lord?" Mr. Zhuge nodded and said, "It’s a little weird, but I just can’t say it!" Li Xunhuan ha ha a smile "cold is cold! It is a bit less Ye Gucheng pride! " A few people listen to some doubts. What do you mean? Tang Tianxin said, "Master is really fierce! If I hadn’t known for a long time, I would have been kept in the dark! " He didn’t discover that he looked at several other masters. Sure enough, these prestigious bosses frowned. It is estimated that they didn’t expect such solemnity to be more tricky than swords! Don’t talk about everyone’s thoughts! Back to Bijian, they handed the sword to Lu Xiaofeng for inspection. After a few steps, Lu Xiaofeng actually said, Don’t look for him again after this chat! And went back.
See when Zhuge is my mouth, "two! It’s still early! " The decisive battle has finally wiped away everyone’s breath.
Ximen Chuixue’s left hand holds the scabbard and his right hand kneels. What happened just now has no effect on him. Others still look like a sword that has been drawn out of the scabbard, cold, sharp and sharp.
Ye Gucheng’s face is even uglier. The backhand moves the sword behind him, but it seems to be a little slow and still coughs gently.
Compared with Ximen Chuixue, he really looks much older and weaker. Some people can’t help showing the same eroticism in their eyes. The outcome of the first world war has been unknown, but Ximen Chuixue still turns a blind eye to his expression. He is a lover and his sword is more affectionate! Ye Gucheng finally stood up and stared at him. shuriken slowly said, "The sword is a weapon. My teenager has been practicing sword for 30 years, and I am waiting for a fierce sword at any time."
Ximen Chuixue listened to Ye Gucheng and took a breath before he went on, "So you and I don’t have to be merciful in this battle today. Isn’t it a pity that the sword learner can die in the master sword?" Ximen Chuixue said, "Yes", some people can’t help clapping their hands in their hearts. From their point of view, these two peerless swordsmen are fighting for life and death. What’s worth watching if they leave their strength?
Ye Gucheng deeply breathed "please" and Ximen Chuixue suddenly said "wait a minute" and Ye Gucheng said "wait a minute. How long will it take?" Ximen Chuixue said, "When the wound stops bleeding," Ye Gucheng said, "Who is injured and who is bleeding?" Ximen Chuixue said, "You" Ye Gucheng spat out a sigh and looked down at his chest. Suddenly, it looked like he was crumbling. Everyone followed him and found that his white snow had oozed-a piece of bright red blood. He was injured and the wound was bleeding, but the proud man still gritted his teeth to cope with knowing that he would die and refused to shrink half a step.
Ximen Chuixue sneered, "Although my sword is a murder weapon, I never kill it. I am bent on asking for death." Ye Gucheng said sternly, "Am I asking for death?" Ximen Chuixue said, "If you want to die, come back in a month, and I will wait for you in a month." He suddenly turned around and swept away into the cornices. Ye Gucheng wanted to chase after him and drink "You …" A word just came out of his mouth, and people couldn’t support it. Now he can’t chase Ximen Chuixue, even if he is afraid of children.
Everybody, you look at me. I look at you silly.
The first world war has been ups and downs, and it has really changed at any time. Now it has turned sharply. It is like a drama that has been going on for a long time. The civil and military scenes have all arrived. Who knows that the protagonist has just come out and suddenly ended in a hurry. Even people who beat drums and drums are hard to be disappointed.
Guo Furong sighed "what a pity! So many top Jianghu experts have traveled all the way to the capital to watch this competition, but this is the end! How ironic! I don’t know if they can stand it! Hey! " Just as she was sighing, a figure suddenly flashed and blinked and came to Ye Gucheng’s side. A pair of white hands were printed on Ye Gucheng’s chest like a white light. When Ye Gucheng flew out, it was impossible to live. Falling from the hall had no interest! It was too fast and too sudden for people to react.
Swish! A few people appeared around three women in white, each of whom was beautiful and free from vulgarity, but the sword in his hand was sharper than the first one and said, "Magic teacher, you are so unreasonable! Ye Gucheng has a grudge against you. How can you kill someone? " The words sound just fell and left. Ximen Chuixue and Lu Xiaofeng also gathered around to see Ximen Chuixue’s sample, but they had to draw their swords at any time! Lu Xiaofeng said coldly, "It’s not a hero’s place for a magic master to take advantage of people’s danger!" Ye Gucheng and Lu Xiaofeng are friends! At this tense moment, a voice came "hey hey! What a Baiyun Lord! Actually turned us around! " People looked at the place where the sound came from, and saw the waves turning over the clouds. I don’t know when I had taken Ye Gucheng in my hand, but the clothes were still the same, but the face of the man was different! Wave cloud has a human skin mask in his hand! ! See the body face gaunt and ugly Lu Xiaofeng suddenly yi, there is nothing to do. Move the waves and turn over the clouds and put the man on the roof. Although most of the heroes have never seen Ye Gucheng, look at that man’s virtue, which is not like that free and easy, wise and self-centered, Lord Baiyun!
Zhuge Zheng hurried to put his hands on his back and grabbed his mouth and asked, "Where did Ye Gucheng go?" That man gushed out a mouthful of blood, full of blood and smiled. You’ll never know! Ha ha! "Say that finish a crooked neck hang up! People think it’s incredible that the duke of Baiyun is famous for his double swordsmanship, and it’s really a slippery day to return to body double! But where did Ye Gucheng go? Tang Tianxin laughed. I know I just won’t tell you! Looking at a group of Jianghu bosses, Tang Tian feels that he has a special sense of accomplishment! But there is another person who knows where Ye Gucheng has gone! Shouldn’t be guessing where he went! Tang Tian turned his eyes to the man with four eyebrows. Sure enough, after a few seconds of confusion, his face showed an epiphany! Tang God knows Lu Xiaofeng guessed, and he will guess right!

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