Chapter 117 is a dream, a magic shadow and claws.

In the morning, Mu Feng in Mu Feng’s home of Bauhinia Garden in Shalang City suddenly sat up from the bed. After an alarm, his forehead and back were covered with sweat, and even wearing a shirt was soaked with sticky sweat. Mu Feng felt uncomfortable than his head and suffered unprecedented extreme impact.
"Just now … was that a dream?" Mu Feng sat in bed and hesitated for a long time before he finally said to himself, "Lava caves … evil fog and poison forest … magic shark ocean … desert …? I am familiar with these places. Have I been there? "
These scenes seen in the dream were read out by Mu Feng. Mu Feng seriously suspected that these were all places he had been to, not just seeing this time in his dream. But Mu Feng couldn’t remember when he had seen that kind of deja vu, but he couldn’t remember the feeling, which almost made Mu Feng’s head crack.
But compared with those scenes, Mu Feng cares more about the people he sees in his dream, boys and girls. Who is a tall and domineering instructor? Who is the boy and the girl? Who is the instructor?
"What I will feel that boy like me? Fox? Who is this girl? " Mu Feng talked to himself again. In his dream, Mu Feng kept looking at the boy. He felt that he might be the boy. More likely, it wasn’t a dream last night. Maybe it was true.
Because Mu Feng gave Liu Tinglan a memory pill before going to bed, if the pill can really restore the memory, it will prove that the dream scene is true, but Mu Feng knows better that in his memory, he was born in Liao Jia, grew up in Liao Muhuai when he was ten years old, and Mu Feng attended elementary school, then middle school and high school like everyone else. He could not go to that place to do something that a teenager could not do.
Memorizing the dream scene in the brain confuses Mu Feng’s mind, and a pressure also fills Mu Feng’s body. Mu Feng opens his mouth and gasps for breath, and sweat also flows. Mu Feng suddenly feels very uncomfortable. It’s really uncomfortable. He can’t wait to hit his head and see what’s in his head.
Suddenly, Mu Feng heard a song with a soft and gentle tone, which made Mu Feng feel better. Looking at the place where the song sounded, Mu Feng saw that the screen of the desk phone was lit up. This phone was brought over by Mu Feng when he picked up the rain glass wallet. It was shown that there was a person calling. The remark was that Mei Mei Xiao Yu Li saw this name and Mu Feng guessed at the first time that it should be another phone of Yu Li.
Last night, although Mu Feng plugged in a signal blocker, the blocker blocked the outgoing signal and did not block the words and short messages that Mu Feng could receive at the mobile phone receiving station, but Mu Feng did not listen to the words. First, she was not in the mood. Second, once she answered it, she exposed the fact that she took her mobile phone.
I want Bi Mufeng to hang up the rain glass over there. It seems that I am not angry and called Mu Feng again. However, Mu Feng’s practice is still the same as just now. Rain glass has been rejected by Mu Feng for four or five times. Nai Yuli beauty sent a text message to this iPhone, "Hum, damn thief, give me back my phone and certificate. I don’t want it. If you don’t pay me back, I will arrest you."
"Ha ha ….." Looking at the rain glass like crazy words Mu Feng smiled gently and the depression in his mind gradually dissipated. "What a strange dream, but it’s just a dream. Ha ha …"
With a wry smile, Mu Feng felt that the whole person was relaxed and not thinking about strange things in the dream. Then Mu Feng replied on Yuli’s mobile phone, "I am a thief, you are a policeman, and I will return your wallet. Isn’t that a trap?"
Since he is a thief, Mu Feng should be a complete thief. Mu Feng won’t return her wallet unless he has to. After all, Mu Feng wants to talk to her more through this mobile phone. Mu Feng is still interested in this newly lovelorn police girl.
When Yuli saw Mu Feng’s rogue reply over there, she suddenly didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t find Mu Feng’s living place, and she didn’t even know who the person who stole her wallet looked like. Even if she was the deputy director of Shalang City Public Security Bureau, it would be like looking for a wallet in the vast sea of people.
After Mu Feng received a cold hum from the rain glass, he didn’t receive any information. Rain glass didn’t pester herself. Mu Feng didn’t bother her. She put her mobile phone back on the table. Mu Feng got up and took a breath in the morning from the balcony on the third floor. He just left people unhappy and didn’t sigh too much in his life. Since he was sad, Mu Feng would cheer up.
I added a positive energy to myself. Mu Feng went upstairs to make breakfast with her mother. Mu Feng went out for four or five days and suddenly came back. Liao’s mother was naturally happy. She asked Mu Feng where she went a few days ago, what she ate, what she enjoyed, and whether Su Xinxin was that.
Mu Feng was embarrassed because he was so big, and he didn’t complain that he was lying in front of his mother. Seeing Mu Feng was not good, Liao’s mother laughed and asked.
After a simple breakfast, Mu Feng was idle. Today, there is nothing to think about in Mu Feng. Let’s just get into the game. Last night, I helped the low-key gods to combine two iron claws. Six hours passed early. Now that Mu Feng has not entered the game, I am afraid that the low-key gods will be anxious.
I went back to my room to bathe in the wind belt game helmet, and it was a little rough when I wore the game helmet this time, because it took Mu Feng a little time to import the progress of playing games in Su Xinxin’s home into this game helmet, and Mu Feng officially entered the game after the progress was synchronized.
People are still coming and going in Anping Taichung, a ghost town. Soon after the Mu Feng line, the low-key figure appeared in Anping Taichung. Obviously, Mu Feng, a good friend, was received from the line, so he asked Mu Feng about the weapon synthesis last night.
Mu Feng, ha ha, smiled and immediately looked at the skill surface of melting, showing that it was cooling, and there were a pair of black iron claws in the object bar, which should be equipped after melting.
"Ha ha, keep a low profile and watch it. It won’t let you down." Mu Feng smiled and then drew a new weapon. This weapon is the magic temple guardian brake, the explosive night blade, and the low-key god bought the stream shadow synthesis at a high price. The equipment synthesized by the exclusive iron claw weapon of the destroyer is naturally the iron claw.
[Magic Shadow Claw] The orange hero equipment can be equipped in the weapon position. It can be equipped with one hand and two hands. The player can only stab the spirit and turn to the professional destroyer. The player can be equipped with equipment level 2 to upgrade the weapon with demand level 16. The current star rating ★★★★★ Attribute bonus strength +22 agility +1 point.
Magic Shadow Claw One-handed equipment with additional effect crit+1% physical attack 2~5 points additional skill Magic Tear Active skill Destroyer Magic Shadow Claw wields a powerful tearing effect at the single target. After being attacked, the target will be stunned for three seconds. At this time, if the destroyer attacks the target, the target head will generate a magic mark, and each magic mark will cause certain damage to the target. It takes 3~5 points to generate a magic mark and 4 points to consume magic when cooling down.
Magic Shadow and Claw are equipped with additional effects with both hands. Attack speed+1% movement speed+1% additional skills. The vandals wield their paws to freely shuttle through the group targets and attack the enemy. The vandals can see the player’s volume during the duration of the magic rampage. At the same time, the damage taken by the vandals at this stage is reduced by 5%. When the magic rampage lasts for 5 seconds, it takes 3 minutes to cool down and consumes 7 magic points.
The original of the magic shadow claw is composed of two exclusive weapons of the night blade and a special way. The magic shadow inherits the magic of the night blade. The gorgeous theory of one-handed equipment or two-handed equipment has a good effect and is a rare weapon for the destroyer
There is nothing to say about sending out the new weapon attributes in Mu Feng. The two weapons, namely, the night blade and the flowing shadow, are the blue equipment. Now, once they are combined, the orange equipment is divided into one hand and two hands. There are differences between them. Seriously, this is indeed a rare equipment.
Compared with the Silver Feather Front, the magic shadow claw is a little lower in attribute, and it is powerful because of the distinction between one hand and two hands. However, it is enough to fly to the enemy with claws in both hands in battle, and then switch to a single claw, which can’t kill the opponent, and both skills of the magic shadow claw are good. If you cooperate well, you can definitely kill the player by surprise. This weapon is only four stars, which means that its potential is even greater than that of Silver Feather Front.
Mu Feng threw the magic shadow claws to the low-key god. When he saw the magic shadow attributes, his face suddenly bloomed. He smiled happily and kept two pieces of blue ancient synthetic orange equipment low-key. It was strange that the low-key god was unhappy. When he was equipped with the magic shadow claws, he told Mu Feng that he still had equipment and asked Mu Feng to help him synthesize it. Mu Feng refused. First, the melting was still cooling. Second, Mu Feng had to find a time to equip himself with orange hero equipment. Mu Feng didn’t even have it.
After rejecting the low-key god, he didn’t force Mu Feng. After all, it is necessary to be contented to have an orange equipment. The low-key god is also slightly satisfied. Besides, he doesn’t have any blue equipment now. It is difficult to melt orange equipment without it.
After that, Mu Feng and the low-key god went to the imperial city to participate in the first battle of the day and talked while walking. The original low-key god was in a hurry. Seeing Mu Feng in Ghost Town was to inform Captain Mu Feng that a battle was coming.
After entering the imperial city, Mu Feng teamed everyone up. Today’s people are as long as yesterday. The mad cow, an arrow through the heart, Su Xinxin, and a low-key god, including Mu Feng himself, are six people. The only regret is that Ji Yue didn’t come here.
Listen to an arrow through the heart and say that Ji Yue didn’t take part in the battle this time. She should still be in the frosty city now. Although Ji Yue is a professional doctor player, she spends most of her time in the game, unlike several people in Mu Feng who have been fighting for the battle for most of the day. Ji Yue’s upgrade speed is also quite fast. It is said that she is going to upgrade to level 17.
Chapter 11 Frost City takes advantage of the cold to rob
Soon after chatting, it was revealed that Mu Feng could enter the battlefield. Mu Feng agreed, so he and the low-key god disappeared into the newly emerging place of the Imperial City Square, which is a magic cliff that no one has ever been to.
There are clouds in this map, which makes people unable to see the scenery ahead. However, from the small map, it seems that this magic cliff is divided into east and west. Mu Feng’s team is in the east and his opponent is in the west. There are three suspension bridges connecting the cliffs of the two camps. There are four defense towers and two layers of defense barrier. Mu Feng, what they have to do is walk over the suspension bridge and destroy the enemy defense barrier and defense tower.
This unification has made it more difficult for Mu Feng. In other places, Mu Feng can hit three or four players at a time, but it is a little difficult to hit two players at this suspension bridge in Mu Feng, because if you accidentally fall off the bridge, it will be judged that the player committed suicide and died without being killed by the player. Don’t be embarrassed.
Fortunately, the core output of the team is not only Mu Feng who has an arrow through his heart, but also has just got an orange weapon. The low-key god can deal with one or two players at a time in Mu Feng, and there is no more.
This time, the players’ strength is good, which can be compared with that of the romantic swordsman team, but it is still a little weak compared with Mu Feng’s team. When the battle lasted for more than 50 minutes, Mu Feng’s team demolished their two defense barriers and two defense towers. They knew that they had no victory and surrendered directly. They would rather give up than wait for a few minutes before the Magic Cliff brushed out their equipment.
Victory, a battle, Mu Feng got 10,000 points, 15 points and a brave suit spare parts, plus yesterday’s record points. Mu Feng has been able to exchange a heroic price equipment, and 100,000 points is enough for him to spend a few on brave suit spare parts in the points store. He also has five pieces.
Put all these things away. Mu Feng didn’t move, but concentrated on dealing with a battle, a second battle, such as starting in ten minutes and making Mu Feng unable to do other things at this leisure time. Mu Feng and Qiushuichangtian entered directly as before.
After entering the battlefield for thirty minutes, Mu Feng once again heard the sound of victory around his ear, closed his eyes and was sent out of the Imperial City Square again.
"It will take two hours before everyone can do something else first," said Qiu Shuichang, who has always been a busy man, but he won’t be online for long.
As soon as the autumn water left, the mad cow and an arrow went through the heart and suddenly entered the loving mode. Two people kissed me, and I was really envious. "Mu Feng, I have to go first," Su Xinxin said in Mu Feng’s ear.
"What are you doing? Don’t accompany me? " Mu Feng surprised Su Xinxin seems to have nothing to do? See Mu Feng ask Sue xinxin little injustice in Mu Feng muttered, "somebody else’s period is coming these days."
"…" Mu Feng drew three diagonal lines on his forehead and at the same time had an epiphany. No wonder she didn’t eat herself when she was at Su Xinxin’s house, and she didn’t deliberately say anything to herself. In the game, the line turned out to be because of this Mu Feng who figured it out and then waved to Su Xinxin and watched her do her own thing.
The low-key god said that he had something to do, but he left for a while without elaborating. After a while, Mu Feng was left alone and a bunch of players came and went in the Imperial City Square.
Mu Feng naturally can’t spend his leisure time at will during a two-hour break. After thinking about it, Mu Feng decided to go to Frost City to look for Ji Yue. Recently, Ji Yue has always been indifferent to herself, but Mu Feng has hurt others, and Mu Feng should go to her. Mu Feng believes that the girl’s heart will not be too hard, and that indifference will definitely be melted.
I think Bi Mufeng entered the scene of sending him to the frosty city in the imperial city. Mu Feng came to a cold area of ice and snow, and the mountains, rivers, forests and villages I saw were covered with thick snow, and beautiful snowflakes were falling in the air.
"A-choo!" A sneeze was accidentally hit by Mu Feng. Mu Feng touched his nose and his nose was runny. Damn, the temperature setting in this frosty city is too realistic. Besides, Mu Feng also feels quite cold now. The surrounding temperature is estimated to be several degrees.
Mu Feng, who was born in the south, has almost never seen snow, let alone had the opportunity to live in this kind of ice and snow, so he will be disgusted when he comes to this snowy environment for the first time, but after Ji Yue, Mu Feng decided to put up with it. Anyway, it’s a game and it won’t freeze his body.
At the same time, Mu Feng also wondered how a girl played games in this kind of ice and snow. Isn’t it cold?
"Ah, ah, this player eldest brother, you seem to be from other cities. Come here. Do you feel very cold? Little brother, I have eaten some cold Dan here. Do you want some? Buy it now and try it. "I don’t know where a thin player jumped out. This player has a wretched face and hands holding a bunch of small pills.
"Did you eat Lengdan?" Mu Feng didn’t pay attention to the thin player, but put his mind on the pills in his hand. The player said that he could try them. Mu Feng picked up one and threw it into his mouth and chewed it.
When taking this pill, Mu Feng’s body instantly generated a stream of heating, which wrapped Mu Feng from the inside out, so that Mu Feng, who was in the ice and snow, suddenly warmed up and never felt that kind of cold when he first entered the frost city. Mu Feng looked at the thin player and laughed. "How much is a good thing?"
"Oh, now there is a big promotion. Buy ten get one free, buy one hundred get twenty free. If you buy more, I will consider getting you a private vip membership card. If you buy this card, my characters will be 30% off. If you want to buy a beautiful mm with me, you can also …"
"Cut the crap and get to the point!" Mu Feng gave him a cold look and almost didn’t slap in the past.
Realizing that he was rude, the skinny player nodded and smiled and said, "One gold coin, buy ten and get two free …"
Without saying much, Mu Feng directly asked him for ten pills and then traded him a gold coin. Later, he also gave Mu Feng three pills and then ran away. After he left, Mu Feng took a look at this so-called "eating cold pills" property. This kind of thing is called cold-resistant pills, which is a specialty of Frost City. One pill can last for 6 hours and keep the body in a cold state. Of course, if the player is attacked by ice, his body will still be cold.
Mu Feng himself spent 1000 gold coins to buy 13 cold-resistant pills, but when he passed by the store in Frost City and saw the price of cold-resistant pills inside, Mu Feng almost didn’t cry. This kind of thing actually sold 2 gold coins. Mu Feng, the player, was a gift in the snow, but he didn’t expect to rob it while it was cold.
Although I was very angry, it didn’t help to think that I would adjust my temper when I saw Ji Yue, and then I walked to find the coordinates of Ji Yue. Now Ji Yue is in a map called "Ice Goosen" in Frost City. Her coordinates are looming. I just don’t know who to brush with. Ji Yue is such a beautiful doctor and beauty. There must be many people who will take her.
Some wry smiles are also far-fetched. After about twenty minutes, Mu Feng continued to walk, and Mu Feng finally came to the ice. As the name suggests, this is really a towering ancient tree. Among them, there are several diamond-shaped ice around the ancient trees, and the green ancient trees and crystal ice are mixed to form a beautiful scene.
This beautiful map is definitely not in Ghost Town. No wonder Ji Yue chose to come to Frost Town. The map here is so beautiful that the girl doesn’t like it?
"Cheep …" Looking at the front, the monster called "Look down". It’s a white fox. This white fox has three tails, and its fur is white and fluffy. It looks very cute, but Mu Feng doesn’t care too much about its cuteness. Because this white fox is a 16-level monster, and now it’s coming at him. Mu Feng has just arrived in Frost City as a stranger. He doesn’t want to kill the monster, but this white fox is coming to die. Then Mu Feng is going to start work.
Mu Feng didn’t hesitate to directly copy out two staves suspended behind him. When the attack power reached the peak, Mu Feng imposed a storm on the white fox, and a storm spring went to add a few ordinary attacks. In a few seconds, the 16-level white fox died.

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