Lin Lang is very satisfied with Lin Ze’s performance, no matter what happened in Lin Ze in the past two years, as long as he is not infected with the shadow curse.

"Cut …" Lin Tianji was in a bad mood because of his mistakes.
"hey! Aze, how did your eyes change? " Lin Lang discovered that the golden vertical pupils in Lin Ze’s eyes looked carefully and he felt that his soul would be inhaled by the vertical pupils.
That’s weird
Just when he felt strange, Lin Ze uttered a word that frightened both of them …
"Ghosts and gods!"
Facing Lin Ze, two people’s faces suddenly changed and looked at Lin Ze in a neat way.
Lin Lang forced a smile and said, "Azeri, what are you talking about? What ghosts and gods? "
Lin Ze realized that his father Lin Keqing didn’t realize his body ghosts and gods. It seems that the battle just now should be a temptation.
Now that we know that father Lin Keqing is the heir to the power of ghosts and gods, he can rest assured.
Looking at a face of vigilant father Lin Ze’s face gradually recovered calm and rippled with a faint smile.
Chapter 40 Ghosts and gods manipulator
"I didn’t expect my father Lin Keqing to jointly bear the sharing mode of ghosts and gods. It is really a miracle of the whole continent to bear the power of ghosts and gods!"
Hearing Lin Ze’s words at this time, Lin Lang Lin Tianji already knew that things could not cover up their deepest secrets, and Lin Ze had already known them.
But listening to Lin Ze’s tone doesn’t seem to exclude ghosts and gods. Lin Lang Lin Tianji also breathed a little sigh of relief. What they are most worried about now is that Lin Ze ran out and put his family first …
How can Lin Ze preach such a thing? Because he is also a ghost!
"Azeri this matter I don’t know how to tell you! But you have to believe that ghosts and gods are not like history … "Lin Lang explained to Lin Ze that he hoped he would not be biased against ghosts and gods.
But Lin Ze is a wave of his hand calmly said.
"Father, you don’t worry! I’m curious. Can your spirits make me feel? "
Lin Ze made his own demands.
Lin Lang Lin Tianqi wants to see ghosts and gods when he sees Lin Ze, but there is no contradiction. Ordinary people can’t see ghosts and gods, but since Lin Ze can feel ghosts and gods, it should not be difficult to see ghosts and gods.
Maybe he can really inherit it …
Two people glances at each other to see each other’s eyes firmly nodded slightly.
Two figures gradually approached and merged together, and a huge green ghost appeared behind Lin Lang Lin Tianqi.
What I saw in Lin Ze’s ghost pupil was another scene.
A blond man in a green robe looked gloomily at the blue pupils in front of him, which exuded unusual charm, like a deep lake that people could inhale at any time.
Lin Ze called out the name of this green ghost.
"Shout …"
Seemed to hear Lin Ze calling the green ghosts and gods suddenly looked up and the eyes of the original hole became extremely divine.
(human language)
"I haven’t heard anyone call my name for a long time. I miss it. Yi actually has a ghost pupil …" Lin Ze, who has a ghost pupil, seemed very curious about what Lin Ze would know his name.
While Lin Lang and Lin Tianqi are completely shocked. They have inherited this ghost power for more than ten years and have not known the name of this ghost.
Knowing that this ghost can have the ability to see through people’s hearts
This ghost was consciously inherited by Lin Tianqi in pain on the night of Lin Ze’s mother Mei Xiang’s death, but several powerful Lin Tianqi’s dark shadows could not completely inherit him because of the spiritual strength of Pu Ramon.
And when he was together, Lin Lang became another person. At that time, the two people thought that they were all thinking about Mei Xiang and shared their common abilities.
The two of them add up to be a complete ghost manipulator.
Lin Tianqi inherited the strength of Priemont, while Lin Lang inherited the ability of Priemont to see through people’s hearts, and it is precisely because of this ability to see through people’s hearts that Lin Lang can make a fortune and become the largest businessman in Delos Empire in the next day.
However, Prumont gave Lin Lang the ability to see through people’s hearts, to see through ordinary people, but not to the shadow. They just needed two people to exert the power of Prumont to understand whether Lin Ze was infected by the shadow curse …
When they learned that Lin Ze was a dark shadow, they had an idea that Lin Ze should inherit their supernatural power.
Because their ghosts and gods live together day and night, they don’t have the evil idea of ordinary people, but they hope that Lin Ze will become stronger after inheriting ghosts and gods, so Lin Tianqi will say to see if Lin Ze has the qualification to inherit such things
But who would have thought that Lin Ze was so strange that he defeated the shadow Wang Lin Tianqi by a special method, and he could still see ghosts and gods. The most mysterious thing is that he even knew the name of this ghost and god.
What a puzzle!
Just then another sound appeared in three people.
(ghost language)
"erosion! It’s been a long time. I didn’t expect to meet you in this situation … "
Lin Lang Lin Tianqi root don’t understand and general crime is very familiar with surprised to look behind Lin Ze.
A blue gauze appeared behind Lin Ze and kept shaking. As the shaking slowed down, the hazy figure gradually became clear. It was Kaijia, the ghosting ghost.
I feel the power of Kay Jia Yuan, and the memory in the depths of my soul has finally awakened.
(ghost language)
"The ghosting! It was you … "
Plasmon’s charming eyes stare big.

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