Little Andy, the MISS Cerberus, can’t bite off the red magic dragon blood drop, but this brother is not afraid of a Cerberus fighting, which is its destiny. Whoever doesn’t fight, it just wants to fight and can’t beat it, regardless of whether fighting is necessary.
"Ho …!" The magic bear Lord rushed in and slapped another frozen bear.
That red magic dragon hasn’t recovered yet, and he was frozen by this brother’s slap.
Three Pets vs. Red magic dragon
Finally …
Long magic dragon was fought.
Kay, the handsome boy, stood in the midst of the dragons, and Tu Longdao struck the ground, and the red thunder suddenly shook the city to pieces.
The red magic dragon around Kay were killed by this range attack. Kay has already realized that she will integrate the dragon power of the exterminating butcher knife with her magic power.
"Small red flower blow small spark blow, small beautiful blow small cute blow small unlovable blow small arrogance blow small magic blow small pink blow small all kinds of blow …! Small crazy attack acceleration can be small crazy acceleration battle acceleration 100% happiness acceleration 100% …! " Nami Xiaoxin gave Kay an attack and attack speed. Because of this thunder, the magic advantage is that the range attack is bad, but the attack speed is too slow and powerful, but it can’t make a sense of arrogance.
Kay got this little girl’s attack and attack speed, and the man became more and more arrogant and domineering.
The sky is full of red thunder, and the jade floor is about to break. Kay, this strength and speed are coming soon
I don’t know how many red magic dragon I killed when the Dragon Crystal fell from layer to layer.
Kay was angry, carrying a knife and slashing a head of red magic dragon’s stupid magic bear Lord and ice fire toad. They flew to grab the earthworm crystal and a group of pets grabbed the good food. It was a lovely scene.
This red magic dragon really has a daredevil spirit. It’s really a dragon. This dragon is surrounded by a group again.
At this time, Kay found that the more Tu Longdao killed the red magic knife, the darker it was, the brighter its golden force was.
Kay was furious and hit a dark hidden shield hellfire with a knife. This dark hidden shield hellfire came in a blink of an eye. Just now, a group of dragons and magic dragon were surrounded.
"Brother Kay is great! Brother Kay is great!" Nami Xiaoxin cheered.
At this time, a Fengming in Tiancheng came out, and this Fengming was high and arrogant for nine days.
27 knife split monty
With the bursts of Fengming Red magic dragon, they became more and more excited. The dragons laughed slyly and spewed red magic dragon force one by one.
Kay knew that Fengming was bound to represent the arrival of a big monster. Kay thought that at this time, it was even more necessary to kill magic dragon and attack the dragon spirit to suppress the monster who was coming to Fengming.
Kay, a record of thunder struck the city, and several crimson dragonflies fell down in succession.
"Ho …!" That stupid magic bear Lord, that’s a roar. This cargo says to the effect that "the grass is delicious, delicious and delicious!" If you eat for a while, you will become a dragon. "
Fengming is getting closer and more urgent. It seems that BOSS was annoyed that day, too.
"Kay brother come on! Hit it! Hit it! Kill it! Xiaoxin supports you in spirit! " Nami Xiaoxin, the little girl, started fooling around. At this time, although there were many red magic dragon, some dragons were not capable of rising. Kay’s opponent, Red magic dragon, fell one after another to Nami Xiaoxin, and started fooling around while adding magic to Kay.
At this time, a group of red magic dragon at the end of a covered long giant fire phoenix flew over.
"Monster, this is so beautiful!" Nami Xiaoxin sighed that this giant fire phoenix is really beautiful. It is full of fire, proud, huge and gorgeous.
Kairan is not afraid of this elder brother carrying the extinct Tu Longdao and striding all the way. yu long will slash a knife and pour a knife, which is very domineering.
Bear, toad and Cerberus protect Nami’s small core, and follow him to two people and three pets. As the Phoenix monster gets closer and closer, I see that the monster is wearing a man dressed in black, but I can’t see anything. I see this man like a mummy wrapped in black cloth.
"that phoenix is his pet?" Kiah looked at the monster and asked.
"It doesn’t seem like they are alone in hearing that this monster is Monty," Nami said with a small core.
"This man grew up in the phoenix? It’s really an anecdote, but no one will see it later because my horse is going to kill them. "Kiah cut a red magic dragon road."
The phoenix screamed for a cover and rushed over to meet the phoenix, only to see that the strange man in black in phoenix gave a latosolic red flash, and Kay was beaten out of dozens of steps at that time.
"Your sister!" Kay fumed, yeah, you didn’t play like this. You rushed to Kay and rushed to Kay, but you flashed Kay again. If so, what are you rushing for? Other monsters can play a better flashing effect with one impulse. It’s just like a human running up when patting a brick. In fact, there is no difference.
In the sky, the crimson and bloody thunder are all focused on Kai’s annihilation, Tu Longdao Kai’s annihilation, Tu Longdao Thunder’s annihilation, and Wan Junkai instantly realized this move. Monty’s thunder power, Kay, rushed over with a run-up, waved the thunderbolt and chopped Monty with a knife.
As soon as the monty’s sorrow fell, Tianyu died.
"Kay’s brother Shuai Shuai is handsome and handsome," Nami Xiaoxin praised Kay.
On this day, the red magic dragon clan naturally invited themselves to be arrogant and arrogant. At this time, these monsters were defeated by Kai, but they were surrounded by a layer of desperate killing. It’s no big deal for Kai. This man rushed to stab these red magic dragon with a knife and a knife.
"Little crazy attack speed up little cute crazy speed up fighting speed up 100% happy speed up 100% …! Magic crazy little acceleration! The little fairy accelerates a hundred times! " Nami Xiaoxin added attack speed to Kay. At this time, Kay needed attack speed. With or without attack, Kay could kill those monsters one by one.
The black knife, the golden shadow, the sky, the red sky, the magic dragon and the three bargains, the monsters that are madly proud of constitute the scenery in front of Nami Xiaoxin. The most handsome fighting man, Kai, gave Nami Xiaoxin such a handsome look, which pierced Nami Xiaoxin. Be careful that this little girl loves Kay more and more.
Although there are many red magic dragon, they have been destroyed by Kay, and some of them have just hatched from the eggs of the Red Devils and Dragons. At first glance, the world has become Kay and Daolon Wong. Speaking of this, the red magic dragon clan is also very wonderful. They hatch eggs only if they are adult dragons, which need to grow. They appear as big monsters. Unfortunately, they have met a monster bigger than them, that is, Kai Yunxi Haier.
As soon as it was quiet, the mythical world finally returned to the myth. Maybe it was quiet when Kay didn’t come, but it was noisy before Kay cleaned up the monster. Now it is quiet again.
Looking at this quiet sky, Kay suddenly said, "This seems to be the end of the sky. We are here to find the old rival V Lian, and now we have lost this brother Kang Barton. What is the situation?"
Nami Xiaoxin looked at it and said, "There seems to be a path over there."
Kay didn’t notice at this moment that there is really another path in the world behind Monty, which is very small. If it weren’t for Nami’s little girl’s careful attention, Kay would not have seen this path.
"Ho …!" The second-rate bear roared a giant cow and headed for the path. The second-rate bear ate a lot of dragon crystals in the war just now. At this time, the bear’s ability was much stronger. Of course, the bear didn’t walk with his feet in the sky, but the cold toad walked. This brother flew in the sky like Sun Wu stepped on a somersault cloud.
Kay realized the more chaotic Shinto gave him magic in the first world war. At this time, Kay destroyed the world, and Tu Longdao was more black and black, and the golden light outside the black light became more and more beautiful. This black light was scary, and the golden awn was dazzling. Tu Longdao was very conspicuous and domineering in this city.
Kay carried this knife and flew into that small road. When Andy the Cerberus saw Kay and toad the bear walking in front, this brother automatically stayed behind to protect Nami Xiaoxin. Speaking of it, Andy the Cerberus was the oldest of the three pets.
This small passage of Tiancheng is getting darker and darker. Finally, everyone seems to have entered the black crystal world, which is as bright as the mythical world, full of black crystal colors.
At this time, a man was covered in blood and rushed over. Kay was surprised and wanted to come out, only to find that this man turned out to be Combattion.
"Brother Combattion!" Nami small core also call way
Kay is afraid of being a monster. We are in a virtual phantom. Kay has checked his own magic again and found that this man is really Combattion.
Nami’s little core horse added blood-returning magic to Kang Barton …
Don’t be a little green, you will be great.
Kang Barton fell headlong there, and the horse helped Kang Barton up and said, "Kang Barton!"
Kang Barton smiled gently to show that he could not die.
Kay and Nami Xiaoruixin don’t know who beat Combattion like this. You know Combattion’s martial arts are not low, especially the thief Combattion has stealth skills. Even if he can’t beat it, he can’t run it. How can he be beaten so badly?
The stupid magic bear Lord also stared at it with a big bear’s eye, but he always had his own IQ. When he saw Combattion, he thought and thought desperately.

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