The old lady sighed, "My name is Shang Caixia."

Chapter 42 makes people
Qi Yufeng Zheng slightly when he heard this and then nodded politely, "Hello, Aunt Shang."
Shang Caixia also smiled at him and asked, "How many years have you been studying martial arts, son?"
Qi Yufeng said, "I have been studying for more than ten years."
Shang Caixia praised, "It’s really shocking to have such a young master right next to my hometown without going out."
She thought that Duck Boxing could really take root in the people and run back and forth for years, but she couldn’t help feeling a little sad. But the thought that a character like Qi Yufeng had kept the style of Duck Boxing independently made her happy again.
Immediately, she asked, "Is this boxing from your family?"
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "A stranger gave it to me when I was in Changbai Mountain." It’s not too much for him to change and fabricate a story when he heard Shang Caixia tell it.
Shang Caixia said happily, "It seems that there are a lot of different people. I should go out and have a look at it when I stay at home and think about it every day."
Qi Yufeng saw that although she was old, she was excited at this time, but she was like a child. She couldn’t help but strike while the iron was hot and asked, "Why was my move different from yours just now?"
Shang Caixia sighed a little ashamed and said, "That’s what you call duck boxing. What is this? I finally saw this death today."
Qi Yufeng is the best teacher in his life. Even a university needs a normal college to immediately clap his chest and say, "What’s the matter? How many ways don’t I teach you now?"
Shang Caixia smiled and shook her head. "I’m old. I have things to deal with tonight. I’m going to leave when I’m out in the wild. Leave me a message number. I’ll ask you personally to teach me another day."
Qi Yufeng nodded. He didn’t take a message. He dictated a number for Shang Caixia to record, then pointed to the road and said, "If you forget, walk along this road for 1.5 kilometers and meet the first yard on the third floor, which is my home."
Shang Caixia couldn’t help sighing in her heart that she had added another layer of affection to him when she looked at him. "One more thing, can you do that boxing again?"
When Qi Yufeng went out, he stretched his muscles and bones. He immediately turned from the palm of his hand to the front of the order. With a stroke of his palm like a duck web, he punched the duck again.
In Qi Yufeng’s eyes, this kind of boxing really belongs to chicken ribs, except that the stability of the plate is unique in avoiding blows and dodging exercises, which is worse than other exquisite boxing techniques he has studied. It is because he was greedy by himself in those years that he remembered it now.
However, Shang Caixia devoted her whole life to this boxing, but how can she see him as he did? He made a boxing that was full of power and strength, like an old bear shaking lice and a rooster shaking feathers, and his young and elegant tricks were clear and added a little bit of flowing smoke and dust.
She can’t help but think that the master’s skill was so heroic when she saw this boxing technique being so imposing again, and she was still a 19-year-old girl when she was really young and young …
She stared at the young martial arts in front of her eyes, and kept muttering to herself, with a happy smile on her wrist.
Qi Yufeng, for example, can’t help sighing and nagging with him again. "Alas, how come no one wants to learn this boxing? I have found so many disciples, but none of them feel that this boxing has been learned."
Qi Yufeng also lamented, "Now the small types of boxing are on the decline, and the pictographic boxing will not flow widely when it comes. This duck-shaped boxing is quite funny and it is quite difficult to practice others’ dislike of learning. What can be done?"
Cai-xia shang heart in a surprised, "listen to his tone he will boxing also many? Can you learn at a young age? "
But she turned to look at a black Audi parked outside, and several workers had already waited respectfully and asked questions at leisure. She said with a smile, "If there is no accident, will you please teach me boxing when I come again at this time?"
Qi Yufeng nodded. "No problem!"
The two men said two more words. Qi Yufeng saw that Shang Caixia was picked up by the car. She couldn’t help feeling that if she practiced duck-shaped boxing according to the old lady, there were only 17 people instead of "ticket lovers" who had real kung fu, but four or five people had lost it completely if they didn’t learn it in another ten years.
Immediately, he didn’t want to see the park too much. At this time, quiet people immediately practiced.
He closed his eyes and stood upright like a pine, then turned his head slightly to detain his neck, clicked and crunched, and then from one spine to another, generate’s bones and muscles exploded like firecrackers
Then he spread his hands and suddenly became energetic. At once, all his limbs were in ruins, which was not as exciting as thunder.
This set of achievement method is the magic he brought by opening up strange meridians and freely manipulating every musculoskeletal part of the body.
If someone is present, he will be surprised to find that he is still in shape, but three feet in front of him, there is already a strong wind swirling around him with wisps of snow.
Qi Yufeng opened his eyes at the moment when the body sound stopped, and suddenly took two steps forward with the momentum of the horse to grab the lake.
Then he drew a semicircle with his left hand and launched it with his right hand. It was "Kang Long has regrets" in "Ten Palm of Dragon" that hit the lake.
The palm of his hand, his skill and momentum were all transported to the apex, and the palm of his hand bombarded and died like a thunderbolt, as straight as a dragon singing and roaring.
See his palm wind covered with a thin layer of ice to calm the lake. The ice suddenly explodes to roll and roar, but there is no drop of water splashing out and dripping on Qi Yufeng’s body. Instead, it suddenly sinks, as if a vortex in the water sucked the water away.
Qi Yufeng closed his hands and exhaled, and saw the ice break water. A white dragon rolled forward and turned like a gyro. It kept going for dozens of meters before it gradually dissipated and I nodded.
Chapter 43 Study hard
There is a famous trick in his palm, that is, first, "Zi Xia’s magic power" controls the physical strength, and then the trick of "beating the dragon with ten palms" inspires the gravity in the abdomen to come out with one palm.
At this time, he has mastered the cultivation of Zixia Gong, but although he is full of arrogance, he is not completely pure Zi Xia Qi, but a genius treasure to broaden the meridians and gradually accumulate ordinary Qi. To put it bluntly, it is not from his own cultivation that he is so easily sucked away by Erbo.
Moreover, if Zi Xia’s magical resistance is not efficient when it is in the enemy’s presence, it is not as suitable for self-cultivation as that kind of femininity.
Zi Xia’s true qi is as strong as clouds, and even if it is stimulated by practicing a spark, it is overwhelming, and the ratio of cohesion and purity is "sucking stars * *", which is probably hard to learn.
Now, every time he works, he still needs to manipulate the force to transform a true qi into Zi Xia’s true qi to display it.
He breathed deeply these days, but gradually realized that if he turned all his strength into Zi Xia’s true qi, there would be no need to deliberately transform his every move with a blow, which contained Zi Xia’s strength, and his power was much worse than it should be now.
However, if he is transformed, he will have no idea. I really don’t know if it will take years to achieve great success with bit by bit exercise.
So his little experiment today is that "Kang Long has regrets" is more than enough to send and receive, which inspires great skill but stays in the body for 20 minutes to test whether the remaining true qi can be extracted by the dragon’s ten palms and then transformed into Zi Xia’s true qi.
Sure enough, when he hit the body with one hand, he saw that the gas drawn from the abdomen was left in the bones of the limbs because of the "ten palms of the dragon", and the rest was turned into a cloud. After this cycle, the body of the abdomen was like pouring nectar, and the true qi was like a cigarette. Since then, it has been pure and pure.
Immediately, he couldn’t help secretly rejoicing that the ten palms of the dragon were really profound and wonderful. For example, he could often cooperate with "Zi Xia siddhi" to practice the body qi, and naturally he became increasingly refined. If he could turn all the body flowing qi into his own control, he could be more satisfied with martial arts.
Immediately, his spirits kept beating his head to the surface, and every time he received his fuels, he carefully observed and gradually felt that the interest rate was getting more and more dense. Immediately, be in heaven
However, it took a long time for him to be exhausted. He stayed until the evening, but it took only seventy palms to get to his arms and legs, and he immediately sat down and adjusted his breath for a while and then turned home.
He strolled home and knocked on the door when he saw Qu Fei smoking sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a hellokiy pillow showing round toes. Her trance-like expression seemed to have a hard time. One build what did not build looked at Qi Yufeng and saw him push the door and came in. His eyes turned to him.
She quickly put her arms around his arm before putting on slippers and dragged him back to the room door yard to detain a burst of Zydron and a burst of depression.
Qu Feiyan hugged Qi Yufeng’s arm and walked into the bedroom to push him to sit on the bed. She was wearing a sweatpants shirt with two braids and a small fresh dress in the heating room. Qi Yufeng couldn’t help but feel a throb in her heart.
"Can I stop learning this?" She put her hands behind her back and leaned against the door with her head down, and said, "Small alignment with the wind."
Qi Yufeng sighed and looked at the cautious Qu Feiyan and nodded. "I also think this study is meaningless. My mother has made you suffer."
Qu Fei-Yan remembered that I had suffered from Youzi for a long time. "I went to the cram school with my aunt today. It was so scary. There were so many people in the dark. Don’t move. Don’t talk. I have to raise my hand. I also know that there are many things that I can’t get white. But can’t we find a teacher to come home? "
When Qi Yufeng came to learn this thing from her, she didn’t take it seriously. At this time, when she said it, she suddenly thought of a fatal problem. Other lessons are fine. Qu Feiyan didn’t learn any punctuation marks, Arabic numerals and elementary school equations. How can he go directly to high school at this level?
Immediately, he nodded. "You know the general knowledge. Where do you think it’s better to start?"
"Physics, chemistry and that English, you are full of that kind of scratching words here. It seems that you can’t do it without learning." Qu Feiyan bowed his head and thoughtfully and casually planned "Don’t fall, there is no math, you can understand everything."
"I heard that there are sports and music classes in the school. I think I will not learn this." Qu Feiyan consciously lightened himself and smiled at Qi Yufeng.

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