Sihai’s reply made her laugh and cry. Did Sihai, an honest boy, give their vice president a sense of brush? Who is their vice president?

Forgive Liuguang for not connecting the "unknown vice president of the four seas"
She returned to the sect and continued to be devastated by the instructors.
An hour later, she completed the training, returned the bow and arrow in her hand to the instructor, and asked her to lift the iron bow. She would go crazy!
"The unsatisfactory department hit ten ring" np nodded and gave her a ten ring reward at the same time, hoping to reach a higher level of respect. This time, she didn’t abandon her body and said, "An excellent fighters should have a good pony. Go to the racecourse and ask Lao Wu to catch a horse of your own."
Tieqi Racecourse is near the border of oasis and desert behind Tieqi Loyalty Hall, close to Shui Bo. The water is abundant, the grass is green, the air is dry and cool, and there is a breeze from time to time. The temperature and all aspects are better than those of other places of Tieqi. Many Tieqi built the best place into a racecourse, which can be seen from the attention.
The horses in the racecourse are plump and strong, and when she comes, she meets the scenery of Wan Ma Benteng.
The sound of kicking is shocking and powerful, and the dust is flying. They are like the waves of a big river surging against the current, while the pony’s body is shining in the scorching sun, dripping with blood and red sweat.
There is an iron rider outside the racecourse. According to the instructions, he is the instructor. Let Liuguang find Lao Wu.
"You are the streamer." Talk to him before the streamer. He looks at the streamer. "I’ve heard of you. You need a good horse to come with me."
Lao Wu went straight to the basics. All fighters np are so neat and agile. They are used to this dialogue mode of sects. When fighters go to other places to do it, they think that np people are not focused for a long time.
The horse carriage is the best place for the whole fighters, and I feel jealous when I look at it. Players in the martial arts lounge sleep and rest in the martial arts to recover their fatigue values. However, the lounge is as hot as a steamer during the day and as cold as the ice cellar at night.
It’s the opposite of the lounge. It’s warm in winter, cool in summer, cool in day and warm at night. Look at this. People are not as good as horses.
Lao Wu took her to a horse and gave her directions.
"Our horses and horses are generally horses with a hundred horses and horses, which are strong and can be born in bad conditions; As we command the mount, it is a very beautiful and bloody pure-blooded horse, and once tamed, it will recognize one person for life; Of course, it is said that you can try your luck to catch a horse as your mount in Ningbei Mansion, Devil Desert and Treasure Island during your trip to China. "
"I have told you the essentials of catching a pony and identifying a horse breed. What do you want to ask now?"
"Thank you for your advice." Liuguang went back to the second grocery store to find Maocai first.
The business of the store is bleak. With the help of the boss incident of the second Longxing Cliff World, after she made a fortune, she poured into Longxing Cliff to train more and more players. More and more maps are not valuable, and the deputy price of the map on hand has to be adjusted accordingly, or the business has not improved much.
"It’s really impossible to do map business alone, but it needs to be developed in many ways."
Drawing lessons from Renyilou model, there are so many things in it.
Talking about streamer playing np panel business is poor, and Mao Cai can gain less experience. Streamer estimates that the heat of Shilong Xingya should not be closed yet. "Maocai will take you to the restaurant!"
I set up an automatic follow-up for Maocai, took Maocai around Longquan station for a long time and found that the guild had gone to the restaurant and went in.
"Hello, guest officer, are you?" With np second brother warmly meet to ask a way
"And him?" The streamer pointed to her, and when she got out of the second grocery store, she became prosperous.
Second brother laughed. "That doesn’t count."
After a long time, I didn’t say anything to let the second brother introduce the seat. Mao Cai said behind her, "Look at what you want to eat, guest. Go first and think about it, then wave and come."
Restaurant waiter 2, 5 dishes, 4 offices, 1, except the shopkeeper is a player, all the bases are np running errands, not counting shuttling around a table, selling small dishes with bamboo baskets, and playing pipa in Taiwan.
"Learn more" streamer said to Mao Cai behind her that once she saw someone on the guild channel saying that Lingtian Restaurant np had very high intelligence. The owner of the restaurant bubbled and proudly introduced it, which made streamer tempted and brought Mao Cai to let him see something to be continued.
Psqaq was moved by the strong wind: 3 cups will be written well.
127 Qinglong
After a few hours, the players dispersed in Longxing Cliff and got calm and quiet. The players with low ocean level attacked crabs and turtles on the ebb beach, and the players with high level went in and out of Longxing Fishing Village. Several pedestrians jumped into the sea and swam deep.
The streamer also jumped into the sea, and after a period of time, the monster was refreshed and restored as usual. There will be more shrimps and crabs, and it will not be near the Dragon Palace. The streamer carefully attracted the mobs to stab them one by one and went back to find Xunjiao.
Xunzi accepted dressing case’s warm current with a wave of his hand and flowed in the streamer. Rich experience brought her to level 3.
You completed the challenge! Thousands of troops! Gain 1 experience, 15 Jin Xunwang increases 5 points of Longxing Armor, 1
Xunxun’s goodwill towards you increased by 1 point.
She played dressing case red satin in front of the streamer and lay down with an ordinary pair of scissors. These scissors are more like ordinary people who don’t match the Dragon Palace or the invertors at all.
"Don’t underestimate this pair of scissors." Xunxun noticed that the time was confused. He picked up the scissors and cut them with a click. "It can cut things that are rigid and soft. Speaking of it, it’s still my battle. Yue Lao bet that he lost this pair of scissors to me."
"…" Xunxun said that simple time twitching corners of the mouth "Fantasy World" is not a martial arts wind online game. How do you feel more and more fantasy?
"The iron chain that binds Qinglong is not a thing. You will need it. I don’t know much about the situation there. You can explore the way by yourself. You should find Qinglong first to understand the situation and see if you can help."
Xunshou wiped the inlaid nut bead jade box on the surface of dressing case, and a golden light appeared. The complicated array appeared on the surface of dressing case, and then the stars were scattered, golden and weak, and finally became empty.
"You can rest assured that the aquarium will not attack you again."
The streamer got a step and returned to Longquan station again and went straight to the Royal Animal Park.
Ordinary players can’t get close to the imprisoned Qinglong River at will. You can’t go there until you get the Qinglong Phase.
After finishing ten rounds, streamer can relieve the boredom of Qinglong.
Relieve the boredom of the Royal Animal Garden Qinglong recently brought night beads to Qinglong River to relieve its homesickness.
When she came to the cliff, there was already a female player taking a photo of Guardian as a mascot background prop, hugging and posing as a pose Qinglong. Her eyes were dim and many of them seemed to be angry and crying, but due to the restrictions, it could not hurt the players who killed the gods.
It’s embarrassing to be high above the beast and end up in a captive farm
She waited for the female player to leave with satisfaction and then appeared and walked out. Li np gave the climbing rope to the abyss.
Her place is at the bottom of the cliff of Qinglong River.

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