Conclusion You don’t want to do it, but debuff will die because it won’t cancel the order when it doesn’t work to the specified level. If it lasts, it won’t get any benefits. The order will drop by 5 points in the city where the player has been in the body for more than 15 days.

"It’s really dark." The streamer collapsed and resigned to sweep the street.
"It’s good that it doesn’t require that it must be cleaned from where to where." Unknown said that it didn’t dare to stop manually.
Selling food in the leisure area is also more common on the road. Players can see one or two strings in their hands, which are not tanghua, glutinous rice balls, popular fruit Sugar-Coated Berry or other snacks. However, the street is still clean, streamer and unknown, and they don’t feel tired when they clean it. Most of them sweep the street and fall leaves, and occasionally they sweep a handkerchief from a np.
The streamer and the unknown came out at noon and cleaned until the evening. The streamer looked up and saw that the sky was soft, pink and purple, and the sun had gone down. But this time, the sky had not turned dark, and the afterglow stayed in the clouds. The evening breeze was very comfortable, blowing away the streamer and sweeping the streets in the afternoon.
"The sunset glow is so beautiful." The streamer sighed, "Eun Yuhui City is famous for its afterglow, and you can see different afterglow every evening." I don’t know if they stopped. It was only at noon that the two of them wandered from the street at the entrance of Fangmen to the end of the street or the street.
Early the next morning, the light was surrounded by tragic people.
She was shocked. What the hell is this three-story encirclement?
"You’re sorry." The unknown tone was somewhat apologetic.
"Hey, second child, is this a poor baby who has been dragged down by you?"
"Nice penis, sweeping the street with beautiful girls." Still familiar with the tone or familiar with the player’s streamer. I found that these people are almost close to level 3. Isn’t this the strong crowd visiting the prison yesterday? After visiting the prison yesterday, they continue today. These people are quite idle …
Onlookers talk a little more, but they frown forward and retreat a little, but there are people behind her who are surrounded. There is no way out. She hates it from the bottom of her heart and bites her fingers unconsciously, which also shows anxiety and impatience.
"It’s not enough to see that you all have the luxury of watching soy sauce every day." The unknown is good at observing and observing the streamer’s condition, and draws the attention of the onlookers to himself and then distributes it to a n experienced person
"Before you go to replenish the guild warehouse, you should see that the guild warehouse is full."
"There is not enough medicine in the guild. You go to practice and take this away. It is not tiring to work with men and women."
One word from the boss exhausted all the younger brothers.
Unknown under the banner of "the guild is my family to build it", he pointed everyone around fair and square, even if he wanted people to go to four main cities to buy ten different stuffing bags, it was justified and refuted.
After the distribution is completed, it is a sigh of relief that people around them are less time away from being a good person.
"hmm?" In the unknown, the man who heckled the terracotta warriors hid far away and tried to narrow himself down. As soon as most people left, he bubbled and blew a whistle "jq"
The unknown can’t move. He glanced at him and introduced to the streamer, "This is our lovesickness that will grow into ashes. We often break a string and ignore him."
"Second, at least I am also the president of the guild. Don’t you praise me to the sky and step on a brother like you in front of me?"
"This is already in front of you." The unknown retorted.
"It’s very kind of you." The streamer lamented that Xiao Yu threw her in to play games. I didn’t want her to have more contact with people and make friends. However, she didn’t have eggs. She was all wrong in a crowded place, and the whole person was not good.
She is really envious that there are relatives and friends who are willing to spend money to visit her in prison like Unknown.
In the afternoon, she was sent away to visit relatives and friends. She was as quiet as yesterday and became a street sweeper. As a result, a group of people were welcomed in the afternoon.
In the face of being onlookers, streamer refused from beginning to end. She is not a zoo animal person. The zoo also collects tickets for onlookers. Thank you.
"Great God, you have a lot of friends." She thinks it’s better to shine and attract a large number of people’s congress branches wherever she goes with this place, otherwise she will be surrounded by people who can’t breathe sooner or later.
"You keep nagging me to sweep the street somewhere else." She wanted to leave, but someone wouldn’t let her go. Several people formed a fence to stop her from going. In the afternoon, these people didn’t come with good intentions. She felt full of malice from these people.
"Who are you stopping me for?" The streamer stared at the road, and several people ignored her. She couldn’t leave if she wanted to.
"I didn’t expect Vice President Acacia to turn to ashes and become a cleaner to sweep the streets." A well-equipped player came out of this group of people, and a jade gourd was hunting his waist. He was holding a mahogany staff with a red bead inlaid on the top. He was the first person in the current ranking list, and the president of the God-killing Association smoked lightly.
1 Make the Righteousness Order Correct Way
There is a large group of people facing a man and a woman in the street. It is easy to attract the attention of other players when there are many people, and both of them are not bad-looking. Many people have a divination heart in their hearts, so there are more people in the street.
"I didn’t expect that the president of killing God would come to press the road so much." The unknown retaliated by paying attention to the crowd around him. He swept the corner of his eye and saw that she looked upset and bit her finger.
"I don’t want to talk to you about many things, and I’ll buy you a drink another day." Then the unknown pulled over and turned around and left, and was stopped by the smoke-blown people again
"Don’t kill the President to find me something?" Unknown turned around and stared at the smoke blowing.
"Nothing can’t find Acacia to ashes, vice president. Do you have a good chat? It’s better to meet someone who is acacia to ashes. It’s really rare to meet someone who is acacia to ashes. I don’t have any other meaning. I just want to catch up." Smoke blew his hand and said that he didn’t have a weapon in his hand and wouldn’t use force with the unknown. They were very friendly
The primary school teacher didn’t teach you to abbreviate, did he? No matter how long the unknown name is, it’s only two words. Do you have to shout, "How dare Vice President Acacia turn to ashes?"

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