The only difference between Priestess of Death’s tactics and a game is that playing wild sky blue no longer takes care of burning the night and replaces it with helping Xiao Shengqiang.

He felt that Xiao Chengqiang’s hero pool was not deep enough, and the shortcomings had been exposed. North America might not be aimed at it.
After the tactical arrangement, five people returned to the stadium, and this time they appeared in front of the audience. They were no longer newcomers, and their popularity had already been different.
When the commentator read the name of Lu Zhan, there was a lot of applause, which the other four teammates didn’t have
Lu Zhan saw Mo Li wearing headphones and frowned again.
Lu Zhan sighed, and their contradiction really grew deeper and deeper.
After reading their names, they introduced the North American team.
The support rate of the North American team of the same race is obviously much higher than that of the China team.
The audience at every name field has the same sound as shouting at Lu Zhan. When reading the single bjergsen, it seems to be encouraging him to shout extremely loudly.
"Why is the sleeping trough so loud?" Xiaoshengqiang asked when he heard shouting in debugging the machine.
"The popularity is high!" Burning night replied to him, when he called his name just now, he also had a star palm, which was even better than Lu Zhan, let alone bjergsen.
Lu Zhan knows from the information that Shan bjergsen, a genius of the North American Star Team, is Danish, and the fairy tale kingdom is very close to France. It is not surprising that there are so many people supporting him.
It is strange that several of them are newcomers who have never appeared in front of the world audience. No one knows that the momentum is much worse.
"Play hard, and when the audience knows us in the final, they will think naturally," Lu Zhan said to Xiao Shengqiang.
Xiao Shengqiang nodded his head. No one knew him when he first appeared in lpl, but by the end of the season, Riven’s name had spread all over the country.
Mo Li stepped in step by step. ban dropped Priestess of Death’s heroes before the game. When the candidates were selected, all five of them got their own heroes because the other party didn’t specifically target them.
Xiao Shengqiang is a dragon lady, Tian Lan is a spider, Burning Night is a policewoman, Mo Li is Jiela and Lu Zhan is Olivia. The five heroes are all familiar to them.
"Listen to Priestess of Death must be right! There is a fight this time! " Don’t leave the morale and choose the perfect person and say directly
However, several people are studying their opponents’ heroes without talking, which makes him look very embarrassed.
When I entered the game, I didn’t reveal my tactics to change lanes. The China team still chose not to play the first-class regiment here.
In this game, are they five people in the half area or are they at their own intersections like the game? It’s good and confusing to let Xiao Chengqiang dragon girl at the entrance of Luye District.
Wait until 1 minute and 2 seconds, when Xiao Shengqiang and Burning Night Mo leave together and retreat, the three of them secretly return to the city and then exchange lines.
Just in time to follow the first wave of soldiers.
We are all professional players and have no hesitation in this set.
At the end of the line, the opponent was really a crocodile across the street.
"ok, the line change is also successful. Do well and look forward to winning the second game!" Mo Li continues to boost morale.
"good!" Seeing that the bureau was guessed by Priestess of Death, burning the night and sky blue was also in a good mood
Is there a land show or not? The North American team should have seen a game of theirs. Since what have they seen, what have they not targeted?
Even the Southeast Asian team played a famous game, and the North American team did not make tactical design for the China team
It’s strange. It’s like the North American team just picked a random array and came out to fight.
But is it possible? How can it be so casual for five star players to participate in such an important competition!
So where is their breakthrough?
Could it be the middle road?
Lu Zhan danced with Arianna in his tower and was uneasy at the same time.
When the rain stops, I’d better send this chapter to my friends for help. I’ll get here tonight, but it’s too late to write it, and no one will help me send it. Get up early to see if I’m sorry. I’ll send two watches at 1 o’clock at the latest.
Chapter 63 3buff Bureau
When the first wave of soldiers just passed the second tower, Lu Zhan decided to test one.

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