Ghosts and shadows laughed. "No matter what kind of monster you are, if you want to give me a meatball package, you will definitely become a part of me. I am a ghost monster. What I am good at is to absorb it into my body. Hahaha"

Suddenly, the original peristalsis meatball stopped, and the Naruto stereo began, "I really don’t know what it means to have such power but not make things our perfect tonic."
The magic smile suddenly froze, and then as if something terrible had happened, his body kept touching his mouth and kept shouting, "No, no, stop, stop."
This scene surprised Princess Yuji and Zi Yuan. From the very beginning, when Naruto suppressed the demons, they were surprised by Naruto’s terrorist power. Princess Yuji was better. After all, Naruto’s power, she still knew that Naruto could make spiral pills and fly Raytheon. This said that his strength should be the same as Naruto’s.
But Zi Yuan doesn’t know that ghosts have always been the biggest nightmare in Zi Yuan’s heart. Now ghosts are being beaten by a human being, which doesn’t surprise her until Naruto is wrapped up by ghosts. Zi Yuan is surprised to see how he was so careless when he was wrapped up.
But soon, the ghostly expression and horror told her that things didn’t surprise her again.
Seeing that the ghosts’ bodies cracked, then the chains were shot from the ghosts’ bodies and directly penetrated into the ghosts’ bodies. The chains tied the ghosts’ chains, and the powerful sealing force directly made the ghosts.
Magic Naruto’s figure reappeared, and he was frightened. Looking at Magic Naruto, Magic Naruto still said with a straight face, "I said it’s time to be my strength."
Naruto put his hand on the shadows and suddenly a suction sucked them in.
Ghosts and shadows can send out a final panic saying, "No, no, no, you can’t do this to me. I’m a ghost." Finally, ghosts and shadows are absorbed into the body by Naruto.
Naruto felt a force and said, "Well, it’s back to reality. Good. Then take it."
Magic Naruto looked aside, and Zi Yuan Zi Yuan was suddenly frightened, while Princess Yuji stood in front of Zi Yuan and looked at Magic Naruto with a face of vigilance.
Chapter six hundred and sixty-four
Magic Naruto walked step by step to the front of Zi Yuan and Princess Yuji, and saw them with a nervous face and a look of fear in their eyes. Magic Naruto looked at them with a puzzled face and touched their pretty faces. "Am I ugly?" Princess Yuji and Zi Yuan shook their heads at the same time.
Naruto asked again, "So am I scary?" Princess Yuji and Zi Yuan shook their heads again.
Zi Yuan Trail is "not scary, not ugly and a little handsome"
Although the sound is small, who are Magic Naruto and Princess Yuji? Magic Naruto is a powerful person in the real world, and Princess Yuji is also a strong person in the world. Zi Yuan whispers in two people’s calculations, that’s loud and clear.
Naruto Nai said, "Since I’m not ugly and scary, the witch said I’m a little handsome, then why are you two so afraid of me? I’ll eat you again. I stopped you from sealing the ghosts, but I killed him. I really don’t understand what you’re afraid of?"
Princess Yuji looked embarrassed while Zi Yuan looked at Naruto doubtfully. "Well, didn’t you say you were a demon? Aren’t all demons terrible monsters? "
Naruto said with a black line on his face, "Do I look like a monster? Am I terrible? "
Zi Yuan muttered, "It doesn’t look like it, but isn’t it terrible that you even absorbed the ghosts?" Isn’t this a monster? Although a little handsome, you are really scary. "
Zi Yuan’s whisper hit the young mind of Naruto, and his heart was hurt.
Naruto Nai said, "Who told you that magic is a monster? Magic is terrible. It’s all those people who know that magic is as good as people. It’s not a machine. How can it be associated with monsters and terrible? And you, Princess Yuji, have been to the pale blue mainland. How can you be so backward in thinking that you can recognize magic as synonymous with monsters and fear?"
Zi Yuan and Princess Yuji were suddenly embarrassed. Zi Yuan was heard by Naruto because of his spit, while Princess Yuji was heard by Naruto because of the magic.
In fact, it’s no wonder that Princess Yuji has been spending her time in the monotheistic religion since she entered the pale blue continent. It’s very limited to add light to the hatred of the temple to the inferno, and of course it’s also trying to discredit the inferno.
Princess Yuji wanted to say something, but she couldn’t say that it was true that Naruto was a demon. But Naruto didn’t hurt them since she appeared. It just stopped them from sealing the ghosts, but then the ghosts were solved by Naruto. Now I think that Naruto seems to have nothing but a demon.
Seeing two people embarrassed, I couldn’t say that Naruto said, "Forget it, it’s not something. It’s just that when I just solved the ghosts, the method was a little rough. It’s normal for you to feel uncomfortable, but remember that the magic is not a terrible thing, not a monster. It’s just that the magic has released your own desires, and there are good and bad desires. You can’t generalize it."
Princess Yuji coughed to relieve her embarrassment and asked, "Well, did you just stop us from sealing the demons to absorb his strength?"
Magic Naruto nodded. "Well, it can be said that after all, I died once before, and now I am finally resurrected. But after the resurrection, I found that I am not singing. Although I have my own independent consciousness, I have always been reborn by Naruto Uzumaki’s soul, which means that I am a part of Naruto Uzumaki’s soul. Without Naruto Uzumaki, my strength will not be replenished, so I will slowly dissipate again, and I can’t absorb some external forces to maintain it. I will be fine when I return to Naruto Uzumaki."
Princess Yuji thought for a moment and said, "Well, are you going to find Naruto?"
After thinking for a while, Naruto said, "Well, I came to look for him, but now I’ve got the strength to support it for a while. Now I’ve changed my mind and won’t go back for the time being. I finally came out once and I’ll have enough fun."
Princess Yuji thought for a moment and then asked, "Do you have any problems finding Zi Yuan?"
Naruto replied, "Well, there are some things I want to ask her, Miss Zi Yuan. Do you know the future?"
Zi Yuan wait for a while didn’t expect Naruto to ask her this question. Although Zi Yuan hated this ability, now Naruto asked her and nodded. "Well, I can predict something will happen in the future, but I can’t take the initiative to turn on this ability. I don’t know what to do to trigger this ability."
Magic Naruto was a little disappointed. "Well, that’s a pity. Well, forget it. Although I knew something before, I can be prepared, but I don’t know it. It seems very good. Life is just fun because of these uncertain factors. Forget it. I’m leaving. I’m sorry to scare you." After that, Magic Naruto left directly and left Zi Yuan to meet Princess Yuji face to face
Naruto walked to Konoha and thought, "Well, although there is no way to know what will happen next, it feels good. Well, is it time?" Forget it. It’s enough to have the strength of ghosts. "
Just after Naruto finished speaking, he couldn’t move strangely. His body seemed to have changed in some way. First, the color of his hair began to change. The original long blond hair began to change color to one side, white to black, latosolic red eyes began to change, a white eye turned into a round eye.
Magic Naruto’s body and breath are also divided into two parts, and his strength is also divided from the late stage of the true God realm to the early stage of the true God realm. It is Dark Naruto and Good Naruto.
Shan Naruto looked up at the sun and said, "Well, it took an hour and a half to fit in with you for the first time. I didn’t expect it to be longer after the first time."
Dark Naruto said, "Two more times and we will really be assimilated. I don’t want it. How can I finally get a new life and disappear because of this? This fusion should not happen again. After all, more fusion times will produce adaptability, which will speed up the integration."
Shan Naruto smiled and said, "Hehe, don’t be so nervous. I’m just thinking about it. If I really want to do something, it’s not just you and me."
Naruto nodded. "It’s good that you know. Don’t always think about it."
Shannaruto suddenly stopped talking and muttered, "It’s still so proud and charming. I can’t stand it, but the strength after this fusion is really too strong. It’s so solved in the middle of the true realm."
Dark Naruto suddenly had a black line on his face, and he didn’t know that they were one. If they merged but were powerful, they would be swallowed up by the magic Naruto after the integration. Then there would be no good Naruto and no dark Naruto.
Dark Naruto said, "We still have to return to Naruto as soon as possible, so that we can really give full play to our strength and it’s not so troublesome to integrate."
Good Naruto hit back, "But even if we return to Naruto, it is still Naruto Uzumaki who dominates the consciousness. We are still an assistant. If he doesn’t let us out, we still can’t bear fruit. Isn’t it the same?"
Dark Naruto suddenly a full face of black line nu way "you don’t talk nobody when you are dumb"
Shan Naruto suddenly dared not speak because he thought to himself, "What a guy who doesn’t want to recognize the reality."
Chapter six hundred and sixty-five
Naruto and Sasuke stayed in the forbearance world for a day and then returned to the pale blue continent by sending troops. Although their strength has been outstanding, there are still some things that the pale blue continent needs them to deal with, such as the college.
Naruto and Sasuke first came to the college. To be honest, Naruto and Sasuke are still very glad that they can enter the college. After all, Dean Allen took care of them in the college this year and gave them a lot of theoretical things. Although I don’t know if these things are available, anyway, knowing more about heaven and earth will always help them.
Dean Allen added two people to find themselves and knew that they came here. To be honest, Dean Allen still gave up these two, but the most talented person in the history of the college was only 16 years old. This is the former ancients and latecomers.
Dean Allen believes that there will be no more people who want to be so evil, but Dean Allen can’t give them any more help.
Naruto and Sasuke came to the front of Dean Allen and were just about to speak. Dean Allen waved his hand and said, "I already know what you came for. This is the college diploma. Look at it for both of you." Dean Allen handed Naruto and Sasuke a diploma.
Naruto smiled slightly. "Please, old man, Sasuke and I will think that if you have something later, we will come back."
Dean Allen smiled and laughed. "Well, I don’t know you yet, you little heartless man. If you have something, come back and see me more. If the old man meets anything outside, remember to report the name of the college. If you can’t solve it, come to me. The old man still has two brushes and can take care of you two little bastards."
Sasuke’s facial expression Sasuke’s personality is relatively cold and he doesn’t know how to express his feelings, but he still sees a different color in his eyes, which means Sasuke is still very moved.
Naruto, on the other hand, laughed. "How awesome! Then we have to try it. Thanks, old man. If there’s nothing to do, we’ll go first and say goodbye to Aoling and them."
Dean Allen nodded and said, "Out of sight, out of mind."
Naruto hey hey smirked and said goodbye and then took Sasuke to the back of the college.
When I came to the college, Naruto was far away from the mountain, and I saw Vortex Sunny Sunrise guiding practice in Aoling.

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