Charge in a frontal arrow formation. Even solid rocks turn to dust in the iron hoof. Is it human? Tiger and leopard riding is not a slow and heavily armored soldier. They can send everyone three feet to the ground just by running back and forth.

"Don’t retreat!" Yuan Shao saw that the morale was unstable, pulled out his body and shouted at Qinbing to bid.
If you let the butch ride like this, everything will be over, and there is no way around here; If you stop the butch riding, you will have a chance to win-losing the impact is not much better than those who are passively beaten by heavy armored infantry.
Yuan Shao personally supervised the war and knew whether it was death or a big group of people poured out with spears and bravely rode to the butch to meet the war. That’s how you know whether you are dead or not, but you have to.
But in Cao Chun’s eyes, it is contemptuous as if there is a earthen ceramic crock on the opposite side, which will break at the touch of it. In silence, butch rides an unattainable mobile mountain and kills it.
Don’t break the spear, people will bump into each other for a while, and the two armies will meet in front of the butch riding. The objects will go up in smoke, and they will hardly ride the knight and use their weapons. So Cao Chun, the leader, will bump all the way to see people stepping on people and Buddha stepping on Buddha. All the enemies are as fragile as paper, and there is no difference between the fast-moving butch riding and straw.
Crying and screaming are endless. Yuan Jun soldiers bravely made waves of their own bodies to set off the majestic posture of butch riding this indestructible giant warship. People everywhere turned upside down, either being trampled into bloody patties or being knocked into birds flying around in the middle.
Seeing that his army was as fragile as mud, Shen Pei did not care much. He pulled Yuan Shao’s reins and pulled back. "The master’s general trend is gone and he will leave here quickly."
Yuan Shao also knew that it was impossible to stop butch from riding. Yuan Jun, the soldiers in the front row lost their weapons like crazy, and ran back as if riding a road for butch, while the soldiers behind saw that the people in front had escaped and ran like a plague. The whole army was in chaos.
At this time, the Jun drum sounded again, which was more urgent and boring than the first time.
This is the general attack signal of the army
Yuan Shao, who was mixed in the disorderly army, had already neglected Yuan Shang and others around him. He looked back and fled for his life, and finally rushed out of that narrow gap. He didn’t hear shouting and killing and fighting, but he saw a dark head on the right side with a banner flying high and the words "Taishi" written on his face …
Section 219 It’s all Chen Deng’s fault.
When updated 26 23:21:5 Words 22
Yuan Jun suffered a crushing defeat. When the locust army ambushed from Yecheng, 400,000 people were defeated by Cao Jun three times in Baima, Yanjin and Guandu, and the remaining 100,000 people fled back to Yecheng in a mess.
Tian Feng and Ju Shou were taken into custody, but Yuan Shao refused to listen to their words and wanted to kill them. As a result, they were reported to have been robbed. Yuan Shao knew that it was Shi A’s handwriting. Since then, he has been ill and can’t afford to make Yuan Tan Town Youzhou, Gao Qian Shoubing and Yuan Shang keep Jizhou by his side.
Guangling Sheyang county
Since Chen Deng, Guangling County has been moved from Huaiyin to Sheyang. Although the city is small, in just over a year since Chen Deng came, he has developed his family business, repaired water conservancy and successfully smashed Xuezhou’s military equipment. Guangling has seen a thriving scene. The local people are both awe and love for Chen Deng.
Chen Deng invited two people to assist Xu Xuan and Chen Jiao, both of whom refused Sun Ce’s recruitment to Cao Cao.
In these three people together, even Sun Ce felt the different places across the river.
"Baojian (Xu Xuanzi) food has been dried?" Chen Deng’s eyes were fixed on the map of several cases, but he knew it was Xu Xuan from the footsteps.
"If it weren’t for Ji Bi (Chen Jiao), I’d really like to borrow some soldiers from my double-season rice." Xu Xuan replied respectfully.
"Said several times if others present call me Yuan Long is so formal? Sit down! " Chen’s eyes still didn’t look at him. He pointed to the chair and stared at the map Gaoyou for a long time.
"It’s a satrap!" Xu Xuan arched his hand and replied that he laughed at the end.
At this moment, Chen Jiao also strode in. Unlike Xu Xuan, he casually shouted "Yuan Long! Sun Ce has attacked Anhui. "
Chen Deng’s eyes can’t be on the map anymore. Surprised, he replied, "So soon? Didn’t Zulang ever beat Sun Ce? Why is it so vulnerable this time? "
Zulang was a mountain leader. When Sun Ce started, he was with him. At one time, he almost hunted down Sun Ce, but at that time, Sun Ce had his mother Wu Jing and cousin Sun Ben to help Zhou Yu.
But now Sun Ce is not the one who borrows troops everywhere and defeats Sun Ce repeatedly. He is in charge of the six counties in Jiangdong. Almost all the cremation support Sun Ce, but the rule is still very unstable. The mountain rebels are a dime a dozen. When Sun was guarding Xuancheng in those years, he would have been killed by mountain thieves if he had not been rescued by Zhou Tai.
Chen Jiao went to Chen Deng’s several cases and picked up Chen Deng’s hot tea. "Yuan Long knows that you want to report to the Prime Minister and General Anton, but it is not too early to deal with Sun Ce. Now the Prime Minister’s army Lombardi is in Guandu, and the outcome may be difficult to tell; And you moved the county to Sheyang to deal with Sun Ce. You joined forces with the rest of Yan Baihu to make Sun Ce see you as a thorn in the side before the Prime Minister’s decision. Isn’t it too urgent? "
Chen touched his mouth and shook his head, saying, "It’s not that I know this well, it’s that the Prime Minister gave this straight place to my hand, and only I am responsible for double cropping rice in straight place. I have to listen to Sun Ce’s courage and arrogance. If he pacifies Jiangdong, it’s better to treat the future Prime Minister’s army while its foothold is unstable."
"Even so, only thousands of armored soldiers can be shot and treated, if they can resist Jiangdong Xionghu? Is it so good for Sun Ce to know that if you want to deal with him, you must deal with us? " Even Xu Xuan is worried.
"Two relieved if Zhou Yu in there I still fear three points but now he still stays in Wu Junyou worry? Sun Ce’s headstrong man, I have my own plan to call him back and forth. Cao Cishi’s (Cao Hong) army will arrive in four days, and if the Prime Minister knows that Guangling is in danger, General Xia Hou will fly to help with these two reinforcements … Hey hey, I’m afraid he won’t come to Sun Ce! "
Chen Deng’s words show strong self-confidence, and it’s hard to say anything about Xu Xuan and Chen Jiao. After all, they are literate and govern people’s livelihood, but they know nothing about military affairs.
"What about the rest of Yan Baihu now?" Chen see two people have nothing to say to change the subject
"I sent some surplus grain in the past, and they have promised to join us. In addition, they have also connected with another leader of the mountain, Pan Lin Xugong. If they help, I believe Sun Ce will have a headache?"
"Mountains? This is great. The mountain warfare is brave. If it is not poorly equipped and does not understand the art of war, I believe that Sun Ce can hardly be an opponent. "
Chen Deng walked to the window as he spoke.
His mansion was originally an old house rebuilt, and no large-scale construction was made to build a new one for himself. It can be seen from the window that every family is cooking in the evening. Although Sheyang has just risen far from Puyang and other big cities, it is still a paradise with Chen Deng. I don’t worry about food and clothing, and I don’t worry about flooding on time every year like the physiological period.
"If you are in the sunlight, you will be able to shut Sun Ce out …" Chen Deng’s eyes are bright and bright, as if he saw that he could beat Sun Ce in his own governance and leadership with just one straight beam, and then Chen Deng’s star would shine all over China.
Although he is not famous for Chen Dengzhi’s livelihood and manicure, who doesn’t want to go down in history? Besides, Chen Deng is full of confidence in what he has in his chest.
Prime minister, general! I will live up to your expectations!
Section two hundred and twentieth America lang appearance
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Cao Cao’s hand is Xun You’s statistics on the benefits of the locust army prisoners, and he has paid more money than ever before.
The 40,000 locust army captured 120,000 Yuan Jun. In a ratio of one to three, there were hordes of Yuan Jun soldiers in the battlefield. They were looted and tied into a row and escorted to Xuchang City without stopping. It would be even more beneficial if they were lucky enough to catch a prisoner with a higher rank.
For example, Gao Lan’s two stare blankly luck came home, and Zuo Zuo and Yang Feng saw at a glance that this riding guy should be more valuable without saying that he was captured together and almost got into a fight.
Cao Cao paid three months’ tax in Yanzhou, and now Xu Changcheng is full of holiday locusts, soldiers scurrying around the streets, drinking, gambling and visiting the kiln. Of course, it is forbidden to make trouble when entering Xu Changcheng, otherwise it will be dealt with according to law.
The locust army has made a lot of profits in winning battles, but there are also strict restrictions. For example, there is not always a big single "industry" to take over, and it is absolutely forbidden to take the military merits. That is a capital crime and you can’t make trouble. At the beginning of the establishment of the locust army, it was strictly stipulated that now the real meaning of this army has become an official mercenary. Everyone is afraid of who wants to be sold on the battlefield like pigs, cows and sheep. Although not weighing, it is an official position.
"This group of soldiers of fortune is so oily that even the boss dares to earn more money." Cao Cao half jokingly showed the data to Feng Zhang and Taishi Ci. Xuchang doesn’t have so many prisoners. Many people have to be taken to Qingzhou and Xuzhou to "reform through labor". If there is not enough manpower, they can pay the locust army to do it
Taishi Ci’s sunburned face is even more red and shiny, and she can’t say anything for a long time. Although she is a mercenary head, she is still paid by Cao Cao and issued by Lao Cao.
By the way, he can’t achieve anything, which is different from Zuo Zuo and Yang Feng, but because he is the boss, he will have a chance to be a "filial piety" from time to time

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