Unconsciously, Li Yi has reached the door of Liu Reying’s office.

Oh, my god, how so fast? I haven’t figured out what to do yet.
"Smelly boy, think of a hairball, go in quickly, and practice as soon as you get things done." Promise the old man said a little impatiently.
At this point, I still want a ball. I just say what I want to say. I’m so slow, I don’t have any magic demeanor.
"Old man, do you know that you are very similar to my mother?" Li Yi said faintly.
"Shit, I’m a magic statue. How can I be like your mother?" Wuji said.
"You don’t know that Li Ning once said that anything is possible." Li Yi vowed to say.
"Depend, everything is possible, and this matter is guaranteed to be impossible." Wuji said to the old man.
"Well, I’ll tell you why you are like my mother. My mother always talks about my grades. When I play computer, when I eat, when I do my homework, even when I go to the toilet, she can tell me about my grades. Old man, aren’t you the same!" Li Yi smile happily of say.
"What happened to me? Son of a bitch, I didn’t say study when you went to the toilet. " Wuji said to the old man.
"But you can talk about cultivation at any time, aren’t you as nagging as my mother?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Well done, you are right once, and practice quickly." Wuji stopped talking when he finished this sentence.
"Shit, dead old man." Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said.
I don’t want to go in, I don’t want to go in, I don’t want to go in. Hey, let’s choose the answer that is not in it. Let’s go in. Since ancient times, no one in life has died, and it’s better to die like this.
Li Yi stretched out his hand and was ready to knock at the door. Suddenly there was a shout in the office. Li Yi almost didn’t panic directly. Holy cow, is this to get back at me?
Li Yi leaned against the door, ready to listen to whether this big lady Liu Reying really wants to take revenge deliberately. If so, she should leave first. Dead teammates can’t die being original!
"Dad, I repeat, I’m fine now. I don’t need to go back. As soon as I get back, I’ll have countless troubles." Liu ruoying said with a little anger.
Trouble, what trouble? See for yourself if you can help others and help her solve this trouble.
Li Yi leaned against the door again, ready to borrow one to eavesdrop.
I didn’t hear anything, but I heard a sound of "Peng".
Holy shit, is this really a deliberate revenge? My ears, even those who fix the truth, have to return 30% skin!
Li Yi now only felt a little dizzy in his head, as if he had been severely hit with a stick.
Li Yi touched his ear. He always felt that his ear was too close to the door, and something seemed to be wrong.
When Li Yi touched it, she couldn’t help but take a breath. It really hurt a little!
"Smelly boy, get in there quickly, go back early, and it’s not difficult to go again." Wuji said to the old man.
"Shit, damn it, these are all gods and horses, and it is clear that the donkey’s lips are not right." Li Yi said.
"When the donkey’s lips come, it’s not right for the horse’s mouth. Who said that the donkey’s lips are right for the horse’s mouth, smelly boy, get in there quickly." Wuji said to the old man.
"Shit, old man, don’t you know I’m a patient? Be careful with the patient." Li Yi finished and knocked on the door.
"Who’s that? Can I help you? " Liu ruoying asked in the office.
Li Yigang is ready to answer something, something big. Liu Ruoying doesn’t know what to say without saying a word.
"If there is anything, go back first!" Liu ruoying shouted.
Who did you provoke? Why are you so fucking unlucky? It seems that you should give Liu Reying a good education.
Li Yi pushed the door open, and it was not Liu Reying who should be in sight, but a broken mobile phone that could not be broken any more.
Damn it, you are a fucking murderer. If it weren’t for you, would my ears hurt? It deserved to be broken.
Li Yi has just been Japanese, and is going to see how Liu Reying is, to comfort herself and then to educate her.
Li Yi looked up and saw only an unknown object, something similar to a UFO, flying over and hitting the bull’s-eye, that is, Li Yi’s head.
In this way, Li Yi was stunned by an unidentified object UFO.
"I said, you can’t come in if you have something, and you deserve it." Liu Reying took a white look at Li Yi and said.

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