"By the way, did you tell the emperor about the virtuous princess?" Dong Fengling has always been more interested in this, and he is also very curious about how Lian Yan Jing let the emperor know that he still doesn’t touch himself.

"It’s a little tight for the time being. I don’t know if I can make it after I arrange the emperor’s longevity?" Lian Yan Jiing has never given up this. This matter is very important and must be paid attention to by the emperor. "But if it doesn’t work, it won’t hinder me from arranging it. Even if it doesn’t work, it won’t startle her. Xianfei will never think that we have gained insight into her secret."
"So I still have a second and third chance, so I don’t believe that she can hide every time." Lian Yan Jiing’s move is also quite malicious and targeted, and it can also make others not find out that it is much easier to let the emperor know and be in the dark.
"That’s ok but the emperor should be unexpected! Don’t delay for too long. It’s not funny if the virtuous princess has achieved a purpose. "Dong Yuling woke up and never capsized in the gutter.
"I know it won’t take too long. I’ve installed it for ten years, so I shouldn’t be in a hurry to wait for the best opportunity." Lian Yan Jiing squinted. "There are so many possibilities to lurk to the emperor, and now it’s not a good time."
"Speaking of which, can you see who san huang is?" Lotus Yan Jiing suddenly said, "I mean, mother, I always feel that the virtuous princess is so rigorous that she should not kill this woman or put it too far away, otherwise there will be something that doesn’t even have the last card."
"Well, she really doesn’t seem to dig her own grave. This should be her back way!" Dong Yuling wanted to think, "san huang is still too young for me to notice, but I can’t remember when Emperor Wanshou should arrive. I’ll take a look at it then, but it may not be obvious. It depends on who the child looks like."
"Look at it. There is no need to determine the scope of locking. I will naturally find a way to witness the result." Lian Yan Jing raised her eyebrows. This is to make Xianfei’s facts more convincing.
"Drop of blood endeavoured? It seems that the physician who handed out the powder was really awesome. After that, many things depend on his powder! " Dong Yuling doesn’t doubt that Lian Yan Jing can do it. I believe it will be easy if there is a royal concubine to cooperate.
You can’t tell the emperor directly about this matter, but there is no problem in telling the imperial concubine. She and Xianfei are enemies.
"Say one thousand this child is summer family? There are still no more than three generations of direct blood relatives with Xian Hao! " Dong ling thought of here and asked
"That’s not true. Anyway, knowing that the child must not be a virtuous princess has locked the scope for us." Lian Yan Jing’s mouth is hooked. "It’s easier to check, isn’t it?"
"That’s true." Dong Yuling suddenly guessed that some people must have clues once locked.
To expose the fact that the virtuous princess and the emperor also believed it, we should not worry about prying. Who is this woman’s mouth child? What did you hear when you asked?
In any case, they are all in a favorable position to deal with the virtuous princess. They have the choice but not the virtuous princess.
On the second day, Dong Ling still got up early in the morning. Instead, he was in a daze and waited for Dong Ling to clean up almost before reacting. "Why are you so early? Isn’t the draft over? "
"I’m going to the palace to pick up the children. The Queen Mother asked me to go today." Dong Yuling had a ruby hairpin in her hair. The style was simple but it looked noble and elegant.
Finally, I looked at it and thought there was no problem before I was ready to go out.
In fact, as far as many elderly people are concerned, they really don’t like to dress up too much in Su Jing, which will make them feel a little unlucky.
It’s not good to be too showy. What kind of women are you going to see in the dynasty? This dress is very thoughtful.
Dong Yuling listened to the imperial concubine, and the queen mother hated wearing white and weak white flowers. Because the Tang family’s favorite concubine was this type, many people actually suffered. This favorite concubine had the first emperor who felt that his love was a pure Bai Lianhua.
Hehe, the most important thing is that the emperor died first. It seems that there is this treasure lotus. I don’t know how it feels when I finally know that the emperor can bear to tell the truth.
Don’t believe it or not? That’s impossible. If it were true, the first emperor wouldn’t be out of breath. It’s because he has feelings in his heart and he doesn’t want to believe it. If the emperor pokes the truth, he can no longer deceive himself.
It is normal for the queen mother to look up at such women.
Fortunately, Dong Yuling doesn’t like white clothes. In fact, she hates white clothes most because of the accumulation of various reasons.
But the queen should be glad that she didn’t follow her aunt’s style, otherwise it is a question whether she can live well until now!
Maybe the queen mother will be an eyesore to destroy people humanely after the death of the first emperor who is not pleasing to the eye.
Lian Yan Jing instantly woke up and jumped out of bed to dress quickly. "I’ll go anyway, but I didn’t say when maybe you can be happier when you go to the queen mother later."
Dong Yuling thought about it and agreed, because she felt that Lian Yan Jing was right.
Since the queen mother likes two small bags, it’s better for her to go later, so she can’t wait to pick up the child. Do you believe the queen mother?
Dong Fengling, who raised his eyebrows, sat down beside him. "Take your time. Let’s go after lunch!"
If we stay a little longer, the day will be almost the same again
Lian Yan Jing paused for a moment and was really slow.
After eating at noon, Dong Yuling and Lian Yan Jing went all the way to the gate of Wangfu before the carriage specially ordered the driver to slowly come to the palace.
When I arrived at Cining Palace, it was almost time for the Queen Mother to wake up after taking a nap. She looked really satisfied.
When he saw Dong Fengling, she and a certain person thought it right. It is estimated that the Queen Mother is not willing to change the child back.
I haven’t seen a child for a long time. Lian Yan Jiing took the lead in holding a full heart. Looking at the child, she kept saying good things to the queen mother, which made the queen mother very heart-warming.
For example, why bring a child to accompany the queen mother whenever there is one!
When children grow up in the future, it’s really hard for them to say good things for themselves without money. Can Lian Yan-jing say that it’s an iceberg? It’s really good to watch dishes.
Wait until it’s dark when they take the child back to Wangfu, and maybe they have to stay at Cining Palace for dinner.
The queen mother is a little weak. Eating all the time is a vegetarian restaurant that is occasionally strict. They are carnivores that are not suitable for staying with the queen mother.
Finally, I got my child Dong Yuling back, and my whole heart was soft. I was a little reluctant to let it go until the child was nursing and sleeping, and I handed it to the destitution.
Looked at Lian Yan jiing also hurriedly handed the child to another wet nurse and rubbed Dong Ling into it with open arms.
Seeing Dong Yuling holding the baby all the time, he will be jealous for not being able to hold it all afternoon.
Dong Yuling didn’t know that Lian Yan Jiing was trying to do something when she was naive, and then she went to sleep when an uninvited guest came.
That is, mysterious disappearance for several days and sudden night addiction.
"What did you do recently? Why do I feel that you are busier than us? " Dong Yuling thinks that the modern night addiction may be an entertainment king, so let’s not talk about it. There are often ordinary people who don’t have a keen sense of smell.
"Shengjing City is very lively recently, so it’s natural to look around." Night addiction is very satisfied, and she said that it was an accident and it was just the national treasury divination recently. I didn’t expect the wind to change soon.
It’s really the origin of the hexagram news, the capital of Shenglian Dynasty. This hexagram is popular and the diligence of replacement is unique in the life of night addiction.
Night addiction here feels that the days are very fulfilling, and many news roots don’t need to find them automatically.

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