Soft white light from the narrow window outlines his drooping delicate eyebrows and eyes, and the tips of long eyelashes seem to be dotted with fine fluorescence.

A silver cross hanging from slender fingers is faintly emitting the same holy white light.
This holy scene is not consistent. Zhou Yan stands against the light like a dark stone statue embedded in a white curtain
Like the wrong notes in the church chanting the gospel, this miraculous light is blocked by half.
Michael’s eyes flashed with amazement. He felt that the scene in front of him was both beautiful and strange. He faltered and said, "Zhou Yan, why did you hang your clothes in the mirror?"
Interrupted by his words, Zhou Yan looked up quietly at Michael and said, "Nothing to dry."
"Oh, oh, I’ll ask them for a clothes rack later." Michael was stunned by his eyes, and his cap faltered
When Zhou Yan walked past him, he suddenly asked, "Is there a church in this town?"
Michael suddenly raised his voice and said, "This clock rings on time every morning. People in this town are very religious. Even my high school, Maddy High School, prayed and said something about gods and emperors every day."
Zhou Yan nodded thoughtfully and placed the cross next to his body, then smiled and asked, "How did you sleep last night?"
Michael asked blankly, "Why do you ask?"
He frowned and saw Zhou Yanyan. Qing Wu suddenly realized that he was a thief and asked, "Did you meet that kind of thing last night?"
Zhou Yan first nodded and didn’t answer his question and said, "I’ll go and wash first."
"Wait a minute," Michael pointed to the closed bathroom and said, "The host has been in this room for a long time. Go and wash in another bathroom."
Zhou Yan looked at the closed and mottled door and always felt that something was wrong. Looking at what Michael wanted to say, he finally closed his mouth.
Michael scratched his head and looked puzzled.
The large manor ushered in the morning, and the sun shone through the glass window, and the dust falling from the air slowly fell on the messy furniture in the house.
Chapter 11. Chapter 11
Angel demon 8

Voodoo mother-in-law
Call the police?
The assistant still has this function?
But when Zhou Yan saw Michael take out a mobile phone, he shut up.
Maybe there is a policeman in this deputy.
He briefly said the situation here, then hung up and said to the others, "The police will come soon."
While wait for that arrival of the police, Zhou Yan has been silently observing the reaction of the hostess Lilith.
She has been calm since the beginning of panic, and she is squatting in the narrow corner of the bathroom, hugging Chesia’s posture in one hand and eating her nails in her mouth. Zhou Yan can see bloody fingertips and jagged nails.
The original supple hair is a mess, hovering in the head like hay, while Lilith’s blue eyes are slowly emitting strange clothes under the shadow of the hair.
And she nibbled at her fingertips, which just concealed the strange smile on her mouth.
"Don’t look at children." Michael leaned against the wall and looked at Chesia with a face of ignorance.
"My brother and father take a bath and don’t wear clothes." Chesiafa understood everything in front of her. She stretched out her slender arms and wanted her brother to take her away from her mother’s imprisonment.
Michael frowned in disgust and shrank back to avoid her touch.
"bathroom door is closed. How do you open it?" Zhou Yan turned to ask the witness.
With tears in her eyes, Lilith sobbed and said, "I accidentally opened it. I saw Connor stay in the bathroom for too long and I was a little worried."
Zhou Yan couldn’t help looking at the direction of scattered wood chips, saying that Lilith was telling the truth.
He went on to ask, "When you first came in, the body was like this?"
Lilith uttered a wail in his throat and said, "I forbid you to say that my husband is dead!"
"Ms. Lilith, I’m sorry for your loss," Zhou Yan said affectionately, "but I must know the details of the scene."
"You’re not a policeman. Why should you ask me?" Lilith collapse shouted.

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