Fuck! Qi and blood have bottomed out, and the body has been shot out by the Monkey King.
Mom, I have to hang up this time.
When I rolled on the ground several times and opened my eyes, the Monkey King had come to my front and saw the Monkey King raise his arm again.
The third-level potion has been cleared, and it is estimated that drinking a second-level potion for this blood is also being shot to death.
Thinking that at the same time, my hand was in a hurry to search in the package, and I wanted to drink a bottle to see if I was dead. Suddenly, a familiar touch came from my hand.
Oh ~ got it
Chapter 40 Beauty Beast
My hand feels like a breeze, grass and flint. I grabbed one and threw it aside, no matter how many plants I caught
Life is almost gone, but why do M love these grasses?
The moment I pulled out the breeze, the Monkey King stopped moving, probably attracted by the scent of the breeze.
As soon as I cut the monkey king’s head and turned my eyes, I threw it out and went to the breeze grass
"pattering" something fell on my face, and I brushed my hand with a sticky touch. Then I saw the monkey king’s saliva flowing like a waterfall, and a few drops fell on my face.
Nnd, the water in this mouth is a little large.
Looking at the monkey king running towards the breeze grass, I silently sighed and wiped my face and saliva, took out two bottles of second-class potion and poured it.
Qi and blood gradually recovered, and my legs got strong, so I suddenly got up and ran in the direction of clearing the lamp.
This little girl just stood looking at my direction and just watched me being ravaged by the Monkey King and didn’t even come to help.
I rushed to Qingdeng’s side and turned to look in the direction of Monkey King.
"You just watched me being bullied by the Monkey King?" I wronged and said
"Oh, sorry!" Qingdeng said with a slight apology, I was still thinking that this little girl has much more conscience than Nangong. Then Qingdeng added, "I closed my eyes that time."
Nm…… … No more times!
I took a hard look at Qing Deng and then looked at the Monkey King with Big Eyes.
The seriously injured Monkey King looked at me from afar and Qing Deng did not take the initiative to attack.
"Are you ready?" I asked the light.
"I’m all right, aren’t I?" Qing Deng said lightly.
"But there is a problem." I turned to look at the light, but she didn’t look at me. "What’s your problem?"
"Give me two bottles of third-class potion!" I stretched out my hand toward the Qing lamp and said
Clear the lamp and stammer, "eh, am I finished with that?"
"By prodigal!"
I was just about to leave when I didn’t want to turn on the light and stopped me. "Well, can I say that my problem is coming?"
"Can’t" stare at the light and say, but she won’t * * me at all.
"Can you give me a few more bottles!"
"No, no, no!" I went crazy and said
"What a stingy girl!" Qing Deng pursed his mouth and looked at me.
Nm, that’s money. I let you drink all my third-class drugs
I looked at her and said, "I’m not stingy." Although I was distressed, I traded her several bottles of second-class potions.

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