"Yes, you can graduate from junior high school to technical secondary school …" Ye Lingling said. "Graduation from junior high school is generally sixteen years old. Technical secondary school is the same as high school. That is to say, you are not as big as the two of us … no! You look so old! "

Li Lili sat smiling and looked at Ye Lingling and Lin without interrupting.
"Can you talk a little girl? I call it maturity!" Lin nu way
Ye Lingling smiled and said, "Ha ha! How old are you, little brother? "
Little brother called out Lin Yu "…"
Ye Lingling continued to smile and said, "You can’t always call you little brother?"
Lin continued "…"
"Little brother heard that technical secondary schools are quite chaotic and have girlfriends?" Ye Lingling asked.
"no!" Lin said
"It seems that there isn’t even a woman in your room," Ye Lingling asked. "How can you not have a girlfriend? Rich and tall and handsome … If you put it in our school, there must be many girls chasing you! "
"There are many girls chasing me!" Lin said
"Then don’t you talk to one?"
"No time!" Lin said, "I must find some girlfriends if I have time!" "
"How can there be no time when there is no time?" Ye Lingling asked, "I see you are quite free!"
Lin said, "I haven’t learned well yet. Like high school, secondary schools have classes from morning till night every day. Besides classes, I have to practice martial arts for several hours every day. When I don’t even have enough sleep!"
"Isn’t there Saturday and Sunday!" Ye Lingling’s brain is moving very fast. "Does your school even have classes on weekends? Besides, during the winter vacation and summer vacation, there are many … "
"It’s also a weekend, and sometimes there are holidays, plus winter holidays and summer vacations. It’s really a lot at that time … it seems that you can find some girlfriends to talk about a few relationships!" After a pause, Linton touched himself and said, "It’s too much trouble and inefficiency to talk about one by one. Just talk about a few inappropriate ones at a time and simply end it and find a suitable woman as soon as possible … it’s still a problem. If you sometimes have to find it slowly!"
Ye Lingling was angry. "Do you want to talk about several things at a time? What do you think of as a woman? What do you think of as love …"
Love is very sacred in the hearts of these inexperienced girls!
Was Lin involved in the death?
Once in reality, Lin was a person who could bully cowardice, ugliness and short … even his wife couldn’t find such a person.
However, God didn’t give him a good body, a good family, but gave him a good head, but he didn’t have a good head either, and he was addicted to the game world.
There is no way for him to be bullied in reality, but only in the game can he bully others … This is the so-called hate transfer!
It is precisely because of hatred that it has been transferred. Otherwise, if Lin did not transfer hatred into the game but suppressed all kinds of negative emotions in reality, I really don’t know if he would become a terrorist criminal.
Looking at Ye Lingling rage YanLin smiled and said "good! Then talk about it one by one and break up until you find a suitable one! "
"What’s the difference?" Ye Lingling stared at Lin.
"Oh!" Lin kept smiling. "Then what do you think should be done?"
This Ye Lingling is right and quiet
Lin sat in the passenger seat and turned to look at the roadside moving scenery. Ye Lingling and Li Lili seemed to be entangled in Lin’s words.
At this time, Zhang Qicai asked, "Where to?"
"The zoo!" Lin said
This purpose is to make Li Lili and Ye Lingling stunned. They are going to buy clothes, not to play. They all have a suit.
"Go to the zoo? Go buy clothes and visit the zoo before you go! " Ye Lingling said, "We both have no clothes to change!"
Lin doesn’t talk.
Zhang Qi answered for Lin, "There are many clothing wholesale markets in Beijing, and there is one near the zoo."
"Oh!" Ye Lingling should be one.
Chapter 45 Players communicate!
I went to the zoo clothing wholesale market and pointed out in Lin that it was cheaper to buy some sample clothes than to buy wholesale shops.
From a few dollars to dozens of dollars, the styles of clothes are still relatively new. If you accidentally confiscate them, stop buying them.

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