The rat, who was covered in grass and broken grass, had long been laughing. It seemed that this kind of play was the best way for him to relieve his nerves, but he felt a little pitiful when he was pushed to the ground by Kabi and could not get up for a while.

"Good ~ good ~ good ~! I’ll stop talking! Leave me alone! Mr. Golden Boy! " Because of laughing too hard, the hemp mouse coughed a few times during the begging period.
Then he coughed up and Kabi laughed too hard, which naturally led to bad luck in the trachea. However, he finally heard that the hemp rat loosened his arms after begging for mercy and punched him again to make the hemp rat’s shoulder "bang".
After being hit by a punch, the marmot didn’t respond much. He was picked up by Kabi’s hand, and then both of them were flapping their training clothes. Just now, the play seemed to be over, but all the fun in it was that Kabi Marmot could read the doubt best, which was a very happy thing.
It’s not unusual for the two of them to play and tease each other. I don’t know how many times this scene will appear in each training class. Anyway, several people in Tusk are "watching" next to each other. It’s very enjoyable to say something to each other.
"Ha ~ ha ~ ha ~ Did you see that? These are two deadly idiots! " Captain tusk said to the young engineer teammates.
At this time, everyone relaxed and grinned. Even Kabi Marmot was out of control, and he almost couldn’t help laughing. Only the lone animal named Bam stood there stiffly like a piece of wood. Maybe he will never be white. What is joy?
Kabi walked back to the circle and saw Bam’s dead attitude next to him. Did Bam deliberately suppress his emotions and not want to follow the group, or was it still so naive in Bam’s eyes?
"Why don’t you laugh? Is it really so boring for me to play with hemp rats? " Kabi wiped away the sweat oozing from the cheekbones and asked Bam, the next expression.
At a close look, we can see that all the facial muscles of Bam are tense, and it seems that they will not relax for a generation. Although Kabi has a simple and clear understanding of Bam’s temperament, he further understands that a simple exercise class has made Bam look like a battlefield.
Then Bam’s words were still so surprising and deserved to be beaten. The other four people here clearly heard Bam say, "Please make it clear that this is the training ground of the team, not those so-called circuses outside. I don’t need to play with you, let alone laugh together. Do you understand?"
After that, Bam squinted at Kabi unexpectedly and said again, "The free training time is almost over. If everyone wants to go to the spare time in a playful way, then I apply to leave the group. Anyway, everyone’s training attitude is very incorrect and even the most basic ball protection can’t be done well. So what’s the fun of this circle grab?"
I believe that several people in Kabi Marmot have the impulse to teach a class a lesson, and that guy’s good fun was destroyed by that guy. Plus, that guy’s big tone didn’t decrease. Just because that guy appeared several embarrassing scenes, Kabi Marmot and they must have had enough.
Just as the hemp rat decided to return the favor to Bam first, Bam pointed in the other direction and said, "The coach finally came out! That old guy is a long time late! " to be continued
Chapter 341 business
From a distance, several people looked in the direction pointed by Bam and found that Coach Coboni finally appeared in the training ground, but it was strange that Coach Coboni was wearing a formal suit and a brown windbreaker instead of training.
Coach Coboni is still wearing a pair of shiny leather shoes and stepping into the grass of the training ground. He is so out of place with everything in the training ground. His whole dress is not as expected by Kabi. Coach Coboni has been dealing with business in the training base office.
Then coach Coboni didn’t pay too much attention to the players’ muttering after it seemed that the training ground players had nothing to do with him, but he approached the assistant coach in front of them. At that time, Kabi and his teammates, who were far away, didn’t know what they were talking about
"Strange! We are all coach Coboni in the office! It seems that he just returned to the training base, which is really rare, isn’t it? Hemp mouse! " Captain Tusk questioned that he asked the Marmots because they had played for the Marmots for many years, and many things were best known to the old players.
The hemp rat pinched the bar and said, "In my memory, even if Coach Coboni doesn’t attend the training class, he will deal with some urgent things in the training base office. It is really rare for such a situation to happen today."
On the other hand, Kabi has his own opinion and said, "Do you think too much? Maybe coach Coboni has already returned to the training base. He has been dealing with urgent matters in the office and has not changed his training."
"impossible!" Marmot tusk is almost the same second said
Then Marquis looked at each other, each with his mouth full. It was easy to see that they both seemed to have noticed something. However, Kabi couldn’t figure out what happened at the moment and immediately asked, "Oh ~? How can it be impossible? Anyway, coach Coboni is just late for the training ground. Don’t make things too complicated. "
"If it’s as simple as being late for the training ground, why does Coach Coboni change training from time to time? Instead of being dressed in a formal suit as it is now, it seems that he has just met with important people. "Tusk said and took a look at the hemp rat.
And Marmot knew it was time to express his opinion, so he explained, "Just now, Tusk and I both recalled that it was unusual to find coach Coboni’s exclusive parking space when we passed the parking lot of the training base this morning. Are you white?"
"This is a drill, not a case-based reasoning. Your explanation is a bit exaggerated depending on the program!" It is rare for Bam to blend in with Kabi’s topic, but this statement was quickly run back by Tusk.
Tusk pointed his head in that direction and said, "Maybe you just joined the team, Bam. You don’t know much about coach Coboni’s trip to the training base. You know, the old man always returns to the training base an hour before attending the training class, but when we didn’t see coach Coboni’s car in the parking lot this morning, let’s say that he must have come back now."
Bam didn’t continue to respond. Maybe this attitude is his true self, but Kabi was confused by the explanation of Marmot and Tusk. He didn’t know that coach Coboni would make it look like a mysterious case when he was late. Is it necessary?
"I don’t think it’s personal for Coach Coboni to go out on business this time, and it’s the second time I’ve seen such a scene with Marmot. It seems that two years ago, all the details were exactly the same. There was no car in the parking space, and it was also at this time that I appeared in a formal suit. Then a few days later, my defense partner was sold. That guy now seems to play for the Premier League Tottenham Hotspur." Scrooge said and recalled every detail similar to the drama two years ago
At this time, Ban Muxian was not interested in the depth of the topic, so he went to the other side to practice dribbling alone, but Kabi was different from Ban Muxian. He wanted to find out that both Marmot and Tusk were so secretive, so he said, "Are you two under too much pressure in life? A simple thing is so complicated as you think. Coach Coboni is just late for practice. He will definitely change his training later. It’s as simple as that! "
"Let you fart! Shut up! Idiot! Tusk and I have been in the team for so many years. Coach Coboni attended the training class. The details of the itinerary are unchanged. If we think something is wrong, it will be a problem, okay? " The hemp rat is very serious about giving words, and Kabi is also taken aback.
But Kabi immediately asked, "What’s wrong? Hum! Forgive me for just joining the team for half a year, but I don’t know coach Coboni as well as you do. "
At this time, Tusk interjected, "I think coach Coboni has just finished handling an important business, which feels too familiar. Everything is the same as it was two years ago. Maybe another important player in our team will leave the team."
Kabi said "Oh" in surprise. "It can’t be us, can it? Besides, our agent hasn’t received the news of the acquisition. Besides, if something had something to say to me, Mr. Haas would have informed me. "
"Don’t know! It depends on whether coach Coboni will come to talk to any player alone. This happened two years ago. You know, my defense partner was very famous at that time and soon sold it at an excellent price! " Tusk said also took a look at the hemp rat.
But the hemp rat said, "Don’t look at me like this. I believe it is absolutely the same as me. I haven’t thought about which player on our team is the most valuable?"
After that, Marmotsk turned his eyes to Kabi.
Kabi pointed to his nose and said, "Oh, my God! You think too much because I haven’t heard from you for a long time. Maybe it’s really other teammates, isn’t it? "
"More can’t be class? That guy just came to report for duty should not be him "hemp rat seriously analyzed.
When several people had no clue, coach Coboni on the other side immediately shouted "Kabi!" to the hemp rats after listening to the assistant coach’s drill briefing. Come here! " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and forty-one Something is wrong.
"Idiot! You’re going to suffer, which means our guess is correct, "said the hemp mouse, aiming at Kabi, whose eyes made Kabi look very uncomfortable."
"Quick in the past! Coach Coboni doesn’t want to wait for people. I think you’d better run over there! " Captain Tusk took the words and also gave Kabi an unexplained look, but Kabi’s intuition of looking into his heart was much more comfortable than that of a hemp rat.
Probably just heard a few people guessing that it was too real. At this time, Kabi actually panicked and said that these damn shit things are always with himself. He simply wants the team to continue its campaign and achieve good results
Then Kabi didn’t respond to Marquisk, which means that with a snort, he gently handed the ball to Marquis before trotting over to Coach Coboni’s side. This move seemed redundant and there was suspicion of delay, just like saying that it was better to be a second late than to go immediately.
The hemp rat controlled the ball on its toes and said, "Please! Idiot! At this time, coach Coboni is not in the mood to appreciate your performance. Get over there before he urges you! "
"I didn’t say no? Just shut up! " Kabi took a sip of the tonic drink, threw it away and trotted over with reluctance.
After a short trot, Kabi also found that when he was practicing alone, Bam also gave an unexplained look, but Kabi didn’t stop to look closely. If he couldn’t run faster, I’m afraid Coach Coboni would really be angry. He thought that Bam’s eyes were much more complicated than those of Marsk.
It’s more than 50 meters away from coach Coboni. Kabi trotted over and felt uneasy. He said that if he heard about those transfers again, he would express his attitude again at the first time, that is, he wouldn’t consider leaving the team until the end of the season.
It’s about three meters away from Coach Coboni. Kabi suddenly found that several fingers were shaking slightly. He took a hard breath and slowed down the trot. Then he stopped completely in front of Coach Coboni before he saw that the assistant coach was communicating with each other.
"coach! Good morning! Can I help you? " After the event, even Kabi was so nervous that he did not forget to say "good morning" to coach Coboni.
Coach Coboni stopped talking lightly and turned to Kabi with a little smile on his face. After seeing Coach Coboni’s smiling face, Kabi was a little flustered, saying that he had never seen Coach Coboni laugh at the training ground. At this time, it seemed so complicated.
"The speed is slow! Every time I call you here, you have to come here quickly, okay? Young people? " Coach Coboni smiles and scolds Kabi for procrastination. To outsiders, the old man looks like a schizophrenic.
However, Kabi was not reprimanded by Coach Coboni, and with some preparation, he simply responded with one sentence, that is, he promised not to repeat the old sentence again. When Kabi was naive enough to continue to promise to go, Coach Coboni waved his hand and said, "If you promise to talk too much, it will be nonsense. Stop training now and come to the office with me."
Kabi gasped in a gasp. Although he simply "Oh" in his mouth, his mind was full of memories of every detail of going into the office to talk to Coach Coboni. He intuitively felt that Coach Coboni’s office seemed to find no trace of life. The longer he sat there, the easier it was to feel a sense of suffocation.
Coach Coboni gently explained a few words to the assistant coach again. It’s not hard to guess what should be the details of the training class. Then he turned around and started walking towards the training base building. He just walked out of the past three steps. He also waved his right hand to signal that Kabi was dull and followed quickly.
Kabi "well" turned to look back at Marmot and Tusk, and they found that the two guys were sticking out their tongues and cutting off their necks, which made Kabi angry and said that the two bastards must find a time to teach them a lesson.
Actually, Kabi wanted to glance at Bam, but out of the corner of his eye, he told him that Bamgen didn’t turn around and look at himself, but he was practicing dribbling and dribbling repeatedly like a robot.
Kabi "alas" for a while and then quickly turned around and chased him, which provoked coach Coboni to reprimand him. When he ran more than a dozen paces later, he came to the assistant coach and shouted, "Come and join us! Let’s do ten laps again and then do group confrontation exercises! "
"Hum! This must be coach Coboni’s idea to let those two idiots continue to sweat! " Kabi secretly read the sermon and ran back to the past, making a naughty face at the two of them, saying that you are exhausted!
"Young man! Run faster! " Coach Coboni once again urged Kabi not to be too anxious or too slow. He simply made a run and stopped beside Coach Coboni. They walked side by side.
After coach Coboni glanced at Kabi out of the corner of his eye, it was strange and said, "Young man! Are you hungry after finishing a drill class? "
When Kabi heard it, he said that this strange old man wouldn’t invite himself to the dining room, would he?
But then Kabi almost laughed and thought it was impossible and ridiculous, so he replied, "Coach! I don’t feel hungry. "
"well! But I’m hungry. You don’t mind if we talk and let me eat something, do you? " Coach Coboni had already pulled out a mobile phone to see if it was time to order food.
Without waiting for Kabi to respond, Coach Coboni said into the phone radio hole, "Please ask the chef in the club dining room to prepare a simple breakfast for me, but be sure to bring a cup of black coffee and send it to my office. Thank you!"
Maybe coach Coboni is ordering his assistant, but Kabi thinks about this in his spare time. He is wondering what coach Coboni is going to talk to himself. If it is still those transfer stories, he thinks about how he should respond.
At this time, the two of them were about to approach the gate of No.2 of the base building, but coach Coboni suddenly said, "Young man! I know exactly what you did in the game against Holland, so I ask you, if I put Van Kakit (hemp rat) on the substitute list for a long time, will you be so naive as to give your good friend Mr. Van Kakit a sigh of relief? " to be continued

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