Look up at Yan Shaoqing and hesitate to ask, "What do you think? Is it suitable for taking home? "

Yan Shaoqing’s expression is very pale. "It’s good if you decide."
He seems to be in no mood, but his lordship knows that the more angry he is with his face, the more obvious it is as he gets older.
Think of it makes him feel bad, but there is nothing he can do.
The old master breathed a sigh of relief and said to Yan Guanjia, "Go home first. What can I do for you?"
This naturally means taking Destiny Sun back to Yanzhai with her son.
Yan housekeeper followed the master naturally to understand him since he was a child, but nodded and didn’t personally return to the villa without a word.
Yanshaoqing expression to hold the master out of the car.
Except for the driver, there are only two of them in the car.
Waiting for the bus to start, the master glanced at Yan Shaoqing and whispered, "Don’t blame Grandpa."
Yan Shaoqing didn’t see him hanging on his side and curled up slightly.
He remembered the time when Yun Relan took the door, and the master was so full of guilt that he said to him, "Don’t blame Grandpa."
What did he answer at that time?
It seems that there is no talk at all from beginning to end.
Master saw that he didn’t talk, but he stayed with him for a while and left.
And then-
He has been abroad for nearly twenty years.
Yan Shaoqing’s eyes crossed the window and looked at the landscape trees flashing outside. He closed his eyes for a long time and pulled his lips and turned his head toward the master. "You naturally have your consideration. I don’t blame you."
"Your dad he …"
Master’s voice just started. Yan Shaoqing interrupted him with a smile. "Don’t talk about him."
He doesn’t want to listen to every word of Yan Pingyang, and he doesn’t want to think of him.
He is a junior, and his knowledge and upbringing all constrain him. It is difficult for him to speak ill of his elders or tell them what to do. At that time, he was less than ten years old and was dissatisfied. He was still able to express his resistance without eating or sleeping. He thought it was ridiculous to do that at that time.
Only indifference is right
He just … Don’t have a father like that.
Yan Shaoqing’s voice fell to the ground, and his shallow smile dissipated and he withdrew his sight.
I don’t want to talk about it.
It’s not good for the master to look at him. Say nothing more and rest in his seat with his eyes closed.
Nearly an hour later, a group of people returned to Yanzhai.
In the hall
Destiny Sun held his own eyes and looked around for a week. He couldn’t conceal his envy and joy. He never dreamed that one day he could really enter Yan’s house.
Her eyes rested a little further away, and an elegant high table in Gu Zhuo was hard to move.
Not because of the table, but because of the media reports, she first found a pair of vases symmetrically placed on the left and right sides of the table, which was bought back at a high price by an unnamed businessman in F country a few years ago.
It’s true that eyes appear in Yan’s house.
Section 366

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