A series of faint spell ripples sparkled in the armor. When the arrow finally hit the armor, its strength was reduced by no less than 70%, leaving no harm to the soldier, even leaving a scratch on the armor.

"Slice! I just happened to be a little poor recently, so let me exchange your head for money! " The bold voice handed out from the golden helmet is extremely majestic. Of course, his words make Barbat’s nose almost mad.
"Want to take my head for money! You have to have this thing! " In the middle school, Barbat’s body is gently in the middle school, and the strength of the sanctuary gives him the ability to float. Although this ability can only be made by consuming the energy in his own body, there is no doubt that Barbat is no longer a novice holy archer. He can easily distribute his strength and not let himself lose his wave. In his constant escape career, he created this kind of ability, which requires a little strength to keep his body in the middle school, and instantly releases the impact athlete’s foot, so that he can consume less energy than other strong people in the sanctuary. The pace of Gembal Bart’s action is extremely elegant, while the action of the ground saint area warrior looks like a bull. He directly stepped on the ground and produced a huge impact, which made a big pit with a diameter of nearly one meter appear on the ground.
In this kind of power, Barbat’s pissing match at the back of his body made him speed up to the extreme in an instant. In the middle, the soldier’s body directly reversed and bent like a shrimp’s giant sword shining in the hand, and the golden sword was extremely condensed, which made the giant sword look even bigger.
"Then I’m here now! Please hand over your head! !” Wild sound accompanied by a golden sword Gang roared and flew directly in the middle, but when the giant sword fell, it condensed into a huge sword light that spread less than ten meters. It was at the last moment of this sword light that Barbat had gently clicked his toes and was extremely elegant, leaving the attack range. The giant bow in his hand shot an arrow as sharp as poison bee’s tail stab and went straight to the face of the warrior of Sanqu.
Of course, such an attack was quickly blocked by a swinging sword, and the impact of Dingdang No.1 middle school was hit by flying arrows, which made the soldier’s face slightly change behind the sword. When he released the sword, he suddenly found that there was no Barbat shadow in his sight. When he searched around, Barbat’s huge scarlet bow appeared on his body, and he pulled it into a full moon. Sharp arrows shot wildly at the square soldier in the blind corner of the instantaneous line of sight, exceeding the speed of sound. When the soldier heard the movement, the arrows had already appeared on him.
Sharp than an arrow, the direct impact on his helmet face almost penetrated Taba’s protective impact force, which made the mouth of this powerful saint area warrior click together and almost bit off his tongue. At this angle, his spell protection was hardly much, and this arrow almost startled this saint area strong person. If the armor was not strong enough, he would have been shot in the head by Barbat now.
At the same time, the ground combat is also extremely bad. The other two local tyrants in the Sanctuary have no doubt that their opponents are not as easy to deal with as Barbat. Whether they are holding huge double knives, Sabinin or two white-boned dogs, together, are two-headed skeleton dogs. Sally and both are difficult to deal with. They chose two dog soldiers themselves, but only later did they find that their challenge was hard bones holding swords and shields. The Sanctuary soldiers were actually combined into a two-headed dog form in the first round of power confrontation. Sally and the racket flew out and flew out. He smashed through the wall of a house for a long time and failed to climb out.
Fortunately, at this time, the knight commander who was hiding behind the soldiers also rushed out directly with a shield. Although his strength did not reach the holy order, one and a half of them stepped into the grand knight class of the sanctuary, and the strong man was still extremely strong. The most important thing is that the strength is not enough, and the money is not enough to pile up and wave a large amount of gold coins. The local tyrants are not rare in Kandohat. It is extremely rare for ordinary people to have holy quality equipment in the hands of these local tyrants. Of course, in the eyes of ordinary players, Chen Kai also belongs to this level. When he was a Lord, there is no doubt that it is
Although the local tyrant is bankrupt now, if we carefully calculate his family, he is still richer than ordinary players, which is enough to make many ordinary players gnash their teeth and want to drag him out and shoot him to death. Although it seems that Ll has never shown off, these players just want to shoot Ll when he bullies those players who have just joined the dark camp at the door.
When the original players want to survive for a while, Barbat will run over and take over, but Barbat’s support is far away, and those black knights Taijun are behind like the big ye. This situation makes these players feel extremely dissatisfied, and then the half-time battle makes everyone white. Barbat is in trouble, and the players feel even more depressed. Now they feel that they have made a wrong judgment and may sink a thief boat.
It’s a pity that if they want to do it now, they all need to bite their teeth and carry shields to retract into the house. Llewellyn will attack or cling to the house and won’t let Llewellyn leave until Barbat defeats the enemy and takes over this deadly task to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 121 Kendo Hart Day of Destruction (20)
Happy May Day! I wonder how many suffering friends were blocked in the road today? Decisiveness is better than squatting at home!
For Chen Kai, he has already foreseen that these players can’t help it. There is no doubt that the players who are standing at the door at the moment are in a state of advancing, not retreating or not, but he knows better that these players are stuck in the room, but Chen Kai and they are in the same situation, and the situation is even more dangerous than these players.
Because these players want to surround Chen Kai, they will be fine, even if they don’t risk rushing forward, they won’t be killed. But Chen Kai and them are different. At this moment, they are like turtles in a jar. Maybe the rope around Chen Kai’s neck will gradually tighten as time goes by, and eventually they will be hanged slowly. This rope is invisible, but everyone knows that this rope is asking Barbat to come with the dark knight, so Chen Kai and them will never escape a death ending.
Although Barbat seems to be caught in the battle at the moment, Chen Kai and others don’t know the specific situation. For example, even if they know, they can’t get up. Thousands of players have blocked the entrance and exit of the house, so they won’t give Chen Kai a breathing space. It seems extremely stupid to die, but they are constantly consuming Chen Kai’s ammunition and physical spirit. Although the dwarves try to protect themselves, there are always some arrows that pass through the dense thorns. They didn’t think of a way to shoot into the room.
Armand’s forehead just inserted an arrow, and the metal arrow directly penetrated the helmet. The sharp arrow pointed in his forehead broke armand’s scalp and made him full of blood. If his eyes were not still turning, everyone would have been directly shot in the head by that arrow. When armand was dragged into the house by other dwarves and lifted his helmet, all dwarves almost cried with surprise. Because armand looked extremely miserable in the forehead, he was actually not hurt much. The arrow nailed into the helmet grazed his forehead with a little flesh, and after a while, the blood stopped.
Of course, armand’s injury is undoubtedly the least, although it seems that the injury position is the most serious, but in fact, his injury is really nothing among the twelve dwarves. Holding his arm, the arm frame of Murdoch was ejected by a feather arrow and pierced the sharp arrow directly through the weak point of the arm armor and the whole arm.
If it weren’t for the treatment, this arm of Murdos might have been abolished directly. The same thing is still happening in other dwarves. Some dwarves have been shot in the arms and shoulders, some dwarves have been shot in the thighs, and even one has been shot in the neck and almost died. This unlucky dwarf is lying on the edge of Hillan at the moment, with Hillan passing out. He is accompanied by a thick bandage around his neck to block the wound, and at the same time, it is guaranteed that he will not have difficulty breathing.
In fact, there is a simple way to make this dwarf instantly recover his combat effectiveness, that is, he needs a drop of life spring, but the life spring is consumed by Evelyn, a prodigal family, so the dwarf has got half a drop, although half a drop is enough to save his life, which makes most of the wound scabbed, but the wound still needs to rest. After all, this unlucky dwarf hurt his neck, did Modus hurt his arm elsewhere, but after a little bandage, he continued to raise his three-eyed revolver and pour bullets at the players, and the dwarves paid more attention to those players with longbows and staves because of repeated attacks.
"Niang a hammer! You fucking slag! Shoot your uncle armand and die! Go to hell! " Re-wearing his helmet, armand directly grabbed the musket beside him and jumped at the window. Of course, after rushing to the window, he stopped and moved slowly to the window. There is no doubt that the thorns wrapped outside the house were constantly destroyed when the players attacked. This is why the dwarves suffered more and more arrow attacks.
When armand slowly approached the window, a dozen players and thieves outside the house aimed at the window with crossbows. If something stirred up, they would pull the trigger and shoot the crossbow in their hands. armand knew this situation. He slowly held the muzzle of his helmet musket against the window, and then he heard the jingle of the crossbow hitting the sharp arrow of the helmet, directly turning armand’s helmet into rags. Looking at the dozens of crossbows inserted on the surface of the helmet, all the dwarves could not help but shrink their eyes. I doubt that their situation has become very bad now. At this moment, the original shooting environment is extremely bad.
"these damn slag!" Armand bit his teeth, then took out a new helmet from his pocket and put it on his head again. After a few breaths, he instantly stood up from the window and pulled the trigger. At the moment when he ejected, he directly fell backwards and escaped several bolts.
"Grass!" Outside the house, the player thieves were angry at shooting the crossbow, but when they turned their heads, they found that the three companions who had been around had fallen in a pool of blood. There is no doubt that armand’s shot was very accurate. The huge warhead passed through the head of the first player thief and directly turned his head into a burst watermelon. Then it exploded in the chest of the next player and finally penetrated into the ground through the chest of the last player.
Of course, armand’s shot soon brought another reaction, that is, the horse around the window was retaliated by the players, and hundreds of people would raise their bows and shoot arrows to fly there if they could pull up their bows, so they would not be able to control it. Anyway, the target is so big that they would never shoot arrows at their own ass.
After the rain of dense arrows, the dwarves looked at the floor nailed with arrows around the window and felt a chill. Of course, soon they thought of a new way. They called the ecliptic, and after dumping some soil, the walls were pulled out by the ecliptic. Although the dwarves couldn’t see the outside, there were people around them. The dwarves could hit the target even with their eyes closed.
In the face of this situation, ground players have no choice but to swear, because they have no choice but to take thick walls. However, with the thorns being destroyed a little, players’ mage spells can attack the walls and make them tremble with a huge explosion. If the buildings in Kandohart are not guaranteed to be genuine, then it is estimated that the walls will collapse soon after these players attack. After all, even if the players’ spell power is smashed for more than a dozen rounds, they can bomb the walls.
This is the case on the floor of the building, and it’s almost the same. After discovering that the attack of the secret arrow rain worked, these players stopped charging at close range. The tactics department picked up long-range weapons and shot the secret arrow rain, which kept falling into the room. Even if Llewellyn and others held shields, they couldn’t stop it. In less than a minute, they had to give up the defense line at the door and retreat into the house, leading to the hall on the second floor.
Of course, when the door was blocked, players quickly put crossbows, grabbed weapons and shields, and rushed toward the room to prepare a puff and rushed into the room directly. However, as soon as these players stepped into the door and turned over the window, they felt the sound of their feet, and then they saw three or four dark dwarf mines piled up around them. There is no doubt that these mines were the last goods of the dwarves, but their explosion still turned a dozen players into corpses.
The flying shrapnel caused the players behind to wail. Of course, they were lucky, but they were a little injured and didn’t hang up. But the players who rushed in front were no longer human at the moment. There is no doubt that this time, the mine explosion frightened the players who had just won a small victory and made them afraid to step into the seemingly swinging door.
When the smoke clears, players can see the swinging doors, but they can’t see Chen Kai hiding in the hall. You know, Chen Kai and they are hiding in this house, which is very big. Although this house is not a luxury building in the whole city of Candehart, compared with the reality, the original owner of this house can say that the rich people cover an area of at least 250 square meters, and the four-story building is almost a common building in the whole street. If Chen Kai and they stay in the civilian area of Candehart, there is no doubt that the room should not be that big, that is, it is just an ordinary three-story building of hundreds of square meters
At the moment, Chen Kai’s urban area should be regarded as the whole Kandohart middle-class residential area. Only when the house is so big will they have so much shelter. However, after losing the gate, Chen Kai’s retreat will become less and less. At the same time, when the window around the street on the second floor is bombarded by players’ spells, the dwarves have to retreat into the house and build new fortifications again to prepare for resisting the players’ assault on the second floor.
The battle didn’t make the dwarves wait long. After noticing that the dwarves were retreating from the window, the players quickly threw out the hook lock and hooked the window sill of a building, and then climbed along the rope. Of course, there were also powerful players who directly put their hands together and then pushed another player upstairs. It was only when they appeared on the second floor that the dwarves’ muskets rang and were more encrypted than before, because armand and others made them no longer their own muskets, and those dwarves’ muskets that had not been modified too low in the past.
Although these dwarf muskets are very low-level, they can still fire bullets at such close range, and the penetration is still terrible. Those players who jump or climb the second floor are directly blown into corpses under the bombardment of bullets. They either throw themselves on the floor or fall backwards. In less than a minute, the dwarves are shot when they are loaded with muskets, and those players on the first floor are stunned by the explosion of beans, because the guns are too dense and there are too many roots, which is not what they heard before.
When these players were frightened by the dwarf muskets, the cloud on the roof finally completed its own arrangement, and more than a dozen installed crossbow boxes were placed around, and his heavy crossbow was finally adjusted at this moment. The heavy crossbow shooting boundary was set at a very high elevation angle by him, but Yun was not sure whether this method could succeed or not. It was clear that the parabola was far away from him, but these crossbow boxes might not be able to count dozens and then throw crossbows, and they might not fall on the player’s head as he expected, but he had to gamble this time.
Finally, Yun pulled the trigger and three crossbow boxes were thrown out by him first. The high elevation angle made these crossbow boxes fly almost in a straight line to the top of the head. When the strength was almost exhausted, hundreds of crossbows were exposed and scattered to the ground, and then slowly fell. As Yun expected, this time it was a bit of a failure. The distribution of crossbows was very scattered, but he quickly inspired the second round.
When the first round of crossbows slowly accelerated from a few hundred meters high, the second round of crossbow boxes had been launched, because the place where the clouds stayed was the back of the roof, and the players didn’t see the crossbow boxes soaring, but it was difficult to find the tiny crossbows when they were flying in the middle, and the players didn’t see the Mibi arrow rain until they were close to the ground for tens of meters.
When the first wave of crossbows fell to the ground, the cloud had already shot out the crossbow box in his hand. The crossbows were scattered all over the roof, and almost stuck in his body and baby’s heavy crossbows. But more crossbows still fell to the ground around the house like the cloud hoped. When the ground players were attacked, they never thought that they would be baptized by such a dense rain of arrows. Although the crossbows were much worse than the missiles, the players still let Yunbai play their own tactics. That was absolutely successful.
However, he is more aware that although the tactics are successful, there are definitely not many results. Although the acquisition of the instantaneous brush frequency experience value in the battle log allows him to enjoy the pleasure of upgrading a rocket, it is a pity that this pleasure lasts for a short time and disappears without support.
Although the total cumulative damage is very high, the players on the ground are really hurt. It is absolutely at the back of the time that they all shrink their heads in the face of the shield and are hard to be killed by the crossbow. When Yun climbed to the edge of the roof carefully, his eyes saw the scene, which surprised him a little. At least hundreds of players on the ground fell to the ground with the crossbow and whined around, but they didn’t find that the crossbow had already disappeared. By the time they reacted, ll had woken up and rushed out of the room with people.
These poor players once again acted as an experience. The tragic role of the baby fell to the ground. Before the players got up, they were attacked by a sharp ratio. By the time these players reacted and organized resistance, Chen Kai, they had already gone crazy for a round of killing and withdrew from the room again, looking at the hundreds of fallen bodies around the room. Some players backed out because they could not see the hope of victory.
Everyone silently dragged the body in front of the house to clear out a piece of white area. Scarlet blood is still flowing than the ground. The pungent smell is constantly impacting the respiratory system of people around you, but the whole battle is extremely strange and stagnant. The wind brought the fierce collision of Barbat’s position not far away, but these collisions did not arouse even a ripple.
Shrinking in the room, Chen Kaizheng is eating with his head down beside him. Rola Chen and others are helping to clean up other people’s wounds. Alisha is trying to pound some herbs, shaman spells and herbal simple therapeutic agents. This therapeutic agent has an amazing recovery speed, but it will produce a certain pair in the future. It may be a few hours later or a day or two later, but it will definitely not be after eating the agent.
Wang Feifei gently pulled out an arrow inserted in Chen Kai’s back. Chen Kai’s armor had not been repaired yet, and this time it was destroyed again, which made it far away again. Of course, fortunately, those wings of obsidian and green gold were not lost, otherwise Chen Kai couldn’t find a place to cry. When Wang Feifei pulled out the arrow, Chen Kai frowned. To tell the truth, he really wanted to call it out, but in the end he turned the sound into a force to bite the bread.
"ecliptic! Are they all sealed? " Chen Kai let go of the bread. The wound behind him has been wrapped up by bandages again, but a little red blood still seeps out from the wound. Besides these, Chen Kai’s health value bar is also slowly declining at the moment. Although the health value has been restored, it is in the treatment situation.
With the passage of time, Nero Aria blessed Chen Kai, and their auxiliary spells have long since disappeared, and the magic has gradually run out. Elf wizards have no way to carry out the second round of blessing. This is also why Chen Kai, when they only killed that little point, they returned. If the auxiliary spells are still in their bodies, maybe those players who were shot down by crossbows will die more.
"All sealed! I checked it three times and there is absolutely no problem, but boss, it is not impossible for us to leave! " The ecliptic is full of fatigue, sealing all the doors and windows. He has exhausted his magic, and even his voice is a little hoarse because he keeps singing spells.
"This is no way to things! But we will never be trapped here and rest assured that we can leave! " Ll smiled toward the ecliptic and then pointed in Nero Aria’s direction. A badge in the hands of an elf mage is being jointly cracked by several elf mages, and it is precisely because of cracking this badge that Nero Aria and them have no magic to support Ll and them to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 122 Kandor Hart Day of Destruction (29)

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