There is no life in the dungeon, and it looks deserted, surrounded by snow, which seems to have deliberately avoided the dungeon. Generally, the city looks very dry, just like the city many years ago.

Han Xiumo paused for a moment before suddenly returning to absolute being and trying to take a step forward.
Nothing happened.
Chapter 14 Bao Pharmacopoeia
From a certain point of view, Yun Mingyuan’s approach is correct.
Anyway, Han Xiumo is still the master of Tianji now, and he ordered Tianji to obey.
In a very complicated mood, Tianji began to work as a "Tianji teacher" at the gate of the yard for a short period of time.
Xiukui didn’t understand this line of Han Xiumo, but he was shocked.
In fact, it’s not that no one has been here before. Several alchemists came to the gate of this small courtyard unscathed with the help of Xiukui.
But after coming here, I didn’t go any further. Later, I don’t know if those alchemists have sent troops, and they will leave the tomb of the King of God when they reach a certain period.
Now, in hindsight, Xiukui realized that the reason why the former alchemists got here was that they couldn’t read?
Although it seems very easy for Han Xiumo to walk all the way, those tests outside the yard are actually officially opened from the door box. Those alchemists are all defeated here. I wonder if this alchemist with a foundation period will make any breakthrough.
Hugh Kui is even more nervous than Han Xiumo.
Nowadays, there are great differences in ancient Chinese characters in the field of revision. In a short time, I want to learn ancient Chinese characters in an enlightening way-instilling this knowledge directly into Han Xiumo’s knowledge of the sea.
Tianji doesn’t have such skills.
Han Xiumo will in turn teach Tianji.
Xiukui "…" He is confused and can’t understand what this human being and his fire are doing more and more. He is a little bald.
The learning process was too boring. After reading it for a while, Xiukui lost interest and left the dungeon.
He’d better go and see if the other human can move the sword.
After Han Xiumo learned the old saying, his eyes rested on the corner of his eye and he smoked slightly.
His two words impressively is the Pharmacopoeia.
Han Xiumo got Qingwu from Qingwu, a cheap master. One of them, All Saints Pharmacopoeia, covers everything from the foundation period to soaring. Of course, his All Saints Pharmacopoeia is incomplete and only partial.
He opened the first page.
Dan medicine includes the name refining technique, etc. It can be seen that the writing style of All Saints Pharmacopoeia comes down in one continuous line.
He picked his eyebrows and looked at them carefully.
This Pharmacopoeia in his hand is heavier than the previous All Saints Pharmacopoeia, and it is even more impossible to be a remnant.
Most of the Pharmacopoeia is familiar to Han Xiumo, but compared with the ancient book All Saints Pharmacopoeia, there are some new pills, and many herbs recorded in this Pharmacopoeia are unheard of by Han Xiumo.
He suddenly had a feeling that All Saints Pharmacopoeia was expanded according to Pharmacopoeia.
This guess is unreasonable, but Han Xiumo can’t find a confirmation method.
He is immersed in it.
Yun Mingyuan is looking for an exit in the main hall. The central sword brings great prestige, and Yun Mingyuan has already adapted to this sword, which exudes a suppression of his search for clues in the main hall.
If he didn’t guess wrong, this hall should be owned by the God King in Xiukui’s mouth.
He is not interested in the life of the King of God and keeping treasures, but now that he is in this place, he will naturally not let go of clues.
The walls of the hall are covered with murals.
At first, Yunmingyuan was some decoration, but later it was discovered that there were some others in the mural.
Like …
Love story of two kings of gods
The mural is similar to that of Hugh Kui, but Yun Mingyuan always feels a little inconsistent.
But he couldn’t say for a moment what was wrong, and he could continue to observe secretly.
The mural painted two Gods and Gods in the Kingdom, pretending to be Meng Xin and beating each other during the foundation period. However, Dan Xiu quietly rose and the other side followed him, and eventually he was beaten for a long time, which cast a shadow over Jian Xiu.
Then, you chase after me to catch up with the happy story, until the last day, the two of them joined hands to deal with the fairy beast from the celestial world … and then they were betrayed.
After that, the painting style became much rougher.
It’s as if the front is carved by sculptors with delicate minds, while the back carving becomes perfunctory, free and easy with a little informality, and the sword remains firm and firm.
Nine times out of ten, it was carved by the sword-repairing king.
There are many things behind that have not been carved out, and the two people have a premonition that Lei Jie will rob the first two people and they will die. They have a premonition of everything. The two kings of God are calm and have built a palace that belongs to them, and they are determined to live and die together.
But in the end, we should rob a man with a sword.
He didn’t die. He survived from Lei Jie. No one can stand the king of God’s condition at the top of the whole fix true boundary.
After that, the murals suddenly disappeared.
The last picture on the wall shows the sword-repairing god king actively exhausting his spiritual strength to wrap their house, the underground palace built when the two decided to die together, and it turned into a world of ice and snow.
All the strength of a god king is enough to make this area undisturbed, and a snowfield is gradually formed in this area. All the lingshi and ice crystals at the bottom of the snow pile in the snowfield come from the strength of the god king.
Yunmingyuan eyes rested on the last mural.
The trace of the mural is neither as elaborate as that of the exquisite sculptor who carved the mural at the beginning, nor as rough and sad as that of the sword holder later.
This picture is only describing a fact.
Chapter 15 Cold Fire Yan
He has an intuition that he won’t be able to hold the ice sword for long.
The level of Excalibur is definitely higher than that of the dusty tripod. It’s only a matter of time before he finds the weakness of swallowing tripod. He still has a lot of refining materials for swallowing tripod. It’s better to refine some more. If Excalibur breaks a bite, he will put it into another one.
When they leave the snowy area, maybe he can consider releasing the ice sword.
Hukui entered the hall in a daze and was surprised to find that the ice sword in the hall had disappeared, and that human monk was actually refining the device in the hall?
Is there something wrong with the world or with himself?

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