It is this kind of appearance with a smelly face that is very beneficial to Arabia.

The more serious Chang Sheng’s face is, the more enthusiastic Arabs will be, and the more smiling they will be.
Changsheng naturally sees it in his eyes, and he is really speechless about it.
Besides putting on a face to make his team prepare for the war with peace of mind, he also has some personal feelings in it.
As a China person and a China fan, it is normal that I have a bad feeling about football in the Arab world.
Because in the history of football in China, there was a real enmity between East Asia and West Asia.
Before the World Cup in Japan and South Korea in 2002, China’s closest to the World Cup finals was the World Cup in Spain in 1982.
At that time, the China national team was definitely the strongest China team in history, and there was no one.
The progress of the World Cup qualifiers proved the excellence of China. China made it all the way through the group stage of the Asia-Pacific regional qualifiers, and finally joined Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and New Zealand in the final of the 1982 World Cup in Spain. In the final stage of the competition, the China team was still strong, with three wins, one draw and two losses. The China team scored ten points in the whole competition, which can be said that one foot has entered the World Cup finals, but the unreasonable schedule made the China team eat Huanglian in the following-there is suffering!
After all the matches of China team were finished, there were still two rounds of matches between Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and New Zealand, which provided a basis for some abnormal phenomena in the following games. Since then, Saudi Arabia, which had no hope of qualifying, lost to Kuwait 0-2 and gave its opponent a World Cup ticket.
In the final round, as long as Saudi Arabia doesn’t lose to New Zealand by five goals or more, then China will definitely get the World Cup ticket. However, a heinous thing happened. When Saudi Arabia was able to draw 2-2 away from home, it was very talented to "perform" a big game of losing to its opponent 0-5 at home. As a result, China and New Zealand have exactly the same points and goal difference, and both sides need to play a play-off to decide who will finally get the ticket for the 1982 World Cup.
In hindsight, the game was abnormal from the beginning. Saudi Arabia had two chances to score in the first fifteen minutes. On one occasion, No.6 Rifawi faced an empty net about 12 meters away from the gate and kicked the ball out of the baseline at random. On another occasion, No.7 Nye was seven or eight meters away from the goal on the right side, also facing an empty goal, but inexplicably pushed a ground ball gently, which was easily cleared by the new Zealand defender.
Then, even more outrageous things began, and the most shameless match-fixing performance of the last century was staged. In the fifteen minutes from the 15th minute to the 30th minute, New Zealand, whose strength is comparable to that of Saudi Arabia, scored five goals in a row and scored enough goal difference to play the play-offs with China. During this period, the defenders and goalkeepers of the Saudi team completely became the boosters of the New Zealand team’s attack, and did not stop them at all. In the end, the score of 5: 0 was maintained until the end of the game, and New Zealand was "lucky" to qualify for the play-off against China.
After witnessing the blatant match-fixing in Saudi Arabia and New Zealand, the China Football Association had no choice but to immediately recall the players who had gone home on holiday to prepare for the Spring Festival to cope with the play-offs. The match was originally scheduled to be held in Kuala Lumpur on January 9, 1982, but the Malaysian government strongly opposed it, which led to the postponement of the match to Singapore on January 10. Such twists and turns caused the players and coaches of the China team to be physically and mentally exhausted, which also laid a curse for the subsequent defeat of the national football team. In the end, the national football team lost to New Zealand 1: 2 and missed the 1982 World Cup finals.
If I had gone to China and made it to the World Cup, what would China’s football be like now?
Maybe it will be better than now?
But this is only if after all.
Later, during the World Cup in Germany, Huang Jianxiang, the commentator of CCTV, shouted excitedly after Italy won the penalty. He later explained that it was because China had been eliminated by New Zealand, and he was talking about the 1981 World Cup qualifiers.
Because Australia and New Zealand belong to the same Oceania team, he also hates Australia.
In fact, this reason is very clumsy. The reason why he is so rude is only because he has long explained Serie A and has feelings for Italian teams.
If he really hates it, he should first hate Saudi Arabia, the initiator of match-fixing, then New Zealand, the other party, and then West Asian football, which is good at match-fixing.
It has nothing to do with Australia, and some of the guns in Australia are wronged.
West Asian football is really good at counterfeiting, and they have a record of counterfeiting more than once.
People in this place are good at breaking rules, such as the "naturalized players" incident in Qatar. They found several players who played for other national teams, and quickly got rid of these Brazilian naturalized players before their team had to play, hoping to play for their team.
In addition, China also had a World Cup qualifier in 2006. In this Top Ten qualifier in November 2004, China and Hongkong, as well as Kuwait and Malaysia, jointly directed a match-fixing drama.
China beat Hongkong 7-0, while Kuwaitis beat Malaysians 6-1.
These two games were definitely flawed, but in the end, China was eliminated by Kuwait.
It’s very simple, because we can’t even play fake ball, and it’s really a waste of playing fake A for so many years.
In the game, as long as China scores a goal, the Kuwaiti side will follow suit.
Moreover, at the beginning of the second half, the Hong Kong team used substitutions to help China win the opportunity to kick off five minutes later than Kuwait, so that by the end of the game, China would finish five minutes later than Kuwait. Everything is still under the control of the China national team. When things go wrong, China can score another goal.
As a result, Kuwait showed us their professional attitude of cracking down on fake balls, and the net that rarely has problems in international competitions actually broke a hole!
You know, it is necessary for the referee to check the net before each game. There is a hole in the net, which can’t happen …
Need to change the net, the time to change the net, no more, no less than five minutes!
In the end, China tied the goal difference compared with Kuwait, but the total number of goals was one less, so it was eliminated. It’s a pity that China Football Association didn’t know this before, and simply thought that the goal difference was enough to eliminate Kuwait.
The result was eliminated by Kuwait.
So Chang Sheng later said that the Football Association was too amateur?
Even playing a fake ball, I don’t know how to study the rules carefully, and I don’t know how to really kill my opponent.
Such a football association is incompetent and amateur to the extreme.
Changsheng doesn’t like people in West Asia, mainly because the football in West Asia is very dark and dirty, which has completely exploded the football in China.
It was twice played by the West Asians with fake balls, which also made him angry.
Although China also plays match-fixing, from the standpoint of China fans, people in West Asia are the worst offenders.
Moreover, even if we don’t talk about match-fixing, West Asian football is always against East Asian football in the Asian Football Association, and there are many contradictions between the two sides.
As a veteran fan, it is impossible not to know these things.
In the field of football, West Asians really don’t like it.
So in the United Arab Emirates, Changsheng always has a straight face, a pair of "cool and arrogant" gas field.
I didn’t expect West Asians to be very useful, which really made him laugh and cry.
He also thought, if he is not the head coach of European champion Lazio, if he doesn’t have so many champions’ aura, will the West Asians still greet him with such a smile? I’m afraid I have to ask a question mark …
Sure enough, the world is still dominated by the strong, and the winner is king!
Because the World Club Cup is an event that focuses on championship teams from all continents in the world, plus a host, there are many teams participating in this competition.
There are seven teams in total. The host team is the UAE champion Alvaheda, the Hekalilian from Oceania is the champion of Oceania, the Mazembe team from Democratic Republic of Congo is the champion of Africa, the PaChookiat Sakveerakul from Mexico is the champion of Central and North America, the Kazuhiro Minami from South Korea is the champion of Asia, the Brazilian international team from Brazil is the champion of Libertadores Cup in South America, and the European Champions League champion Lazio from Italy.
Seven teams, all champions.
However, there are too many teams and time is limited.
Therefore, the single-game elimination system is adopted.
First of all, Alvaheda from the host and Hekari from Papua New Guinea, the champion of Ocean Week, played in the qualifiers, and the winning team entered the race.
In the end, Alvaheda defeated Hekali United 3-0 and reached the quarter-finals.
In the quarter-finals, Alvaheda played against Kazuhiro Minami and Mazembe played against PaChookiat Sakveerakul.
After playing these two games, two teams entered the semi-finals, and then fought against two teams from Europe and South America, and finally decided two teams entered the finals.
Lazio just appeared at this time. In fact, when they were still in Europe, the World Club Cup had already started.
In the past, the World Club Cup was basically won by South American teams and European teams, which was even.
In fact, the World Club Cup, which FIFA made after taking over the Toyota Cup, originally provided a stage for European and South American teams to compete, which continued the idea of the Toyota Cup.
It’s just that while the big family eats meat, they should also let the poor have some soup.

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