Chapter 6 the first conversation

Songshan sent a few people to die, Hengshan sent a few people immediately like a spring, one by one, and immediately strode quickly to Qi Yufeng near.
Taoist Tiansong looked at the awe-inspiring, still holding a bloody sword in his hand. Qi Yufeng immediately asked kindly, "Is Feng Shaoxia and Feng Laodoyen interested in regaining the title of the Five Mountains Alliance?"
Qi Yufeng proudly nodded. "This natural Wuyue Sword Sect has always been the leader of Huashan Sect. It is the fact that Huashan Sect was usurped by Qizong in recent decades that led to the leader’s position falling next to Songshan Sect. Since I am back, how can I keep the leader of Wuyue Sect in Songshan Sect?"
Road flyover Tiansong immediately gave way to God Se’s excitement. "I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time for Zuo Lengchan’s perverse behavior, and his fellow Wulin colleagues despised me! He Li Feng, the head of the company, climbed to the top and called me Mount Tai to be driven by it. "
Lu Lianrong also hastened to express his loyalty. "The Songshan Sect wants to merge the Wuyue Sword Sect into one, and the Songshan Sect has annexed the other four sects. In recent years, it has made various Y and N plots to kill important people of other sects. If the old-timers come forward to reorganize the Wuyue Sect, I, Hengshan Sect, will follow his lead."
However, I heard these three people talking about Zuo Lengchan’s more and more charges and more trivial, and kept saying that he was ambitious and often tried to build a bully, but his knowledge was superficial, stupid and confused, and his martial arts were even less clear.
Qi Yufeng couldn’t help laughing when he listened to everyone’s flattery and boasting that the wind was clear and sunny. He thought that they called this Zuo Lengchan as if I had never seen it before, and I didn’t know if they were right. But since Zuo Lengchan claimed to be one of the top ten orthodox masters, his martial arts must still be extremely high, and he ZTE Songshan Sect suppressed all the edges of the other four factions. Even if he lost the Thirteen Taibao three years ago, the other four factions were afraid to expect something, and his wrist must be extremely high.
When he pondered for a moment, he nodded and smiled. "So two factions have helped me to worry about the great cause of the Wuyue Sword Sect. I’ll take some people to meet my master."
When they heard the big news, they told their younger brother to throw the bodies of Zhao Sihai and others into the mountain. They all rested in Zhengqi Hall for a while. Qi Yufeng went back to his room and took some tools and climbed the mountain all the way.
A group of people walked slowly along the mountain road. When Qi Yufeng talked, he constantly complimented the Taishan School and Hengshan School for their martial arts. In particular, he made Tiansong, Tianyi and Lu Lianrong’s martial arts almost equal to those of Shaolin masters.
Although it is not easy for him to say this glib speech, it is naturally smooth when he speaks more gradually. Fortunately, on this day, the martial arts of Song, Tian Yi, Lu Lianrong and others are already ranked as masters in the Wuyue Sword School, and Qi Yufeng’s praise is not against his will.
At first, a few people were modest when they heard these words, saying that "I can’t compare the Shaolin sword with Huashan", but they couldn’t hold Qi Yufeng’s repeated compliments and felt very flattered, so they just walked over and acquiesced.
Qi Yufeng saw that these people didn’t know how to cheep, but their faces were all smiling. Obviously, they were very happy and immediately waited for an opportunity to consult martial arts problems.
On the day of his consultation, Song, Tian Yi and Lu Lianrong tried to please the wind and clear the air. His proud brother immediately put forward his own opinions and experiences after fighting for the past.
Qi Yufeng listened intently and held his breath, listening carefully to these explanations of kendo. It became more and more frightening that this old guy was really not a flower stand or had a lot of unique secrets for decades. At first, he was just paralyzed. These people said that they should wear a few top hats for them, but they should not flatter them. These hostility and prevention will naturally be greatly weakened.
But the more he listened to these three explanations, the more reasonable he felt, and he couldn’t help asking them sincerely.
So this road slowly walked. Qi Yufeng asked what the three men taught, and they were even more dedicated than the disciples. Qi Yufeng’s accomplishments in fencing were not inferior to those of these people. He didn’t know much about the swordsmanship of Wuyue Sword School, and he didn’t know much about it. Listening to them occasionally, he immediately ordered a few words, which immediately troubled many problems, and he couldn’t help be in heaven.
A few people crossed the cliff and went straight to black dragon Ridge. The question of Qi Yufeng is becoming more and more difficult. It is becoming more and more difficult for a few people to answer it.
Immediately, the two experienced Jia Lulianrong stopped to make sword strokes. Qi Yufeng saw that the three swordsmanship J and jīng were still in the Songshan Sect, and two people were immediately secretly shocked.
After a while, when Lu Lianrong saw that Qi Yufeng was familiar with it, he said, "Brother Feng, it’s natural that Uncle Feng wants to revive the Five Mountains, but Zuo Feiying is not a toy. What should he do if he doesn’t send the Huashan Sect after his swordsmanship?"
Qi Yufeng laughed. "Since we are known as the Wuyue Sword School, we are indispensable, but the leader of the Songshan School must rest assured by Lu. If you are interested, you can learn a few hands from me. After the Wuyue Sword School Conference, let’s grab his leader."
Although Lu Lianrong is the No.3 figure of Hengshan Sect, his kung fu is far worse than that of the two senior brothers, and he has a deep fear of Mr. Mo Da, the senior brother. Although he is greedy, he never dreamed of being the head of Hengshan Sect in his life. At this time, he was immediately surprised to hear this young man say that he could be the head of Songshan Sect.
But then the heart said, this young man has made such achievements after learning fencing with Feng Qingyang for several years. If I have learned fencing like that, it may not be worth Zuo Lengchan, but the Songshan Sect has to think it over.
When he rolled Huang Chengcheng’s eyes thoughtfully and said nothing, Qi Yufeng laughed, "Senior Lu is like a talent like you. When I see you, I can’t say how much I admire you. Do you know this?"
Lu Lianrong laughed. "Little brother, don’t laugh at me. I’m Lao Lu. My wish for this half of my life is to hope that the Wuyue Sword Sect will make a comeback and restore yesterday’s Li pomp to other worthless old people."
Qi Yufeng looked at Lu Lianrong’s face for a long time, and his eyes seemed to be thoughtful for a long time before he said, "Lu’s predecessors are gifted and strange. I wonder if there are any visions at birth?"
Lu Lianrong laughed. "Little Xia Feng, don’t bury your old brother. I am a redneck who is so ugly and not a saint. What vision can an emperor have?"
He is born with yellow eyes and likes to talk a lot, which is annoying. He is secretly called the golden-eyed crow. Although he seems to care nothing, he has always regretted it.
Qi Yufeng shook his head and said, "The elder Lu said, otherwise there was a big country called Azeroth overseas. In those days, there was a peasant boy named Illidan. He was born with golden eyes just like the elder Lu. At that time, there was a saint who said that such characters would become great in the future once they met in a thousand years. Although his fate was bumpy later, he finally persevered and practiced a height feat in his twilight years. Finally, he became a overlord and gave him the nickname Outland King. This story is even known to three-year-old children overseas."
LuLianRong see Qi Yufeng said solemnly immediately burst out laughing, but in the surface, I didn’t mean it. Did my old Lu really come to the old age like Big Ear Thief and Liu Bei before I got successful in my official career?
When his heart is excited, his feet walk faster and faster.
On that day, both Song and Tian Yi were well-cultivated. Unlike Lu Lianrong, they didn’t care if they heard Qi Yufeng tell stories and praised him with a smile.
But seeing him talking and laughing, he also secretly worried that Lu Lianrong, the young man, was quite congenial at first sight. Don’t let this straw bag win the wind again. The old-timer prized the committee to give him magic, and the consequences really became the leader of the Songshan Sect.
Although if after ri, the wind is clear and the sky is clear, killing the four sides to pacify the five mountains, then this leader must be a Huashan puppet, but even a puppet, it is also a leader, isn’t it?
When the two of them walked slowly behind, two pairs of eyes couldn’t help staring at Qi Yufeng, showing suspicious Se.
When Qi Yufeng looked back, he saw the two men’s eyes immediately and nodded slightly. The pace gradually slowed down, and Taishan sent two people to walk side by side.
Qi Yufeng accompanied two people to walk for a while and saw that LuLianRong walked faster and faster. They also had a short distance and suddenly said, "Where do I come from in Tai ‘an County? "

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