Liuguang hummed a ditty and ran home.

The lights in the house are on, Xiao Yu is soft like a cat, and there is a slight tapping on the keyboard.
"I’m back," streamer said through the door.
"How is it fun?" Xiao Yu-rou asked her to recommend the streamer to experience the past. The speedman looked at her eyebrows and smiled. It seems that she had a good day.
Time corrected her with a straight face. "Pacemaker is a sacred and great profession. It can’t be fun to form it … It feels good to train with them on the first day today. Thanks to a series of training of Tieqi Sect, everyone praised me." She gave a thumbs up and sat next to Xiao Yurou. Before she asked, she talked about what happened today.
"Sister Pig, French fries and soft cakes in’ Group 6′ all said that I had good speed control. Do you know’ Group 6′? The horse finished the race in six hours. Similarly,’ Group 31′ finished the race in three hours and one minute, and so on. "Speaking of speed, streamer was smug. When she saw those people who came to mix an honorary straw bag pillow, her eyes changed. This kind of face-slapping change was so cool that she smiled unkindly.
"I’ll let you experience a" rabbit "fun this year. I’ll sign you up for the horse. One day, you took the test and were shortlisted for the marathon. Then get a good grade and apply to be a speeder."
After a short chat, streamer hummed a tune and went back to his room to pour himself a cup of warm water to moisten his throat. He took out his mobile phone and found that Qian Cheng had replied to the text message.
She sent a text message to Qian Cheng saying that she was actually trying to join Acacia to ashes. It’s understandable if she likes to kick or not, but please take care of her Elena. She really intends to make Acacia to ashes as her patron.
Qian Cheng replied to the text message and asked her to choke directly and climb the line quickly. It was really said that he quit acacia and turned to dust.
Now, after replacing Guardian, she has another "hat" on her head, abducting Acacia to ashes, and vice president intervening in the unknown and egrets out of the clouds.
She’s summoning snow in June now. Is it still coming?
Unknown is not online, she can dial a message to Qian Cheng again. As soon as the streamer is connected, she quickly asks "Qian Cheng, how much do you miss!"
"Ah ….." Qian Cheng that chuckle listen to streamer ear fever dark scold this man laughed so Sue do! Get angry and say, "Why do you want to quit the guild when you stay in lovesickness? What do you think?"
Qian Cheng came home from running the marathon test race, took a shower, and expressed his depression in the process of exercise. When he was much calmer, he had the mind to amuse the streamer. "There is nothing to think about, and life is too little to eat, drink, and be merry."
"Hey, I am still a serious god!"
Qian Cheng smiled again and listened to the words. She simply sat on the floor-she would never admit that her legs were weak after listening to Qian Chengyin. It must be that after running too much exercise today, the sequelae appeared one after another. "I said, God, why don’t you really go back and miss you?"
"Fantasy is so big that I want to walk around."
"Stop it. I’m serious."
"I don’t like serious people? I’m serious, too. "Paused, Qian Cheng continued," Acacia to ashes, urban construction is on the right track, and fighting wages are specially managed, followed up, organized activities, songs and peach blossom life skills. They can practice everything step by step, but it’s the same whether I’m here or not, but you’re different. Those people don’t care if you can beat a group of people by yourself. It’s too dangerous. "
"So I’ve thought about it. Acacia can’t cover you and I can cover you!"
Time clung to the words, and the atmosphere couldn’t breathe out of the unknown. The words blew in her ear like clusters of fireworks on the river on New Year’s Eve.
It made her dizzy. It must be a dream …
Time in the mind want to be her meaning said exports and heard Qian Cheng there laughing become angry from embarrassment time blurted out "smile wool is not funny, ok! Hum, I hung up! "
With that, she hung up.
Qian Cheng is very happy, and she is also very happy. Today is really a sunny day.
The next day, when the light was unknown, she was invited to the team.
[Team] [Streamer] Are you serious? Today, my value has gone up again. You died a terrible death walking with me.
[Team] [Unknown] Uh-huh, you need a bodyguard more, like me.
[Team] [Streamer] Do your guild members know that you are so ashamed?
[Team] [Unknown] Is it wrong for me to protect girls? Is it shameful? No, you can’t belittle yourself. Girls should respect themselves and love themselves. This is the most basic thing.
Time vomiting blood can let him go.
In the morning, the number of online people is the least. Night cats and ordinary players are still asleep or half awake and half asleep. There are early birds, but there are also a few who can’t even form a pair and shout on the world channel every three to five times. =1 Information feels distressed.
Liuguang took advantage of the early return to the main city messenger to get the medicine.
The younger sister next to her kept glancing at her and quietly tipped off her relatives and friends. "I saw that the streamer was here in Akamatsu City. Is it 550,000 gold to drive her out?" See a kill once have 1 gold? "
Liu Mo didn’t notice the bad eyes of the people next to her. She didn’t change her look. She took the package Elena sent her and hurried out of the city.
Sister also quickly followed
Out of Chisong City, she walked all the way to the northwest. After passing through three maps, the fourth one was the 555-level map, Jinfeng Grassland.
There are several strange things in the strong breeze grassland. There are many refresh rates and fast experiences. However, the grassland will be refreshed at regular intervals and the elite boss will be successfully pushed to get a 55-level purple equipment.
My sister is scared all the way. It’s the shortest distance to follow the streamer. On the way, she crossed several strange areas. Looking at the red and strange from a distance, she was afraid of going through mass graves!
The wind is blowing and the dead branches are burning, and the tombstone sister can’t help but regret walking more carefully, for fear of stepping on a dead branch and making a noise to attract strange or streamer attention.
This move slowed down the speed.
Then she fell into the mobster’s encirclement.
[Team] [Su Shu] Benben, where are you now? You haven’t lost the streamer, have you?
[Team] [Stupid or not] I am good! ! ! ! I haven’t lost anyone, but it’s so scary here! ! ! How strange! ! ! to be continued
I’ll tell you a secret
Stupid or not, close your eyes and dance around, but you don’t feel any pain. Opening your eyes carefully only to see the target being followed by her, holding the shield and pike in front of her is like a protector’s attitude.

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