The prisoner player is holding a stone knife to record everything he sees. One stone is called grass beside the nest, two stones are called yellow soil, and three stones are called white leafy plants.

The first and fifth materials are crushed.
The second and seventh materials are baked.
The third and ninth materials are sintered into powder.
The fourth and nineteenth materials …
A total of five nutrient solutions were configured back and forth … There was no way to run out of materials.
After thinking about it, Lin was afraid that he was hiding in the dark and peeping and didn’t believe this nutrient solution formula. He was still cooking fish and made his own chopsticks and moved and said, "He is a bear! Eat a nutrient solution pad before cooking! "
So Lin just configured nutrient solution into his mouth.
Then quietly wait for the fish to cook … After eating the fish forest, you are ready to leave.
Lin cleaned up his homemade tableware. He didn’t clean up the remaining nutrient solution materials or the homemade simple balance … It was very enjoyable.
When the figure of Lin disappeared into the eyes of the prisoner player, the prisoner player immediately jumped out of the hiding place and rushed to the place where the forest was equipped with nutrient solution like the wind, and put away the materials left over from the forest, the simple balance and the stones left over from the forest as balance weights.
It was confirmed that there were no prisoners left before the players looked at Lin’s departure direction and sighed, "I didn’t expect my luck to touch such a np!" "
Prisoner players take these things and go straight back to their cabins without even thinking about dinner.
At this time, Lin slipped back, and there were several herbs in his mouth, while chewing carefully and listening to the movement in the cabin.
For a long time, Lin confirmed that the prisoner player really remembered his nutrient solution formula before leaving this place.
When I left Lin’s mouth, I whispered, "One savior is np, and now this player hopes that the two of them can broadcast this nutrient solution formula to a large scale … not enough for more np and players to know how to configure this nutrient solution!"
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two A group of prisoners!
A savior, a prisoner and a player both got the same nutrient solution formula.
Courtesy is either rape or theft … It may be nothing for ordinary people to get benefits for no reason, but most of the people here are heinous criminals. These criminals will not trust another criminal easily, and they will never trust another criminal.
Lin chose to let the prisoner "steal" the nutrient solution formula, not to mention that the prisoner absolutely believed that what he stole would not be fake … The fact is that it is not fake, but it is really a bit too much.
The savior is not the same as the savior. The savior saved Lin once. When he met Lin for the second time, he could kill the savior, but he didn’t … The savior naturally wouldn’t doubt Lin’s attempt to give him a nutrient solution formula.
Don’t say that the prisoner player stole this nutrient solution formula, but it was a formula with auxiliary nutrient solution … Suolin ate one in front of the prisoner player, and then found the auxiliary medicine to relieve the nutrient solution.
Where did you learn this?
Lin Keke spent a long time with Dr. Bayrou and studied poison for many years … The formula of nutrient solution is really true, but it is a little too much for people to detect. Unless you have a deep study of botany, mineralogy and biology, you can’t find it.
This is the power of knowledge!
Technology is destroying its power, and it is always so horrible that creators will be afraid.
Technology is beneficial to mankind, and unless there is money to make, very few people will always benefit.
Downstream, and I really touched a lot of people along the way
You can meet one or a group of people almost every two or three days.
Both players and np have it, and what Lin has done is to’ grant’ his own nutrient solution formula by various means.
But neither the player nor the np department are men, and they have never met a woman.
At the same time, Lin also found dozens of prisons again, all of which are naturally male prisons, and none of them are female prisons.
Lin finally saw a group of women when he was about to reach the end of the river … Not only women, but also many men in this group, totaling 56!
Fifty-six prisoners are all white, and the variation degree is 100%, even the hair, eyebrows and beard are completely albino.
This is a group of murderers!
Even if Lin didn’t have eyes to see, he felt it by feeling. It was like sweeping through with a dark edge. All of them were terrible masters. They were definitely the kind of game that could kill Wang Lika.
"What a horrible feeling! They are all masters of the master without exception! "
One or two Lin himself can deal with it.
Three or four Nalin can run … Of course, this is a mutation in the other side and there is no mutation in itself. If the other side has no mutation, then there should be no problem in dealing with three or four at once.
Suolin didn’t show up when he found this group of people. He dared not go near to eavesdrop on their big conversation, but chose to hide in a place and wait for them to get close to himself and pass by to listen to their conversation.
Lin is downstream and this group of people are upstream!
"After albino mutation … how did they do it?"
"Up to now, I have seen hundreds of prisoners, but I have never seen the albino mutation, and now I have seen 56 at once."
Albino mutation must eat mutant white meat and be a long-term stable food.
"Carrying a cloth bag … why didn’t I think of leaving some quilts and prisoners’ clothes!"
Lin looked at these people’s personal integrity, but they were stained with a little blood clothes. Look at themselves now. This set of clothes is getting worse and worse. Weeds weave straw sandals and rattan to make backpacks … Even a wise man sometimes nods. Every wise man is different.
"metal knife!"

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