He said he had enough to eat, and he told me that I would give him a monkey and an elephant. He also said that you said that the monkey was just returned. I have never seen anything like it, but I heard that it is available in Naman. "

Cao Cao looked at Feng Zhang with a depressed face and patted his forehead sadly.
Feng Zhang has been laughing his head off, suffering from Dian Wei, and now someone else can finally understand.
"Master, I think it was Dian Wei who misunderstood the saying of’ worshipping the relatives’. Although this person is intelligent as a child, it is precisely because of this that he will be loyal and forbidden to belong. Congratulations to the master on this general."
Feng Zhang also smiled and bowed to Cao Cao, who groaned. "That’s the best. Just now, I said it in vernacular for a long time and it made me almost crazy. I’ve always been the craziest. Where did you know that it was worse … Alas?"
"Thank you, Master!"
"Also praise! Oh, my God, who are these people? "Cao Cao held his head in his hands." Ouch, my head is so sore by you two. Leave me alone. "
Is this Cao Cao headache caused by Zhang Feng’s anger?
Section 45 Forgive
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Feng Zhang was driven out by Cao Cao, but he saw a lot of rebels in the north corner of the barracks bringing fifty riders around him. I wonder if there was a conflict? These are all our own people
Suddenly, I remembered that the fifty riders who were dragged into the camp by Cao Cao followed themselves in but didn’t get a step action instruction, so they huddled in a corner of the barracks, holding the reins and neatly forming a small phalanx. People didn’t say a word, and the sophisticated equipment quickly attracted the attention of rebel soldiers.
The cavalry brought by the rebel army and Feng Zhang are very easy to recognize. The rebel army is dressed in cloth and doesn’t even have leather armor. The cavalry is even more pitiful. Compared with these tattered rebels, the cavalry in Feng Zhang is like aristocratic soldiers. Although there is no helmet, adding shiny silver lances is enough for the rebel soldiers to be greedy for most of their lives.
Feng Zhang was busy rushing past to see a rebel soldier, a man with a long appearance, and a cavalry man with a long provocation. "Why don’t you talk, brother?" Is it better equipped to look down on us with horses? "
Why did the cavalry glance sideways at his mouth and finally said nothing?
The biggest mass problem of China people is blindly following the excitement. It is necessary to look at it and coax it. It is necessary to start seeing this cavalry, and the rebel army provoked it. Soon, some of the rebels followed suit.
In the team, Xia Houyi and Li Dian were among them. They also saw Feng Zhang running over. They looked coldly and said that some of them were different from ordinary people and acted crazy. How to deal with this?
Feng Zhang took a look at the small corners of his mouth before he was busy, and pulled the rebel Nashi long by Feng Zhang. See clearly that the bearer himself did not know a general, and then he swore "Niang Xipi! What are you doing with your dad when you are full of snacks? "
For some people, it’s not good to scold yourself, but it’s not good to scold your relatives and friends. Feng Zhang happens to be such a person, but some things must be distinguished. He has a cold eye and a long eye, and his eyes are bright and handsome. Wow, there is a beautiful armor like metal
"I said the little elder brother you grow Xiu Xiu gas is which male? Come to be a soldier? Fighting is not fun. I advise you to go home and hide in your mother’s arms and eat milk? "
Everyone burst into laughter.
Feng Zhang is the main road. "All soldiers are disbanded on the spot and must not be away from the military camp."
Fifty cavalry came crashing "well" neatly, and then they tied the horses together and sat together in a proper way, because they were not in their own place, and they would not camp around.
All the rebel soldiers realized that Feng Zhang, the little doll, was actually the head of these well-equipped and well-trained cavalry. Some clever points have slipped away quietly. I wonder if these people will find themselves in trouble just now.
Feng Zhang’s business has been finished, and he dragged the foul language to the ground just now. This Chinese collar is stronger than Feng Zhang. Feng Zhang, a seemingly "delicate" little doll, has no strength to grasp it in his hand. Like a dead fish, his feet are kicking around and waving his hands to try to dial the hand holding his collar. The screaming in his mouth has attracted more people, and even Cao Cao and other generals have heard it coming.
Seeing that Cao Cao and Feng Zhang threw the fellow to the ground and knelt down, he said, "Master Jian, this person insulted Feng’s parents and asked Master Feng to dispose of this Lao according to military law."
When the commander saw Cao Cao, he hurriedly fell to the ground.
Cao Cao’s face was slightly awkward. "It’s because the law on the establishment of the army at the beginning of the rebel army has not yet been promulgated …"
While watching the lively summer and primm, they gesticulated in Cao Cao’s ear for half a day.
"In that case, please ask your master to agree to a fair duel. The winner lives and dies!"
It is a felony for everyone to make a big noise and openly fight privately in the military camp. Although Feng Zhang asked Cao Cao to promise, isn’t this a disguised form to pull him out?
Cao Cao’s military law is not strict, but he has nodded along with Feng Zhang’s meaning.
I wish there was a good show, and everyone was excited and shouted to give up a piece of land, so that Cao Cao was very careless and sat coldly in the chair moved by Cao Hong. People were all around him to see Huang Xu and Wen Pin behind Feng Zhang.
This is not a good sign. Is Cao suspicious and worried about Feng Zhang’s cliques? Feng Zhang looked back and said to Huang and Wen, and they suddenly realized that they were in a panic and ran to the side of Cao Cao’s people.
Cao Cao saw it in his eyes and secretly praised Cong for knowing what I didn’t like the most! There is also a smile in my eyes, which dilutes the negative emotions caused by lax military discipline.
"Weapons you choose step war horse you choose deathless endlessly! Just now you polluted Feng Zhang’s parents because of military law to keep you alive today. "
That what long now which meeting I don’t know who Feng Zhang is! Breaking the yellow turban insurrectionary and making hundreds of thousands of Puyang orders, the fierce eyes in the chaotic army will be stared at, and the dead will be easily killed by a spell. Of course, this is what others say, and he doesn’t know what is going on.
I hope this person is not used to horse fighting! The commander held the last glimmer of hope in his heart. The ancients were uncompromising in their barracks. He didn’t fantasize about begging for surrender, but there was a way out.
"I choose the horse fight" and I regretted it as soon as I exported it. I saw that Feng Zhang took a horse from the Ministry, and the horse had a strange thing hanging on its left foot, so it was easy to go. And … it was a square painting halberd in both hands!
At the top of everyone’s lungs, two people screamed with oil to blow through the north wind. Although the cooling couldn’t suppress their enthusiasm at all, most of them were Feng Zhang. Come on. Although he looks white and clean, just now the horse was so beautiful that it could make Fang Tianhua Ji, a long weapon, a young hero!
On the other hand, the length of the horse has lost a lot of popularity. It looks ordinary, but it is also broken. It is also necessary to control the horse with one hand and hold the ring knife with one hand. The horse has not been obedient and circled in place … Gradually no one cheered him on.
Feng Zhang left and right that fellow just don’t come, don’t have to wait until Dong Zhuo died of old age?
They gradually booed some impatient shouting and cursing, and even Huang Xu and Wen Pin became agitated. If Cao Cao was not sitting in front of them, they would have taken off their clothes and drowned them in the water …
Even when Feng Zhang was impatient, suddenly, a new man suddenly appeared, and even Cao Cao opened his eyes. First, he pretended to confuse his opponent and pretended not to be good at riding, and then he attacked while his opponent was lax … The idea was good. Presumably, this person also had some things, but it was a pity that he would die in Feng Zhang’s hands.

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