After he finished, he asked, "Little brother, how on earth did you practice this earth-shattering swordsmanship?"

Qi Yufeng saw that he didn’t ask his name and asked Kung Fu first. Naturally, he was very curious about his swordsmanship. He immediately smiled shyly. "I have a special skill in making swords …"
Chapter 26 One man is a thousand men.
Seeing that the three men had sent the postscript cloud down, the monk in gray came over and raised his hand, took out a blue leather book and asked Qi Yufeng, "Why are you here?"
When Qi Yufeng looked up, he saw the old monk standing in his eyes. The four shooters were holding their own "The Secret of Xuangong". It turned out that he had just cast his flying skill and dropped it to the ground without checking it. When he saw this monk in gray, he couldn’t help wondering if this was Peng Yingyu Peng.
He said, "This is really a gift from a relative of mine. At present, her party is in the nearby mountain. Dare you ask Master … Is it Master Peng Yingyu Peng?"
The monk smiled and shook his head. "This is hard."
The man in white with a gun beside him laughed. "He is a cloth bag monk, and I am Peng Yingyu. Thank you, my little brother, for helping to protect Germany. It’s unforgettable. If it weren’t for you, all five people would have sunk."
Qi Yufeng heard that these five people were actually famous for teaching five scattered people. He was immediately surprised and his heart was full of joy. He quickly bent over and saluted, "But I don’t know if it is to teach five scattered people to meet Richie’s imperial wind. I hope you will forgive me."
The fat man sitting on the ground in black has already had the strength to hear this, but he can’t help but exclaim, "People are dying. You have to bathe, burn incense, quit fasting and change clothes before you come to see us. Small swordsmanship is good, but it’s also hypocritical!"
Qi Yufeng ha ha smiled. "Is this Master Zhou?"
The man in black said, "Yes, I am the last person in the five-person group. Thank you for saving me today."
Immediately, it was hard to help the blue robe guest Zhou Dian Qi Yufeng to introduce that two people in white used guns. One of them was the Shanzu of the South Red Scarf Army in Peng Yingyu, who assisted the Xu Shouhui Empire. Tianwan was the most famous and had the most meritorious military service among the five scattered people.
The other sword-maker is Duan Gong’s teacher Leng Qian, who is in charge of teaching and is respected by Zhang Ji, leading the four schools of heaven and earth.
The man who rescued Zhou Dian before and then fought for his life and was told by the cloth bag monk that he could not be saved back to the blue robe was Zhang Zhong, a Taoist priest with iron crown.
At first glance, Qi Yufeng saw that many familiar names bowed their hands one by one, and be in heaven, Zhou Dian and Peng Yingyu also came to talk to him. Only Leng Qian and Zhang Zhongping didn’t say much, but nodded slightly with a smile.
A few people talked for a moment and listened to Ma Si outside the fire. He was cold and modest and changed his face. "Go!"
They were also slightly surprised and nodded immediately. Zhou Dian, Leng Qian and Qi Yufeng, armed with Zhang Zhong and Peng Yingyu, were hard to take on. After that, they tied up the L ‘envoi Tuoyun’s hands with a rope and walked along the fire toward the mountain.
Just now, except for Zhou Dian and Zhang Zhong who were seriously injured, the other three people were in good condition. They were short of cold modesty and sprinted while running. It was too big to hinder Zhou Dian from bleeding in the chest, but they couldn’t help sighing slightly when they saw his scar.
Just now, the fierce battle was short, but it was tragic and abnormal. At this time, the night will attack and shine like a nose hell.
Seeing the pile of corpses like a mountain of blood, even if the fire is fierce, the burning smell can’t hide the bloody smell here, especially the dozen monks killed by Qi Yufeng, who died with their swords in their throats and eyes wide open.
They couldn’t help but be glad to see such horror as they walked. This death is not to look at Qi Yufeng’s eyes more awe-inspiring.
Peng Yingyu suddenly stopped for half a mile and looked back. "I’m afraid I can’t walk today."
They heard that the thunder had a charger moving slowly, and it was also a shock to my heart. Qi Yufeng said, "Isn’t this old thief a Yuan court official? Still can’t manage these officers and men? "
Peng Yingyu saw the colophon Tuoyun and said nothing with a sneer on his face. He immediately said, "You can take it one step at a time."
Not for a moment, the crowd had not waited for the mountain to come to see a whistle in front to detain the thunderous horseshoe sound. At that time, the horses and horses came all over the place and killed a tiger.
A general rushed to the crowd with a gun and suddenly drank a bow, an arrow and a sharp shot.
However, I saw a long sword in the crowd bursting into a cold mountain and circling around "whoosh". A long arrow came back and stabbed the general’s thigh. He nailed him to the horse without rest. The horse ate pain and kicked and shouted loudly. The general managed to hold his ground and couldn’t help but look in the direction where the long arrow came. He saw a man standing in the breeze with a snow-white sword in his hand and cried, "It’s you!"
Qi Yufeng smiled. "Yes, Naha, we meet again."
Naha looked uncertain and sneered, "If you are a hero, don’t run away today!"
Qi Yufeng grabbed Po Tuo Yun in front of him and cried, "If you take the previous step, I will kill your big company and bleed you today!"
Naha hesitated for a moment and said, "I’m waiting for the army to die quickly, so don’t try to fight like a trapped beast!" "
Peng Yingyu laughed. "Naha, if I die today, I can kill you first. Do you believe it?" If he is commanding and imposing, Lei Zhen will drink a lot and everyone will be silent.
Naha came out to see the colophon Tuoyun’s disheveled clothes, and his face was as white as paper. Obviously, he was not slightly injured, while Qi Yufeng and others across the street were all first-class masters, and many good players also died in these six people’s hands. At that time, he felt chaotic and dared not touch, but he thought about it but didn’t have an idea.
Qi Yufeng Sanwu people are also silently staring at the opposite gun halberd, such as Lin Diao bow and full moon, and Qi Yufeng’s sword in his hand is cold and cold.

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