Liu Aniu doesn’t do anything to keep these people’s reactions in mind silently. The owner is so kind and grateful that he should keep a good eye on those who are ungrateful and malicious.

Zhang Qiusheng’s daughter * * * * * also lives outside, and she doesn’t want to hear anything. Look, she will see Liu A Niu living in the next courtyard with several families and watching the fun.
Such a beautiful and charming little girl naturally attracts everyone’s attention. In front of the village head, Ba epigenetic is Zhao Pingshun, the second son of Zhao Wufu’s family. When she sees such a beautiful little girl, she stares straight at others and her eyes are almost falling out. * * * * * The ideal object in her heart is Zhao Erhu, who is handsome and rich. Where can I see Zhao Pingshun, who is so poor and timid, and glared at Zhao Pingshun in disgust?
"What are you looking at? Look at it again and gouge your eyes out!" * * * * * fully said.
Zhao Pingshun was scolded, but he didn’t care. Instead, he was crossed, but he was afraid that the wind would get angry and didn’t stare at * * * * * * as before, but he peeked at * * * * * from time to time.
After * * * * * left Zhao Pingshun, he hurriedly inquired about * * * * * * who knows that * * * * * is the only daughter of the carpenter, Zhao Pingshun, who is valued by his wife. He is a little more thoughtful and beautiful, not to mention his good family background. At least, it is one by one compared with their poor family. If there are too many benefits to marry * * * * * *, it will make people tempted to think about it.
Can Yu * * * * * see him? Zhao Pingshun said that it’s a matter of time. Even a wife and widower like Zhao Erhu can have such a big fortune as Kaya Hioki today. God knows if * * * * * is that Zhao Pingshun doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with a toad wanting to eat swan meat. It’s okay for Zhang Qiusheng to consider having a daughter and he’s adopted by wife. Anyway, he’s not known at home.
* * * * * is also a naive natural guess that Zhao Pingshun has such a mind. At first, he hated Zhao Pingshun. When he saw Zhao Pingshun, he glared at Zhao Pingshun, but he was chased by * * * * * and scolded by * * * * and smiled. He didn’t complain at all. * * * * After all, he was a little girl. Although he didn’t like Zhao Pingshun, he enjoyed the feeling of being chased and held in his hand. Sometimes he was bossy.
It took Zhang Qiusheng a long time to know from other people’s gossip that his daughter and Zhao Pingshun often go together. Zhang Qiusheng looks at people better than * * * * * * and he thinks that Zhao Pingshun is not a good person who cares about his daughter and forbids them to get along more. It happened that * * * * * refused to listen to him and regretted what happened later. No, this is another story.
"Daughter-in-law, what are you drawing with drawings?" As soon as Zhao Erhu entered the room, he saw that Lin Yue took a thin carbon strip and painted it on the paper. He was so absorbed that he accidentally got carbon on his face. It was like a Xiaohua Mall. Zhao Erhu tickled his heart and walked over to spoil and rubbed his head. This is Zhao Erhu’s old habit. Every time Lin Yue was touched by Zhao Erhu, he felt like a pet.
Lin Yue’s painting is almost finished, and Zhao Erhu didn’t dislike it. She disturbed her to show Zhao Erhu the table drawings. "Let’s see how I draw them. Are these patterns familiar?"
"Daughter-in-law, how can I look at you drawing these patterns like those of the foreign vassal? Isn’t the box I brought back for you just a painting with some similar patterns, but your daughter-in-law painting is much more exquisite and beautiful than that of the foreign vassal? What are you going to do with these paintings?"
I have to say that Zhao Erhu knows his daughter-in-law very well. When Lin Yue painted these, he knew that there must be a purpose. He just hasn’t guessed it yet, but he can’t get away from things with foreign vassals
"Can you guess?" Lin Yue is deliberately selling it to make Zhao Erhu look full of naughty colors.
Zhao Erhu saw that kannika nimtragol was really in a good mood and tried to say his guess, "Are you going to paint it and sell it?"
"Good guess. It seems that Zhao Erhu is getting to know me better and better. I have seen all the things you brought back from Waifan. In fact, some things are not very good in quality. It is not as good as our own cooking. For example, the fragrant pancreatic root is not as good as what our family has done. However, in our Zhou Dynasty, many aristocratic ladies thought that it would be good to get it back from the outside, so it is better for us to bring it back. But it happened that the fragrant pancreatic brought back from Waifan is more expensive than our family. This is a kind of foreign worship psychology, although it is very undesirable.
Although Zhao Erhu is not too white to worship foreigners, the word Lin Yue speaks roughly. He can be valued by Hou Shi in the north of the town. Zhao Erhu is not a fool. Lin Yue said it and immediately understood Lin Yue’s meaning. "Daughter-in-law, do you want to make these things yourself and make them like western vendors and then take them to the shop to sell?"
"Good is such a meaning Zhao Erhu you are too clever! I painted these just to make the pattern on the soap mold, and then changed the box into white paint color, which is also designed in the western style. Who can say that my things are not from the west but also high-grade goods from the west when you name them? "
"Speaking of this box, it has also reduced the cost of making a fragrant pancreatic box in the West, that is, the general wood surface is painted with a layer of paint. Now we are all good wood. Now we can make a fortune just by changing this end. For example, there are good things and bad things in the West, such as pocket watches. No one in the Zhou Dynasty can imitate this skill. Unless the skills in this field improve, some things, such as fragrant pancreatic juice, are still better for us."
"Do we all have to make western products to sell that daughter-in-law’s fragrant pancreas?"
"Of course, it’s not that we have a vision in the Zhou Dynasty, or is there something that everyone is so superficial that we can tell the difference between good and bad? Now we are divided into two parts to sit in the contact shop and leave it to you. I’m not familiar with Hou Shi in Zhenbei. 58 Chapter 58
Speaking of being left alone by the emperor at this time of Houshi in the north of the town, Feng Yinan is puzzled by what it means to be left alone by the emperor. Recently, he has not been assigned any job. I really can’t figure out what it is for the emperor to leave him. If he and the emperor are not close in these years, otherwise he wouldn’t be in that position in the house. It is not easy to have today by relying on him for so long.
"I wonder if the emperor left me alone on purpose?" Feng Yinan smiled and said to the eunuch around the emperor that naturally he did not forget to stuff the sachet with the silver ticket.
The old eunuch pinched the fragrant bag in his hand, but it was a smile. Although I don’t know if the emperor left Houshi in the north of the town, it didn’t prevent him from ordering a few words. "The master’s mind is not something that we slaves can guess, but the old slave is still in a good mood. It shouldn’t be a bad thing. I don’t have to worry too much."
"Thank you, my father-in-law." Feng Yinan bowed his hand and thanked the old eunuch, thinking that silver was indeed a good thing. With the old eunuch’s words, he was also steadfast in his heart.
"I see the emperor"
"Cousin, get up. We are first cousins. No outsiders need to be so formal in private again." Huang Fujing said with a smile, which was cordial and kind.
If Feng Yinan really condescends in his heart, even the emperor will blame him for not being polite. The emperor’s mind has always been so profound, but he replied sincerely and faithfully, "I don’t know if the emperor wants me to stay, but I have something to ask?"
"It’s nothing. I went to Yongshou Palace yesterday to listen to my mother’s cousin saying that she is not young, but she hasn’t been taken care of by someone who knows how to be cold and warm, and she thinks of her cousin when you are young. The queen mother is very sad that I can’t bear to care for her mother so much." Huang Fujing said that in fact, the queen mother didn’t remember that he was the first Feng Yinan who performed well recently, which led the topic to this side. Now she says to Feng Yinan, but it is another set of rhetoric, which seems to be true filial piety before leaving him to ask questions.
Feng Yinan naturally doesn’t know the twists and turns in this, and I don’t know what the emperor played to show loyalty. "I care about the Empress Dowager, and I care about whether I have been married alone for so many years. I hope I can find a woman who wants to help each other and live a quiet and stable life."
In fact, Feng Yinan is really sorry about getting married. Since the emperor has asked, he can’t perfunctory and fool the past at will. He has to come up with some ideas. His expression means that he won’t get a girl in the halls. He is going to find a gentle and elegant wife who doesn’t show up at his mother’s house. The emperor doesn’t have to worry about pulling gangs with other expensive or aristocratic families. After listening to him, he said that he would find a woman to be his wife.
Huang Fujing’s move to Feng Yinan is not here, so naturally he won’t hold on to it and let go easily. "I’d like to keep a match for my cousin. Since my cousin thinks so, it’s really not much. It’s because you’re not young, you have to pay close attention to your marriage. You have several other people at your age."
"I’m sure I’ll pay close attention to it." Feng Yinan listened to the emperor’s words, and then he relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the emperor didn’t insist, otherwise he would have knelt down and thanked him. Although he didn’t expect his stepmother, he still wanted to choose a suitable one. At the very least, he wouldn’t be too cruel. He would definitely not marry back like his stepmother. Secondly, he would try to solve the problem of being gentle and obedient. Of course, it would be better if he could cook well and cook all kinds of delicious food like Zhao Erhu’s wife.
"I recently heard that my cousin is doing sea business?" Huangfujing silence for a while after seems to be inadvertently asked
Feng Yinan’s heart is tight. This is why the emperor called him today. The main reason is that he doesn’t know who told the emperor about his business in the sea, or that the emperor planted it in Houfu, north of the town, and found out whether it was right or wrong. He had to cheer up and answer it, otherwise he would be in great trouble if he was not careful.
"Back to the emperor, I made something in the shop outside San Francisco to sell, but I didn’t start such a business until I was nervous about money. I didn’t expect the profit to be quite large." Since the emperor had a heart to ask, he must have explored it. He naturally couldn’t hide anything.
"oh? I’m very interested. I don’t know how big Ai Qing said the profit was? "
"This is the first time for me to do such a business. Because I don’t have much money, the goods I bought are limited. This time I went out to sea and earned more than 100,000 yuan. It’s really a profiteering business. It’s no wonder that some people are willing to risk their lives to go out to sea to do business." Feng Yinan deliberately said that going out to sea is so dangerous. In fact, it is necessary to have skilled boatmen and command them properly. Generally, there will be no great danger except bad luck. After all, the weather in the sea is changeable and nothing is lost.
So far, it means that he and Zhao Erhu know or Zhao Erhu will tell this to his daughter-in-law. He thinks that Erhu’s daughter-in-law is so transparent that he won’t say much, and even Xiaojin here is not very clear about how much silver he has earned this time. So it is certain that the emperor can’t find out how much money he has earned. Don’t tell the truth. First of all, he doesn’t want the emperor to know about the violence here and pay attention to this business. However, the answer can’t be far from the reality. I’m sure that the emperor can know what he has earned this time
Although he is a good emperor today, the wealth of a generation has not been accumulated until the first emperor lived luxuriously and repaired the palace treasury, so there is not much money. This year, the blizzard treasury allocated money for disaster relief, and the money will be very tight, so this idea will be played.
But how did he answer that the emperor had to talk to Zhao Erhu later? It was Zhao Erhu who didn’t know the situation and let it slip.
Rao Huang Fujing was still attracted by the huge profits from going out to sea to do business. You can earn so much silver if you go out to sea. If it’s 59, chapter 59.

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