When 200 people have recovered, the monster is still in sight.

"honey, what is this?"
Sun Sheng is also wondering if he didn’t dispute with the glass. The dear general in his words thought about the matter from making a snowman to being driven out of the canyon. Sun Sheng had some ideas and looked at the water on the ground again. Sun Sheng affirmed his thoughts.
"Someone has to go to that pool of water to summon the monster." After a pause, Sun Sheng added, "Pets should be ok."
After listening to Sun Sheng’s explanation of the glass, a player led a rabbit to come over and walk to Sun Sheng and the glass. After that, the player stopped and the rabbit continued to walk forward.
Sure enough, soon after the rabbit entered the water trail, the pool of water froze into ice, and then the iceberg keeper got up from the ground
The glass looked at the monster with a serious look. When the monster attribute appeared, the glass raised its hand and fell. Two hundred people fired at the guards, and then sixty people rushed over and fought with the monster.
I have to say that this monster is very powerful. It lasted for ten minutes after two hundred attacks, and it lost forty or fifty people to the lion-awakening side. But in the end, it was worn to death by the lion-awakening players who had an absolute advantage in number. Even if each attack could kill it at ten o’clock, the two hundred attacks would add up to more than two thousand lives. Theoretically, it would take more than fifty attacks, but this monster’s defense was significantly higher later, and each person could kill him at most five or six lives. Sometimes, a little monster persisted for so long.
When the monster fell to the ground, Sun Sheng was the first to rush to the monster and examine its body to see what good things it had exploded.
"skills?" It’s not Sun Sheng who wants to see the power attribute equipment, which makes him a little disappointed.
Blasting (instant) consumes 2 points of life. Selecting an attribute for blasting is that the attribute (including equipment attribute) is cooled for 24 hours at a height of 2 seconds and 3%.
Sun Sheng was stunned at first sight, and then he was overjoyed. If he learned this, it would be much easier for him to save enough strength to make a great hoop. He needed 25 strength to make this skill, and then he could make a great hoop, although it was cool enough to have 20 seconds.
In addition, Sun Sheng also found a strange weapon, which looks like a knight’s gun of medieval western ranger, but it is much smaller, and it is also one meter from beginning to end. Sun Sheng didn’t see it before because its material is transparent to ice crystals and mixed in the scattered ice after the gatekeeper fell to the ground, which is very inconspicuous.
At this time, the glass also came over and said to Sun Sheng, "Oh, dear, what good things have you found? Don’t lie to me. I saw your face as excited as taking an aphrodisiac."
A black line suddenly appeared on Sun Sheng’s forehead. Is this glass intentional or intentional? Idioms can come to such a point that they are too lazy to care about it with him (care about it for a few times with little effect). Sun Sheng looked up and said, "One skill and one weapon give you skills." He threw the knight gun at the glass.
Glass took the knight’s gun and exclaimed, "Oh, what a beautiful gun, dear. Are you really going to give it to me?" This is a fairy. "
"Fairy?" Sun Sheng knew that he couldn’t see the gun. It must be a good thing. I didn’t expect that this glass could be seen at a glance, but the so-called fairy device was nothing for himself. "I don’t want this skill."
"God bless you, dear. You are so generous."
"What reward did you get for killing it?" Sun Sheng said that you didn’t do it when you dealt with the iceberg keeper just now. That’s why you didn’t take credit for not waking up the lion.
"Ha ha, we got a guild reward, and all the members of the Lion Dance Club have an attribute increase of 5%. In addition, the guild is expected to increase by 1." Glass is also very excited. No wonder the reward given to them is really rich. If the guild wants to upgrade, it is the decisive factor. With this 10,000-point hope, the lion dance club will be able to expand its enrollment, and the strength of the Lion Dance Club will definitely increase by more than one grade.
"Well, congratulations. If it’s okay, I’m leaving."
"I hope we can meet again." Sun Sheng held out his hand to hold a hug before the glass.
"I’m not used to hugging men," explained Sun Sheng, making the glass laugh.
Saying goodbye to the lion-rouser, Sun Sheng continued to head for the valley, while the lion-rouser chose to return to the city.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Prepare for war
It didn’t take long to walk along the canyon, and then Sun Sheng directly returned to the bamboo forest. As soon as he got to the bamboo forest, Sun Sheng sent a message to the cat demon telling him that the country was going to war, and then he returned to the city and sent it to Pangu Dragon City.
Find Li Fang Sun Sheng and take out the pieces of black equipment that Black Dragon gave him.
"You found something good again so soon?"
Sun Sheng laughed. "Good things are hard to find. I almost lost my life."
"Nothing ventured normally, nothing gained"
There is no one in the shop now, so Li Fang directly identified three pieces of equipment.
Death sickle (level 5 fairy death suit) sensitivity +11 spirit +5 wisdom +511% chance to slow down the target by 3% for 5 seconds; Durable 1/1; No trading, no dropping and no stealing after equipment.
Cloak of Death (level 5 fairy death suit) Power +125+Wisdom +1 equipped with shielding reconnaissance; Durable 1/1; No trading, no dropping and no stealing after equipment.
Death Boot (level 5 fairy death suit) Strength +5 body +77 sensitivity +77 reduces damage by 5% when hit; Durable 1/1; No trading, no dropping and no stealing after equipment.
It’s a good thing, and it happens that Sun Sheng needs the power attribute bonus value most now, and there are quite a few, a total of 175 power attributes plus 49 power points for himself. Now there are 16 points left from the equipment to make the power requirement of the golden hoop. You can just find two pieces of equipment and save it. The thought that you can wield the golden hoop down a peg or two makes Sun Sheng excited!
Sun Sheng is even more happy to wear these three pieces of equipment, because there are two sets of attributes, namely, strength increased by 1 point and casting speed increased by 2%. When the staff of death is not equipped, the high casting speed set attribute is gone, but the strength attribute remains. This set is simply customized for the golden hoop!
And Li Fangdao Xie Sun Shengfei rushed to the Zhang Jiucheng blacksmith’s shop. It took a lot of effort and a lot of breath to get back the golden cudgel from Zhang Jiucheng, and then sent it to the iron and blood headquarters by sending troops.
The Cat Demon has already gathered all the top leaders who can gather together to discuss the upcoming national war. In fact, the news that the national war is about to start has been shown to all gang leaders, even if Sun Sheng doesn’t wake up, the Cat Demon knows.
Sun Sheng saw that since they discussed this problem, they stopped interrupting and found a seat to drink tea.
As a result of the discussion, Iron Blood wanted to announce this to the public as the first gang in China, so as to enhance its popularity and send gang members to monitor a country that was most displeased with China.

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