Before Chu Yun left, Xiaozhu quickly stopped him. "Please wait a moment …"
Chu Yun turned around and asked curiously, "Is there anything else?"
Xiao Zhuxin thanked Chu Yun for saying, "There is a fencing in my house and I want to thank Gong."
"fencing?" Chu Yun’s interest came.
"I’ll talk to dad first and he will give it to you. Anyway, we didn’t keep it …" Xiaozhu smiled slightly.
Chu Yun didn’t expect to bring two girls home with such a reward.
Xiaozhu Chu Yun came to the mayor’s side and Xiaozhu immediately became charming with Dad.
The mayor couldn’t beat his daughter and couldn’t do anything for her.
Once again, I came to the mayor’s house, and Chu Yun became more and more curious about what fencing should be worth a lot of money, right?
The mayor took out a dusty box from under the bed and breathed a sigh of relief at Chu Yun. "This is my grandfather’s accidental acquisition of a sword that is powerful enough to make people tremble, but for our town people, I will give it to you today as a gift to save my daughter …"
"Mayor, this is what I should do …" Chu Yun said modestly, but his hand had already accepted the box.
Powerful enough to make people tremble. How powerful is fencing?
Chu Yun’s curiosity became more and more serious. If he hadn’t been embarrassed to open it, he would have torn the box and checked it.
After leaving town, Chu Yun couldn’t wait to open the box, which contained a skill and two very domineering words!
【 Skill Juejian 】 Requires swordsman class occupation; This paper introduces how to develop a fast and powerful terrorist sword against the enemy in front of you, causing ordinary physical attack% damage% probability of breaking defense seconds% probability of triggering double damage% probability of triggering triple damage to cool second of time. This skill cannot be upgraded, and the skill strength must reach 2, and the attack speed must reach 2.
"…" For this skill, Chu Yun can drive himself to kill himself in one word.
100% this is waiting for terrorist damage. What is even more surprising is that there are seconds when it cools down, and there are three terrorist triggers, one of which is simply an enemy nightmare.
Unfortunately, this skill must be 2, and the attack speed must be 2, which is impossible for ordinary players to achieve in a generation.
"Oh, put your backpack." Chu Yun sighed.
"By the way, I have a chapter …" Chu Yun almost forgot that he had a chapter to go to, and he could reach it instantly. Why should he go back?
Xuanwu City is full of people crowded with several players.
"There are so many people!" Now Xuanwu City has become so crowded that Chu Yun is not used to it. After all, there was no player when he came.
During this period, Lin Weiwei Mengyao recruited nearly 100 people to the guild, which made Chu Yun almost crazy. The members were all women.
Chen Mengyao had already arrived in Xuanwu City, and Chu Yun gave her the position of president at the moment she came to join the guild.
Mengyao Lin Weiwei is very well managed because the guild will be upgraded soon.
The higher the guild level, the higher the additional attributes.
Ordinary guild physical strength +3 spirit +3 strength +3 intelligence +3
Black Iron Guild’s physical strength +1 spirit +1 strength +1 intelligence +1 liter+1% damage and monster killing experience.
Bronze Guild Physical Strength +3 Spirit +3 Strength +3 Intelligence +3 liters 3% Damage and monster killing experience
Silver Guild’s physical strength +1 spirit +1 strength +1 intelligence +1 liter+1% damage and monster killing experience.
Gold guild physical strength +2 spirit +2 strength +2 intelligence +2 liters 2% damage and monster killing experience
In order to achieve the goal that the Black Iron Guild attacks the enemy, you can add 1% damage. Say more, say less, and say less. Maybe this 1% damage will defeat you.
Although I want to meet Meng Yao in the game, the game is closed and the sound is so loud.
After the game is over, Chu Yun brushes his teeth, washes his face and eats breakfast as usual.
Because I got the hidden job and the old man’s head, Chu Yun was so excited when he was walking.
In the classroom
"How many people in the class have not left the novice village?" Wang Ying, the squad leader, talked about The King again.
As soon as the squad leader finished speaking, seven people raised their hands and looked ashamed.
These people Chu Yun knew were top students in the class.
When these people raised their hands, at least half of the students held their heads high, and finally they were proud in their eyes.
Wang Ying didn’t blame but laughed. "Come on, we can have a class meeting when our class arrives in Qinglong City."

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