Crawford scored five points in a row after the fourth quarter to equalize the score.

Spurs jamison scored 4 points in two shots, and Roger Mei Sen also hit the Spurs’ substitute array in a row. After a wave of 122, he pulled the gap by 799 in one fell swoop.
Clippers substitute once again cheated dad, except Crawford, and everyone else was invisible again.
Old Dunley Wu Nai changed two brothers before, but before the one-point difference, the two of them were also affected, and the Clippers fell into the abyss after failing to shoot continuously.
After that, the Spurs once extended their advantage to 15 points. Although Ji Guoshi and Crawford hit three-pointers in succession in the last three minutes, it was too late to win or lose the suspense.
Clippers fans can leave Staples frustrated after the game. This night doesn’t belong to them.
Ji Guoqiu scored 2 points, 1 rebound, 5 assists, 2 blocks, 2 steals, Ji Guoshame scored 22 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 block, 1 steal, Billups scored 1 point, 6 assists and Crawford scored 12 points.
Duncan scored 19 points, 13 rebounds and 2 assists, Parker scored 24 points and 1 assist, jamison scored 15 points and 7 rebounds, Ginobili scored 12 points and Roger Mei Sen scored 9 points.
"Well, we lost this game. I know many people like to watch this result, but it’s not the end for us. I like to meet tough confrontation in the playoffs. The bigger the challenge, the better this round of competition will be. The game will always be boring without challenge. Didn’t the ratings drop because there was no suspense? So we add some suspense to this round of series, and maybe a ratings will rise. "
Ji Guo was ashamed to talk to the media with a swollen face after the game.
Chapter five hundred and eleven Is no longer a little emperor
Ps’s new "I am a God-level avatar" has a similar style. Take a relaxed and humorous route and add some blood. This is the first time that a still life has tried to classify the inadequacies outside the competition. Please come out.
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The spurs finally won the first game of the western conference finals, which is not surprising. The spurs have the strength to win when they come.
The Spurs are rarely defeated by an attack wave at a certain time like the Rockets. They are stable and terrible. Even if the game falls in the wind, they can’t let their guard down until the last moment of the game. Because Parker, Ginobili, jamison and Duncan all have the ability to score continuously, they can also hit an attack wave at the right time to defeat their opponents in one fell swoop.
In this way, the Clippers were taken away by the Spurs in the third quarter. They were killed by their opponents in their own best way. After the game, their mouth shut can make a large number of neutral fans smile and see how long the dead fox can shut up.
Since the Spurs lost in the playoffs last year, they have finally been able to give the Black Clippers a hard blow. Such a carefree away victory has boosted the morale of the Spurs, which means that they will sweep the Clippers again.
* * Vicky said after the game, "We won the away game, which is equivalent to regaining the initiative for us. We don’t want to give them this advantage again. We have experienced this before."
The Spurs coach believes that Ginobili’s injury brought great help to the Spurs, and the team substitute played a key role in the second half of the game, which was inseparable from Ginobili.
Ginobili’s game data is average, but he played for 24 minutes in this game. It is very efficient to have such data. Don’t forget that his ankle has never recovered. He struggled to play with an injury in the playoffs until the end of the game. His ankle is still very sore.
Now, the only bad news for the Spurs is that Duncan was injured in the knee when he broke through against Brother Panda in the fourth quarter. However, after a little treatment, he returned to the field soon, but his performance was worse than before. Many Spurs fans worried that Duncan’s knee injury would affect his World War II.
Clippers coach Deng Liwei said after the game, "The Spurs may send a small array in the fourth quarter to learn from the Rockets, but I don’t think it’s a problem for them to play a large array or a small array. The important thing is that their role players played very well in this game. They did a very good job in our perimeter defense. Ginobili and Parker played at the crucial moment and ruined our plan. We will make some adjustments."
Although he lost the game, the confidence of Clippers players was not affected, especially Ji Guoqiu, who finally lost against Duncan today because of the sudden misfire in the third and fourth quarters, which can be attributed to bad luck.
Ji Guoqiu said, "I don’t know what went wrong in the first game, but in general, the Spurs played inextricably with us. There is nothing to panic about. If we win the first game, we need to keep that momentum. Now that we lose, we need to make some corresponding adjustments and play harder in the second game."
In the first game of the Western Conference Finals, the Clippers were taken away by a wave of opponents, which made the Clippers have no way out at the second home. They had to win the second game to give themselves more hope of advancing to the second round.
On May 21st, the Los Angeles Times Clippers made suggestions. They thought that both the panda and the fox performed well in the first game, but they lacked enough help around them. Billups was in poor condition. The Clippers needed more players to score.
In particular, their substitutes, such as Avraro, Garcia, Barnes and Drazic, need to play better, and Crawford must also improve his chances of playing hard and easy waves. He must seize the shooting opportunities and reduce the wave shots.
The leader of the team, the animal brothers, did their duty in the first game, and they worked very hard to discipline the country and the enemy, but their opponents didn’t need two people to play to win the team. The Spurs were also f4, and the Spurs f4 performed well in the first game.
Another problem with the Clippers is that they let the Spurs score 15 points. In the regular season, the Clippers only lost 92 points per game, but in the playoffs, they were even scored by the Spurs, which naturally became a key to the team’s defeat.
The second home clippers defense needs better performance, and the Spurs must be limited to 100 points.
Then there’s the Billups problem. Parker is amazing this year. Mr. Key, if you fall into the wind, it’s not a shame, but a normal result
But if you lose to Parker like the first game, it shouldn’t be.
According to Billups’ speed, the point guard confrontation between the two sides can cause some interference to Parker, so it should not be necessary for him to make up more defense.
However, yesterday, Billups effectively curbed Parker’s breakthrough. Although the Clippers’ overall defense against Parker was successful, they effectively reduced the number of shots made by Parker and forced the French to run outside the restricted area to end the attack. However, this allowed the two brothers to devote more energy to Parker, which led to more opportunities for jamison and Ginobili.
The so-called "taking the lead and leaving" means that the two brothers can make up for the outside defense properly. Instead of always letting the outside leak the bill, it is difficult for the Clippers to defeat the Spurs with balanced outside strength.
Billups needs his own experience to deal with opponents, and he also needs to bring more help to the team in attack.
It can be expected that Parker will definitely play more offensively. The Spurs are now in the situation. To defeat this arch-rival, the Clippers must play all the core players. Don’t be a one-way league. The Spurs, Cavaliers and Celtics are not much worse than the Clippers.
Speaking of Cavaliers, the 21 ST Eastern Conference Finals also showed the first contest, Celtic vs Cavaliers.
The Green Army is an old rival of the little emperor. In an Eastern Conference final, the three giants jointly taught the gorilla a lesson. This time, the gorilla got the help of the captain and the three giants were one year older. What will happen?
Originally, it should have been superman Howard who knocked down the rebound timer in the game and recreated a part of the scene when O’ Neill smashed the rebound, although it was not as violent as sharks.

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