The goalie of Granada wiped his hands in front of the post and shouted, "Back off! Back off! "

Teammates try to retreat as far as possible, but the enemy members are not idiots, so how can they do that?
Teammates retreat deeply, and their foothold is already the limit. It is difficult to take a half-meter step when the enemy is pressing hard.
The goalkeeper focused his eyes on the frontcourt and looked far away. He exhaled and started.
"~ Boom ~ ~!" The ball is not in a straight line, but flies to the left side of the court with a little arc.
It is suspected that this moment is that Kabi arrived at the enemy first when he grabbed the point, and then the wingman teammates brought Kabi closer to prevent Kabi from losing the plane, which is better than helping himself before the time.
Wings are worried that many people see Kabi playing very high, and the ball bounces off his forehead towards Roffman.
This is when Kabirov Mann agreed to cooperate with the ball, and Kabi said to Roffman with his hand half closed, "If the ball falls within this range, I’ll grab it! You are responsible for answering! "
Roffman also covered his mouth and said, "Let’s do it!"
Obviously, the two men got the expected result. Roffman unloaded the ball and started to run to the front court. The defensive position of the enemy made it difficult for him to breathe. It was very reluctant for him to choose the enemy in Dan Zhan. He immediately ran to the hemp mouse with a straight ball.
The hemp rat took the ball and stayed on his toes for a second, and then he sent it out. It was an oblique ball, which was not castrated fiercely, but the ball diameter was wonderful, and it suddenly penetrated two enemy defense lines at one time.
"This is a wonderful goal!" The commentator’s tone is somewhat excited.
The goal of the ball is the striker’s foot. The striker started slowly and saw that he was about to lose the ball. Fortunately, he was clever. When the ball was about to pass by, he stretched out his foot and took it.
The ball is in the foot and the man is on the edge of the restricted area.
On the sidelines, coach Coboni didn’t get excited when he saw this. Instead, he asked his wife in doubt. Why is Atletico Madrid’s defense so loose?
Is your player too capable? Or is there another reason?
Then the assistant coach said, "Coach! Let’s wake up the players Tell them not to relax! "
Coach Coboni nodded and said, "Wait! After reading our offensive! "
Since Coach Coboni is still talking about "offensive", that is to say, the ball is still in Granada’s team. The ball entered the penalty area and was thrown into the penalty area by the striker. At this time, the shooting was not excellent, but the striker pulled the bow out of duty and could not think more about it.
The striker took a tricky angle and flew out of the ball. The opponent’s goal seemed to be in a hurry.
The goalkeeper’s mental legs are ready to pounce.
"Oh dear ~ ~!" The fans sighed with regret that the strength of one shot was very harsh
It’s tricky to miss the angle, but it’s too tricky to miss the ball.
The commentator immediately said, "Granada missed an excellent opportunity in the twelfth minute of the game!"
Coach Coboni clapped his hands vigorously on the sidelines and shouted to his players, "No! Let’s come again! "
Kabi held his head and swallowed his anger. He felt that although he didn’t shoot himself, missing an opportunity was equivalent to missing an opportunity to lead his opponent and even missed the opportunity to lead Shadugir.
The opponent’s goalkeeper put the ball at the service point and raised his right hand to signal his teammates not to crowd together, then stepped back four steps, started on the right foot and toes and ran out to send the ball more than ten feet away.
The ball slipped and took away someone’s eyes in the place.
When the ball was about four meters off the ground, someone took the lead in jumping, but it was no longer Kabi who was an enemy. His jump was a ferry ball, which was sent to the right teammate to dump the ball before Roffman trotted.
Suddenly Shadugir started outside the middle circle, and then he was as light as a swallow. Strangely, Shadugir was near the middle circle, and Tusk led the defense line, but he made an early effort to rush forward, which made others guess his mind.
Shadugir knows what he wants to do.
He spread his hands as he ran, but he still didn’t give a word because he knew that his teammates would eventually understand what they wanted.
What he want comes again and fly towards him.
Mengkabi ran across the border to Shadugir, unable to bear the mistake and dislocation.
Coach Coboni knew very well when he saw this situation. Kabi was going to fight Shadugir alone. He held his breath and was determined to see the next picture.
Roffman is experienced. When Kabi loses his position, he immediately fills the position, and one person occupies the midfield sweeping area.
On the other hand, captain Tusk was a little nervous, and he was determined not to be fooled by Shadugir again.
The ball was at Shadugir’s foot, but Kabi started very early, but it was faster than the speed of the ball rushing out. When he ran past Shadugir’s catch point, Shadugir had already thrown him off three positions.

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