It turned out to be to pick peaches and look down at Billd.

Really annoyed shook his head "you go, I won’t give you the research results".
"Hum, it’s not up to you." Billd winked at the starter and everyone took a step forward.
I’ve been dealing with scientific research all the time. I’ve seen such a scene there. Her slender legs get soft as soon as they get soft.
"I won’t hurt you if the doctor wants you to be good," Billd said hypocritically.
"How much wealth will a new energy discovery bring? It’s ridiculous that those idiots in the alliance don’t care about it. Since they have eyes, don’t blame me for replacing them. What’s the matter with this energy technology?"
Longye looked at Billd with a sneer at his arrogance. It’s really difficult for him to want to be a big business with such IQ.
The rampant Billd made Zhen Zhen more afraid, but the thought that handing over his research results would cause even greater disaster made a decision.
Just as Zhen Kuai was about to say no to each other, Musharna suddenly cried out in pain.
"What’s wrong with you, Musharna?" I’m really nervous and asked
Musharna root couldn’t answer it. It curled up in a ball with its stomach covered with pain, but more and more dreams were emitted from its forehead.
Seeing that the dream smoke gradually turns black, I have a bold guess. These people who come to rob the energy research achievements are actually a dream. It will become very uncomfortable to absorb ordinary nightmares. Musharna can’t handle the expanding dreams after absorbing all these dreams, so it will become so painful.
Billd, they are becoming more and more fierce in the eyes of Zhen. If they are not allowed to leave, Musharna will be constantly violated by their dreams.
"Get out of here quickly," Zhen Zhen shouted.
"I really want to see this scene somewhere," Longye said to himself. Suddenly his eyes stared. "Damn, isn’t this energy research institute the site of the dream? Now this incident won’t be the reason why the dream site appears?"
At the thought of Musharna Horse Club’s terrorist explosion caused by the outbreak of body energy, Longye immediately wanted to hide away with Nazi and Meow.
"The boss is not right!" Meow meow suddenly a finger just hypnotized steel cannon arm shrimp.
Longye quickly turned his head to see Musharna release black dream smoke, which seemed to be attracted by something and quickly poured into the body of steel cannon shrimp.
Although under hypnosis, the steel cannon shrimp still showed extreme pain. The original sea blue giant pliers quickly turned bright red and then quickly turned black.
"What the hell is going on?" Longye shouted at Zhen Kuai
"It may be that when Musharna just absorbed the dream of steel cannon shrimp, the two sides had some kind of connection."
It’s really hard to talk, but Longye has no time to care about the reasons now. In the dream smoke released from Musharna, Longye felt a lot of violent energy, which is now pouring into the steel cannon shrimp body. In case of explosion, it will be finished.
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Chapter 419 Explosion
The real reaction combined with Longye’s understanding of the plot said that Billd and these people were the source of this change, and Longye immediately pushed these people out of the room with super power.
Cut off the source of * * dream, Musharna’s pain is decreasing, but the crisis faced by steel cannon shrimp has not decreased at all, because the dream smoke made in Musharna is still pouring into steel cannon shrimp.
At present, the steel cannon shrimp is like an inflatable balloon pouring into its body. The energy has already exceeded the safety limit, and it may be washed away by the majestic energy in one second.
After only two seconds, the steel cannon arm shrimp pliers have turned dark and this change is spreading to other parts of the body.
Fortunately, the mutant pincers of the steel cannon shrimp are several times larger than its body, and most of the energy carried by the dream smoke is concentrated in the pincers, otherwise the main body of the steel cannon shrimp may have been finished long ago.
"Come back soon"
Longye immediately took out the elf ball and put the steel cannon shrimp into the elf ball. Then he took out the elf rehabilitation instrument from the warehouse.
"You will be fine." Longye quickly put the steel cannon shrimp elf ball on the elf rehabilitation instrument.
As the instrument started, Longye breathed a sigh of relief temporarily.
In fact, the sacred ash has a strong healing effect on the elf body, but Longye can’t guarantee what will happen if extra energy enters the steel cannon arm shrimp body, so he chooses a more secure elf rehabilitation instrument.
The operation principle of this elf rehabilitation instrument is still unclear, but Longye knows that it is a continuous treatment process, and the excess energy of the steel cannon shrimp is constantly destroying its body, which makes it most needed.
Beside the elf rehabilitation instrument, Longye didn’t know that the situation of steel cannon shrimp in the elf ball was urgent, and he could judge the progress of treatment by displaying the progress bar in the rehabilitation instrument.
When the steel cannon arm shrimp fairy ball was just put in, its health index of 30% was already a very dangerous value, and its health index was rising with the start of the therapeutic instrument.
Suddenly, it has risen to 33%, and the health index has suddenly dropped to 27%. The situation of steel cannon shrimp has deteriorated again.

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