The tutor nodded with satisfaction. "You are right. Now I can solemnly tell you that the pianist is a capable career, and his potential is definitely the highest except for the hidden career."

Chu Yun now knew that the old man was bragging about his career, so he looked at him with hot eyes and worshipped him. "Really?"
The tutor was very satisfied with his expression, "It was true then. Now please throw away your distractions and let you give your pianist the purest strength."
"Good" Chu Yun heart way finally want to change your job.
When the pianist was about to transfer Chu Yun, a rough voice said, "Wait, I have something to say!"
Chu Yun couldn’t help turning his head. It turned out to be a swordsman’s job change tutor. I don’t know what he’s going to say.
"Why do you interrupt me, you boor?" Luthier to change your job mentor a face of unhappy way
The swordsman’s transfer tutor ignored the pianist’s transfer tutor, but sincerely said to Chu Yun, "Since you have passed the sixth floor of the test tower, you are a young man with great potential, and I can’t watch you being ruined by the pianist’s career."
"Bastard, who are you calling a chicken rib occupation!" The pianist was furious.
"That is to say, what do you think of the rubbish profession of piano player besides playing the music to show off?" Not to be outdone, the swordsman changed his job as a tutor, and then he said to Chu Yun in a good tone, "Why don’t you just change your job as a swordsman with me? Extreme physical attack is what we should pursue. Think about the piano player’s magic, magic, physics, physics, pastor, and so on. What a fart! ?”
Chu Yun was embarrassed, but he shook his head. "I’ve decided to change my job as a pianist."
I can’t help it. Who wants to have an evil sword?
"Well, since you said that, then … if you change jobs with me, I’ll give you a unique skill of a swordsman." The instructor tempted him to change jobs.
"This ….." Chu Yun doesn’t know how to say it. If ordinary players listen to such a good thing, they will definitely change their jobs as swordsmen.
"If you change your job as a pianist, I will also give you a unique skill of the pianist and give you a skill point." The pianist changed his job as a tutor and pulled through Chu Yun Road
"Really?" Where would Chu Yun expect such a good thing? "
"I’ll give you two skill points in addition to my skills," said the instructor.
"I am one!" The pianist furious way
"A good job, you win." The swordsman’s change of job instructor was angry and stared at Chu Yun. "I’ll say it for the last time. If you change jobs as a pianist, I’m afraid you’ll regret it in the future."
Chapter 54 Guangyao bracelet!
"I still like the career of a pianist …" Chu Yun was happy to get a skill and a skill point except for not changing jobs.
If ordinary players encounter such a thing, they must be excited and crazy.
Hearing this, the swordsman roared back to his position and ignored it.
Although the pianist changed his job as a tutor won, his heart was aching, but his face walked over and said, "Don’t worry about that rough-estimated man who is always angry with my elegant career. Haha …"
"I don’t care." How dare Chu Yun get angry with np?
"Well, throw away your distractions. I’ll change your job now," said the pianist’s mentor.
"I’m ready" ChuYun nodded.
"Great God of Light, you asked me to give him Qin Quli to fight against the magical power of the enemy …" The pianist changed his job and the tutor read the spell, and the white light flashed when it rushed to the fingertips, and went to Chu Yun a little.
"Ding, congratulations on your successful job transfer"
"Ding, you have mastered the skill of piano sound control. Cloth armor is proficient in piano sound shock and fairy sound is mysterious."
When the job transfer was completed, Chu Yun stared at the pianist’s job transfer tutor with a hot face. "There is still one skill point in that skill …"
"am I the kind of person who doesn’t keep his word?" Chu Yun’s ear showed a sound when the pianist changed his job as a tutor.
"Ding, you get 1 skill point for [Skill Audio Interference]"
Chu Yun, that’s happy. This is, moreover, the skill of audio interference sounds quite strong.
"Please remember that the pianist is a great profession and don’t disgrace his reputation!" The pianist changed his job as a tutor with a solemn way
"I will not disgrace the reputation of the pianist!" Chu Yun pretended to answer.
Chu Yun still has a career to change jobs, so he went to the wizard’s mentor and said, "I have two careers. Please help me change jobs as a wizard …"

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