"Road number Yuan Tianyuan Yuan Shui!" Lin also asked, "Who are you, little brother?"

It’s a little brother again … The master of the piano keeps smiling. "Playing the piano in Longcheng Qinfu!"
"The piano moves the sky!"
Lin blinked. "This name sounds familiar, as if I heard it somewhere …"
Lin frowned and meditated. The master looked at Lin with bright eyes. He was a little complacent. He was still very famous. Isn’t the other party familiar with his name? He must have heard it more than once.
I didn’t expect Linkou to say, "Ah! I can’t remember when I am old! "
Jean is a little angry and a little lost … but now he can ignore whether the other party has heard his name and get down to business, saying, "Yuan Daochang came to my house for a few days, and I’ll send someone to help you find a room in these days."
"Then I’d better be respectful than obedient. Excuse me!"
"This way, please!"
Qin Dongtian led Lin to the direction of Qinfu and said, "Yuan Daochang, are you sure about this signboard?"
"Grasp the nature is my little brother …" Lin carefully looked at the piano and said slowly, "It’s just that I can’t get up at all, but I’m very lost. Nai still has a sulk in my heart … hmm! And it’s not a day or two, at least for more than ten years. "
"To tell you the truth, I have given birth to 23 daughters since I got married. My daughter happened to be born today, which is a happy event, but I … well, it’s a long story!"
"No wonder!" Lin nods
"Can a Taoist priest have a law?"
"Jean, little brother, I don’t see your face. When you were young, you must have been a handsome boy, your father and your mother must also be a handsome boy and a beautiful woman. I’m afraid there are no more than two sisters like you." Lin said sentence by sentence, Jean kept nodding.
"I guess your wives and concubines should also be extremely beautiful … as the saying goes, extremes meet!" Lin can’t give this piano a dynamic analysis from a medical point of view. After all, there are unified rules that can fool you that "the combination of beauty and beauty is more beautiful … Do you think there is any man in this world who is more beautiful than a woman?"
Chin was about to nod when Lin didn’t pause and continued, "Yes! There must be! But this is how many problems there are. Ten thousand beautiful men and ten thousand beautiful women are more beautiful than beauty, and I’m afraid only one or two will be more beautiful than women. "
Jean nodded his head deeply.
Lin went on to say, "I’m afraid you have to work harder if you want to have a baby. Once you have one, it will be an earth-shattering man!"
"Taoist priest … you mean I have to find an ugly woman if I want to have a baby?"
"Ugly woman ….." Lin blinked, and the piano really shook his head and said, "You know, this world is dirty than clean, simple, ugly than beautiful, simple and stupid than smart, simple and poor than rich … If you take an ugly woman, I’m afraid you will feel that you are not your own when you look at it. After all, you have given birth to so many beautiful daughters, but you have given birth to an ugly child. Even if you don’t want to take it out yourself, it will be strange if others don’t say so."
"…" Chin’s smug idea suddenly vanished in her mind the next day. "What can Yuan Daochang do?"
"hey!" Lin sighed and turned to look at Qin Dongtian. "You haven’t heard so much. Don’t you know that there are many things in this world that make people ugly?"
Eating something that will make people ugly is really too much. There are countless piano players who are stunned and suddenly realize, "So that’s it. Thank you for your advice!"
Lin asked, "Do you understand?"
The piano must be "white!"
Lin shook his head and said, "You still don’t understand!"
It’s a bit strange to ask, "Why didn’t I understand?"
"It’s all written on your face. What else is strange?" Lin said faintly. "You must say it’s food."
"Isn’t it?"
"Of course not!" Lin said very calmly, "Eating too much food, such as greasy things, will make people get pimples on their faces and make them fat and deformed … but do you think this is ugly?"? If you want to eat less and exercise more, you will change back? "
It’s really not white to ask, "What do you say?"
A word directly let Qin stay put and stare at Lin with his eyes wide open.
Lin studied the medical science and technology in this era, and it was absolutely impossible to make chemicals to control the birth of boys and girls, and to control the birth of boys and girls. Before this world technology, it was all poisonous or things containing toxic substances.
Things like this must be said in advance!
Lin stopped, turned around and looked at his eyes wide open in surprise and entanglement, and said, "Poison is solvable!" "
Chin moved her eyes firmly and walked slowly to Lin and asked, "Really?"
Lin looked at the piano and smiled and asked, "Have you ever seen the ranger?"
Qin is a bit omniscient. I don’t know why Lin nodded and said, "Yes!" "
Lin Bao said with a mysterious smile, "You can go and see which ranger story in which your parents were poisoned instead of taking revenge by your children!" "
Qin Dongtian was really shocked this time … If you think about it carefully, there are many secret records, not only the Ranger, but also the secret history. Parents are poisoned, and one child dies, and then the child works hard to practice martial arts or develop his mind, and finally avenge himself.

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