"Well, let me ask you something. Did you go to the hospital to see me yesterday afternoon? Give me a red potion? " Mu Feng asked directly.

Liu Tinglan nodded. "Yes, my sister went to see you, but the bottle of red medicine was not given to me by your sister, but by a lovely girl."
"Girl? Who is that? " Mu Feng was happy to learn that Liu Tinglan sent the medicine, but he heard another puzzling thing. Compared with this Mu Feng, he also wanted to know how Liu Tinglan knew that he was hospitalized and was seriously injured.
"That girl looks about seventeen years old, tall and thin, with pink eyes, strong strength in a pink dress and stubborn temper. I have to send you that bottle of things to drink. I went to the hospital according to the address she gave me, and I just saw you seriously ill." Liu Tinglan looked at Mu Feng and said casually.
Pink eyes grow tall and thin at the age of seventeen. Mu Feng probably guessed who that person was when she heard Liu Tinglan’s shape, but what’s the point of her drinking red medicine for herself? What’s even more puzzling is that she actually knew that something had happened to her. Has she been lurking by her side? Mu Feng has really missed her since she saved her, the girl named Cang Hu.
"Well, Sister Liu, in fact, I didn’t come to see you this time because of this matter. I also hope that you can allocate a bottle of … poison for me." Slowly, Mu Feng’s eyes showed murder, and this was the final goal of Mu Feng’s search for Liutinglan this time.
"Poison? Do you want to kill someone? " LiuTingLan slightly surprised to ask then Mu Feng nodded her head. She looked at a pair of peaks before holding out her chest. Her face was wiped with a smile, which seemed to guess Mu Feng’s idea.
"You want to kill people, you died last night, and you want to poison your sister. There is nothing here." Liu Tinglan smiled and put a newspaper on the desktop in front of Mu Feng. The newspaper had dozens of drops of scented liquid, but Mu Feng did not pay attention to the liquid surface but took a fancy to the words newspaper
"Pang Hua, the only president of Shalang Chengtian Consortium, died tragically in Qingyuan nightclub last night. The deceased was seriously injured by about 26 injuries and was suspected of being shot to death by a brick." Mu Feng read the title for three times, and Mu Feng confirmed that this person was Pang Huamu. The expression immediately fell into consternation, and then he quickly read the article about Pang Hua’s tragic death.
After reading it, Mu Feng probably understood that Pang Hua’s death, Pang Hua’s death was really killed by a brick, 26 times, and his injuries were no less than yesterday afternoon. Mu Feng also vaguely guessed that the man who killed Pang Hua must have been inseparable from himself. Pang Hua called someone to fight him in the afternoon, and then he died later. Is that person not putting on revenge for himself?
However, in Mu Feng’s consciousness, he didn’t remember knowing such a powerful person. After all, Pang Hua died in a nightclub, and the cause of death was still killed by more than 200 bricks. How fast, efficient and secret can it be done? Besides, Pang Hua didn’t die in a one-shot killing card. The killer wanted to vent his feelings for himself. Mu Feng thought of a person.
Mu Feng breathed a sigh of relief when he put out the newspaper, but he didn’t comment on Pang Hua, and he didn’t think it was a good thing, because Pang Hua didn’t die at his hand, and Mu Feng couldn’t handle it, and he didn’t have a chance to kill him again.
After Mu Feng asked Liu Tinglan about the memory pills, Mu Feng took the memory pills in addition to asking Liu Tinglan to take the poison, but Liu Tinglan put on a Nai expression and said that she didn’t know why the memory pills failed to be prepared today.
Mu Feng didn’t know how to make memory pills, and she couldn’t give her any advice. She chatted with her for a few words and left. It was not until Mu Feng left that Liu Tinglan smiled badly and then slowly faded away, wearing a trench coat and didn’t know what to do.
Walking in Bauhinia Garden, Mu Feng’s face was gloomy, and he was deeply sorry for Pang Hua’s bizarre death. He personally hurt Su Xinxin and Ji Yue, but he personally killed people who were not from Mu Feng. But from another angle, Mu Feng may not be able to retreat without killing Pang Hua, but it would be bad for Mu Feng to plant himself without the killer smashing more than 200 bricks in Pang Hua.
It’s also a burst of nai to think about it in Pang Huashen Mu Feng, and then he smiled and he will be able to dispute with a dead man. Isn’t it the same if someone else kills him and kills himself? At least the result is the same.
After laughing, Mu Feng also returned to the Bauhinia Garden, and returned to his home. It is now more than nine o’clock in the morning. If Mu Feng didn’t guess wrong, his mother should be cooking breakfast and Mu Feng was hungry, just going back for dinner. Of course, it is more important for Mu Feng to know that his mother must miss himself and go back to report Christmas Eve.
Back to his home again, Mu Feng’s body and mind became calm. After going in, Mu Feng really heard cooking in the kitchen, and Mu Feng smelled the fragrance of the food. Mu Feng praised it as if the food at home was more fragrant.
Mu Feng was thinking about suddenly seeing a fox with pink fur on the sofa at home.
Chapter 196 Keep a fox little sally reincarnation.
Take a closer look, the little fox jumped up from the sofa as if he sensed the arrival of Mu Feng, and then his round fox eyes stared at Mu Feng closely. It was worthwhile. First, the little fox’s eyes were pink, just as Mu Feng saw the girl Canghu’s eyes. The little fox looked as big as a big cat. The pink fur was so cute that people not only wanted to walk over and hold it in their arms.
But Mu Feng didn’t do that. Who knows where the fox came from? Mu Feng didn’t dare to touch it. When she was about to meet her mother, Liao came out of the kitchen. She was surprised to see Mu Feng suddenly come back, but she wasn’t surprised for too long. After all, when Mu Feng left, she also said that she would come back after going out for a few days.
"Mom, where did this little fox come from?" Mu Feng pointed to the cute little fox and asked his mother that the little fox was pointed at by Mu Feng with a grin and white teeth.
Mother Liao ha ha smiled and went into the kitchen to bring out the cooked food. She told Mu Feng to sit over for dinner. She said, "This little fox should have been lost with its owner and appeared at our door a few days ago. I think this little fox is very poor and has nothing to eat, so she adopted it. But these days have passed and no owner has come to look for it."
Liao mother said and took a look at the little fox. The little fox seemed to be enlightened. When she heard Liao mother’s words, she climbed the table and rubbed her hand. Then she went to the other side of the table and ate the food that Liao mother prepared for her. The little fox was lovely and not picky about food, and she could amuse Liao mother. She didn’t abandon the little fox. Liao mother also hoped that its owner wouldn’t come to find it.
His mother likes Mu Feng, but there is nothing she can do. In fact, Mu Feng has long wanted to keep some pets. It is Liao’s mother who always says that Mu Feng, a big man, still keeps cats and dogs. Mu Feng has never kept them. She has adopted a little fox. What else can Mu Feng say?
Mu Feng also said that the little fox was cute, and then the mother and the mother had breakfast. Mu Feng was hungry, too. Mother Liao didn’t expect that Mu Feng would come back to cook not enough food in Mu Feng today. That was almost swallowing all the dishes during the meal. Mother Liao also asked Mu Feng many things, but they were all answered by Mu Feng. It was not until she asked what stage Mu Feng and Su Xinxin had developed that Mu Feng became dumb.
Mu Feng didn’t know how to answer. Finally, he just said that he was full and then ran upstairs to play games. It was better for Mu Feng not to answer these things than to answer them. After going upstairs, he went into his room. Mufeng also breathed a sigh of relief. When he remembered Pang Hua’s death, Ji Yue and Su Xinxin, he was able to rest at ease in the hospital, and Mu Feng auctioned the demon wolf in Ji Yin and got a lot of money. Mu Feng must give them a big surprise when Ji Yue and them were discharged from the hospital.
Back home, Mu Feng was not idle because he felt that there were more interesting things waiting for him to bring his own game helmet to import cloud data. With the sound of "Welcome to Ling Soul World and wish you a happy game", Mu Feng entered Ling Soul and appeared in Ghost Town as soon as he entered.
There are Ji Yin and Han Yue in the mailbox, and there are many messages. These beautiful women must be anxious if they can’t find themselves. In addition, there are low-key gods and autumn waters. They are low-key gods. The news is that there is a boss who wants to call Mu Feng, but it is estimated that the boss has been killed two days ago.
Qiu Shuichangtian asked Mu Feng how was his trip home. He read the news and learned that Pang Hua died, while Pang Hua went back to the subway with Mu Feng. Mu Feng replied that he had nothing. Everyone had a good time. Qiu Shuichangtian didn’t know his situation yesterday. This said an arrow pierced his heart and didn’t tell anyone about his subway accident. Mu Feng didn’t want to make public what he said, but everything was fine. Pang Hua didn’t know anything about himself.
After that, Mu Feng read other information, except that Ji Yin said that he would trade gold coins to Mu Feng face to face. There was nothing to worry about. Mu Feng watched the first game for another day, and his own team would hold a hundred-district contending competition at 7: 00 tonight.
In the hundred-district contention contest, Mu Feng said that he was very depressed because both Ji Yue and Su Xinxin were in the hospital team. When two people were missing, he, Qiu Shui and a low-key god were left. Four people went to fight Mu Feng, and there was a sense of foreboding.
Secondly, there is another thing that makes Mu Feng even more depressed. It has been a day since the self-destruction of Mu Feng’s weapon, the heavenly staff. According to the truth, little sally, the spiritual emperor, has been completely asleep. But at this time, Mu Feng saw the surface of the heavenly staff and said, "After the heavenly staff was destroyed, little sally, the spiritual emperor, forced to start reincarnation, had a certain chance of rebirth and a certain chance of permanent emptiness."
Mu Feng has heard anything about the reincarnation of the spirit in official website. Mu Feng doesn’t know if this is the official setting function, but Mu Feng hopes that Emperor little sally can be reborn. Mu Feng hopes that he can have her again because she is the only weapon in the game that can pull Mu Feng’s emotions.
"Di little sally, let’s cheer together!" Mu Feng said to the staff of Emperor Tiandao, who was lying still in the bar, and then Mu Feng looked at the gang token in the bar.
What an ethereal thing it is to help make it happen only by killing the monster of the 25 th-level Lord boss, and the rate of explosion is 1%. If you are unlucky, killing five lords boss may not happen, but Mu Feng will only happen if he kills one boss. This is fate.
Mu Feng doesn’t intend to use this help order to help the faction. At least he doesn’t have this idea yet. After starting the gang, he is too constrained. Mu Feng still likes the kind of carefree day where he wants to go. What Mu Feng has to do is auction.
He said that the nightingale auction house could lose the benefit in the next year. Of course, it can’t be done by a demon wolf, but it can be done by this help order. But now Mu Feng has a good impression of Ji Yin and them. It is better to help them earn more benefits and put this help order in their auction house for auction.
Mu Feng wanted to go to Ji Yin, but then Mu Feng suddenly found that there was still a box in his property column that he didn’t hit. This was in the forbidden area of snow demon wolf, and the demon wolf king gave himself a box of black and white colors. Mu Feng didn’t know until he hit it.
"ding! Do you want to hit Wuka, the demon wolf king? "
Chapter 197 Mysterious Little Wolf Blood Spirit Contract
"ding! Do you want to hit Wuka, the demon wolf king? "
Listen, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard it sounded. Mu Feng shrugged his shoulders and said it. At the same time, I’m more looking forward to what will be in this box
Mu Feng’s place is in Anpingtai, a ghost town. There are many players coming and going here. They are not allowed to see themselves in the box office. Mu Feng changed their state to the invisible state of strangers. This state can only be opened in the wild if it is in the city. After the opening, strangers can’t see you, but friends or players who have teamed up with you can.
After Mu Feng said "hit the box", the box flew to Mu Feng’s front, and this basketball-sized box was suspended. First, it was covered with a touch of black smoke, then it burst into a dazzling white light, and the light dispersed. The box was also hit. A little monster growled and jumped out of the box and jumped to Mu Feng. He took a closer look and saw that it was a black and white wolf.

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