"What’s the matter?"

For a long time, she trembled and said in a low voice
"In fact, I really want to find someone who I can bully. He can bully me. What do you say?"
I mean, she suddenly let go of her hand and said with surprise in front of me
"Are you serious?"
I suddenly realized what quick way
"Of course! I want you to find this big, bad, big idiot, not me. "
"Hum! I don’t want you to bully me Allow me to bully you! "
Miss Daqijia’s health was restored when she was a witch again, which made the enemy Yuanyang’s legs, shadows, feet, chicken feet, magical powers, massage, pinching secrets and so on. Dozens of martial arts routines popular in Dalong country, with a long history and extensive mass base, have achieved satisfactory results …
Chapter 42 Public opinion reaction
"Leading comrades! On behalf of the ant six legs, and on behalf of myself, I will reflect a suggestion and opinion from the grassroots to you and your first leading class. "
Gongzhu half bowed at dawn, in front of the flag wind chimes quick way.
"What is it? Let’s hear it "
"This-this problem is like this. It is very dangerous and extremely difficult for us to do this challenging, energetic and mysterious Luna Palace once. However, thanks to your strong leadership and organization, we have achieved great success and the effect is still remarkable. We successfully rushed to the third floor of Luna Palace."
"Well, what’s the matter? Aren’t we going to kill the last seventh floor this time? It’s still on the second floor. What are you in a hurry? "
Banner wind chimes curious asked.
"Ha ha! The leader said yes, the last failure was mainly due to our team’s inexperience and low degree of tacit cooperation, and more importantly, we didn’t have a meat shield, which lacked manpower and material resources. But this time it was different, we had someone, and we had this pervert, er, brother Lang! We have a bright future and great hope! "
Gongzhu continued to cadence until dawn and said
"Nonsense! Everyone on this planet knows! What the hell is going on? Speak quickly! Come out if you are angry! What are your mother-in-law doing? "
Leadership patience has been severely challenged, nu way hog shivered at dawn to tell the story, smile and say
"It’s a very good phenomenon that men and women work together and are not tired, but entertainment should not disturb normal work and study. It’s not impossible for leaders to take the lead in entertainment, but I’m in a hurry! We grassroots people are anxious! "
The red flag wind chimes turned red, and I knew that this hog was blamed on some people for not killing monsters well until dawn, but my mother-in-law discussed life events all the way! So he gave me a bad look. I looked at her with a strong spirit and injustice, but her unchanging expression made me get such a standard answer: I must be responsible for all sins
Daqi Fengling quickly called a meeting of women’s Federation cadres, and the meeting reached a high consensus: temporarily stop all kinds of public entertainment activities and engage in private entertainment activities. For example, Apple sister likes to pinch cha-cha and beat bone drums in Pan An, and Daqi Fengling likes to tap dance in a meat shield, or perform in front of the masses …
After some rectification of the ideological life style of cadres and leaders, the mysterious group who once slacked off came to Yueshen Palace to renew their fighting strength and organizational vitality. Please listen to the live report of Xiaoqiang, a special correspondent from CCV of Galaxy Independent Station, who killed monsters in Yueshen Palace.
Reporter Xiaoqiang (referred to as reporter) The ideological life style of leading cadres, especially Gao Qian, affects the game style and the success or failure of killing monsters. Players are United and progressive. Today, I specially interviewed such a leading cadre to dig deep into the ideological life style of leading cadres through self-examination and introspection, thus rejuvenating the fighting capacity organization. Please listen to the reporter from Taiwan to report to the parties on the spot.
Hello, reporter, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to kill monsters to interview us. We want to know what changes have taken place in our work group since the ideological and life style of leading cadres was rectified.
Daqi Fengling thanks to Galaxy Independent Channel CCV, a media with great influence in the Galaxy game area, for paying attention to our organization. I sincerely thank the media for the supervision of public opinion, which correctly guided our work group to become such a combative organization with poor organization, harmonious leadership, worry-free cadres, and peace of mind for the masses to kill monsters. The main reason is that it is suitable for the game developers to care for them, and the new equipment and the new loss rate are even higher. Thanks to the regretful leaders like Apple Sister in our organization, everyone gave up their personal happiness (temporarily), blossomed their regretful youth on the basic front of killing monsters, and wrote a hymn to the game, which is worthy of being a model of the game era. We should see that we have achieved a god-class weapon, three holy weapons, and dozens of gold, silver, copper and iron equipment. The achievements in killing monsters come from the correct ideological guidance, the rectification of the ideological life style of leading cadres in our recent exhibition, the unremitting efforts of cadres and the support of all players and all readers.
On the whole, I would like to talk about the new problems exposed in our work of killing monsters, which are mainly manifested in four major aspects, 21 minor aspects and 991 precautions …
Reporter (glaring) Because we have limited time, we love to visit and write letters of complaint before the last interview, and the old man will see how simple he views these gratifying changes until dawn.
Hello, reporter Gongzhu Grandpa! We heard that before you complained about our mysterious work in Luna Palace, you also wrote a lot of materials to reflect and even visited, didn’t you? So now, do you continue to write materials and visit? What do you think of the current leadership class?
Gongzhu till dawn, hehe! I have caused trouble to the leaders before, but I am not sensible. In fact, it is not easy for leaders to be leaders. When I see injustice before, I love to make mistakes and think about it. Now I don’t write any more materials and I don’t visit any more, because now the leader has moved the work center to fight monsters and treasures and upgraded it, so we have to benefit, hehe! We ordinary players will recognize this principle, who will give us good equipment and good things and let us upgrade faster, hehe! We will support who! We’ll go with who! ……
Thank you for listening to the live report.
Editor’s comments: With the increasing level of gamers, players’ demand for equipment level is increasing, such as the high level of gamers’ equipment. What is the main contradiction of the current game that is waiting to be solved in front of the bosses of various gangs and organizations? The gratifying changes brought about by the rectification of the ideological and life style of leading cadres in the mysterious monster-killing group exhibition of Yueshen Palace are worth thinking about by the bosses of various gangs and organizations. Thank you for listening to the universe games. If you have any game events or good opinions, please visit YINHECCV if you write! The host of the column is installed by Yinhe Killing Monsters Co., Ltd. Thank you for watching! Goodbye! ……
Chapter 43 Love brothers
In the middle of the night, the temple of the patron saint of the Earth Dragon National Heaven Gang stands proudly in front of the patron saint of the crystal carving gang with heavenly sword in hand.

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