Shake the dust, dispersed the traces left by the blood food below Wenyu, sat on Wenyu, and the empty head flashed, and a circle of white and golden brilliance rose from the empty head, condensed into a white jade circle at a distance of only nine meters from the empty head, and the faint white and golden light floated down, and the whole little world seemed to be surrounded by that small white jade circle. (Vertex novel, hand-written novel)

With a stroke of his right hand, the big sleeves shook, and the white jade circle floating in the sky immediately gathered the faint white and golden light, and slowly flew to the empty and bright right hand, took back his right hand, and scattered the white jade circle with a little white and golden light in his hand, and the magical scanning of the road radiated from the two cinnabar points in the empty and bright eyebrows.
Empty Ming body preliminary refining two treasures bred by the evolution of the constant sand world are all powerful treasures with great power. Empty Ming’s current strength is even proficient in this kind of treasure, and the effect that can be exerted is only more than half of the original effect of this kind of treasure. What’s more, it’s only rough to use these two treasures at this time, and it’s not bad to be able to play one tenth of the original strength.
On the crystal in the Purple Mansion, there are eighteen rune chains winding around the crystal at this time. At this time, there are seventeen rune chains shining on it. The only one that doesn’t shine is the avatar that has just risen from the void. This avatar is the last avatar of tens of thousands of merits, and now there is not so much time to let Empty Ming slowly master this avatar. So until now, Empty Ming still doesn’t know the information of this avatar.
Empty Ming for this avatar is just letting it go here. At this time, empty Ming has many plans waiting for him to implement, and the time he has squeezed out is really too little. If you want to master this avatar, wait until later. Anyway, this avatar has taken root in your body, even if you don’t know any information, but after all, it is derived from yourself, and your mind can be used.
Between the turns in the heart, the light flashing from the 17 rune chains has formed a series of silk threads connected to the white jade circle in the hand. Countless information is transmitted from the white jade circle to the purple mansion, and then it turns into a galaxy’s mind, and this information is read and analyzed. For the countless runes on the white jade circle, numerous traces are banned, and there are two opposite traces, which are exquisite on the contrary, and so on. In an instant, countless data flashes in front of you, and pieces are brushed.
Time is slowly flowing, and the sun and the moon are constantly turning. On Mount Tai, two subordinate gods who know nothing conscientiously improve their own rules and strive to complete their duties. The two subordinate gods under their strength have never entered the eyes of the great supernatural beings who are calculating the emptiness and darkness.
In the Taishan space on the mountainside of Mount Tai, there are countless monster beasts walking around in Taishan space at this time, and all kinds of roars and chirps are echoing in Taishan space, and there are powerful monster beasts coming in and out from time to time. Taishan space, which is attached to Mount Tai, originally exists for these monster beasts, so for these monster beasts, the rich aura and various beneficial smells inside are very helpful to some younger generations.
In Bailu Academy, which is not far away from Mount Tai, the doorway of Bailu Academy is dressed in a pale white suit with a long wooden box on his back. Wang Mingyang, with a pale face, bowed down to a lanky middle-aged man at the doorway of Bailu Academy. He bowed down, bowed down, bowed down, and bowed down. After nine times, his forehead was covered with mud.
Stood up, pale Wang Mingyang carefully looked at Bailu Academy, where every bit was deeply imprinted in Wang Mingyang’s heart. As that familiar face appeared at the door of Bailu Academy, Wang Mingyang’s eyes suddenly emitted a firm light.
"I will walk along the path taken by the Dean until I have finished the path taken by the Dean. When I stand at the top of the path taken by the Dean once, I will surpass the Dean and continue walking on the Dean’s steps. I will go all the way to the end until the end of time and the sea becomes a mountain." Faint words came from the mouth of pale Wang Mingyang. Although the words were very light and light, there was a rock-solid idea in them.
I don’t know why, the words uttered in a faint tone were all heard by many students who came to see Wang Mingyang off in front of Bailu Academy. They heard them clearly and clearly, and they could all feel the hidden thoughts in the words, which were stronger than the supreme integrity.
After saying this passage, I didn’t hesitate, didn’t look at the numerous students, didn’t look at the master who lived for 78 years, didn’t look at Dean Zhang Liang who silently looked at me, and an idea twisted into Wang Mingyang, who transcended the supreme integrity, raised his steps, faced the sun, and embarked on a road that no one had ever walked in a small world.
Mountain breeze blowing, following the mountain breeze blowing leaves, you can see that in Bailu Academy, at a corner, there is a house of slaves and handymen. In the deepest part of this house, almost out of Bailu Academy, there is a monument made of wood standing there, engraved with a line, the tomb of eldest brother Zhang Dezhi, and the younger brother Ming Yang Li.
Under this wooden monument, there is a small grave. Around this small grave, faint sadness is drifting away, constantly drifting away and gathering. Around this grave, there is no mortal. This place, except for the house that is almost built outside Bailu Academy, is only this fast and small grave. A gust of mountain wind blew, patches of leaves fell, and light sadness floated away immediately.
Time goes by again, the wheel of destiny has never stopped turning, and it will not stop because of the death of others, nor will it change its original speed because of the footsteps of others. The wheel of destiny that rotates slowly has written down the fate of all creatures in all the world, and no one can break free.
It’s like an instant, and it’s already been a million years. When Kongming, sitting on Wenyu, opened his eyes in a small world, two different colors of Guanghua passed in his eyes, but there was a sharp pressure emanating from Kongming. Wenyu, who sat down, experienced two hundred years. Under this sharp pressure, suddenly, it broke apart and piled up into a piece of white powder on the ground.
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Chapter eighty Strange and unusual catastrophe coming (for subscription)
Chapter eighty Strange and unusual catastrophe coming (for subscription)
Clothes swing, body shaking, empty Ming has let flutter, flying to the side of the lotus pond, looking back at the white Wenyu powder scattered on the ground and spread into a piece, shaking the dust, brushing this pair of Wenyu powder into the lotus pond, nourishing the lotus pond, standing next to the lotus pond, watching countless white powders ups and downs in the pond, and countless aura emanating from these powders, making the pond in the lotus pond. (Vertex novel, hand-written novel)
Slowly spit out a sigh of relief from my mouth, and half-squinted at the little world that had already completed the change. The expanded little world became wider, and many places were not covered by flowers and trees, revealing black mud stones under it. I looked at the little world slightly, and then I shook my dust, moved my steps and walked out of the little world.
Walking out of the mountain temple, standing in front of the gate, Kongming looked up at the sky. At this time, there were many white clouds fluttering in the sky, and birds flew by from time to time, paddling out the traces of the road. After looking around, Kongming couldn’t help wondering. He stayed in a small world for almost a year or two. Although this period of time was planned by himself, those who stared at himself in the dark should not be so willing to give up the idea of dealing with himself.
Although up to now, it’s only a rough guess of what Zhang Liangshuxian in Bailu Academy wants to plan, and other things that those who hide in the dark want to plan should have insufficient clues, so it’s still unclear, but even if they don’t know what those who hide in the dark want to seize their own existence, it’s an indisputable fact that those who hide in the dark are dealing with themselves. Needless to say, if they get out of trouble and spend a hundred years, those who plan their own existence, whether in the dark.
In this way, it is already idle that has not been resolved, and it is doomed that only one party can survive. That is, during this period of time, those who exist should be calculated hard, and all kinds of sinister means are naturally used. But now that they have gone through the customs, the time they have squeezed out has been used up, how come there are no movements in the dark and the light.
Silently looked up at the sky, empty Ming can feel, there is no abnormality in the whole Mount Tai, even the Taishan space that could not be explored clearly before, at this time, it is also revealed in the eyes of empty Ming without any reservation, and all the monster beasts in the Taishan space are all on their own abode of fairies and immortals, and no monster beasts come out.
Strolling on the mountain road, I looked around and saw that all the places on Mount Tai were reflected in the empty mind, without any reservation. At this time, the two subordinate gods were performing their duties within their own jurisdiction. Many animals and birds on Mount Tai were also active separately, devouring the weak and vegetation according to their natural nature. Even a rock on Mount Tai, Empty Ming had to analyze all the components, including rocks, flowers and trees, and animals and birds.
So, when Kongming stood on the top of Mount Tai and looked down, all the places on Mount Tai had been explored by Kongming, surrounded by the jade carved with words, and touched by both hands. After so many years, the blood and blood smell on the jade had already dispersed. At this time, after the wind and rain, the jade has become very vicissitudes, and the original bright red in the handwriting has already disappeared.
I turned my head and looked at the Black Cloud Mountain, which is a few hills away from Mount Tai. I haven’t seen the black clouds on the Black Cloud Mountain for a year or two. At this point, it seems to be more intense and dark. I don’t know how many ghosts and wild ghosts are hidden in that dark cloud, and how many creatures have been killed.
Roll your eyes, stand at the top of Mount Tai, and look around all the places within the range of 10,000 meters around Mount Tai. Within 10,000 meters around Mount Tai, there is a place that hides its own existence. Looking at the situation within 10,000 meters of Mount Tai, Empty Ming suddenly frowned, but in a year or two, how can there be so many monks missing within 10,000 meters of Mount Tai? No matter whether it is a monster or a monk, you can’t see it without careful observation, but you will see the clue. Within 10,000 meters of Mount Tai, many weak Godsworn monster beasts have all disappeared, and most of the remaining Godsworn monster beasts are of superb strength. Although they are still a little poor compared with the current empty Ming, there are so many people to hold. If you want to kill them one by one in the empty Ming, even if it takes all your strength, it is impossible to kill these monster beasts before the big robbery in one hundred.
So much strength is a good monk. Are they all used to consume their own strength? Or is it otherwise useful? I rolled my eyes and looked at all the monster beasts and monks within 10,000 meters of Mount Tai. A wave of doubts kept rising in my heart. At this time, I was almost out of the plan made by the empty Ming in my heart and began to move in an uncertain direction.
Half a ring, almost all the plans in my heart have been overthrown, and I looked up at the sky indifferently, but I still lacked a lot of knowledge. At this time, it was only in an instant that I was away from the one-hundred-year catastrophe. Now, everything has been out of my own mind. When the one-hundred-year catastrophe comes, I can only play it by ear.
Frowning, looking at many things that are out of my control now, Kongming once again feels the pain of lack of background and knowledge. Obviously, he knew that he lacked knowledge long ago, and clearly his heart had already formulated many methods to acquire knowledge, but now, he still lacks knowledge as before.
Close your eyes slightly, face the mountain wind, and a white deer jumps out immediately when it moves in the air. With its body moving, the next breath, the air is already sitting on the white deer, allowing the white deer to hold itself and walk towards the mountain temple halfway up the mountain.
As the time of the century-old disaster is getting closer and closer, the whole Mount Tai is also quiet. There are no monster beasts and monks coming up to Mount Tai, and even those birds and beasts seem to have sensed something, and they are unwilling to leave their nests.
On this day, strong winds began to hang within ten thousand meters around Mount Tai, and even the sun was flapping its wings in the sky, which could not cover up the dark clouds that covered the sky. At noon, the dark clouds in the sky still flashed with lightning, and all kinds of fierce qi began to distance themselves from Mount Tai.
When the sky was all black, the empty light standing at the top of Mount Tai suddenly found that the whole Mount Tai began to slowly descend, and it began to wither from the foot of the mountain. At this time, all the flowers, trees, animals and birds withered under the action of a force of heaven and earth.
Tightly frowning, under the force of heaven and earth, the whole Mount Tai began to change. At the moment of feeling the force of heaven and earth, Empty Ming knew the first stage of his one-hundred-year catastrophe. If the whole Mount Tai withered, when the force of heaven and earth came to the top of Mount Tai, Empty Ming’s one-hundred-year catastrophe even failed this time.
Empty Ming must exert its own strength to resist the force of heaven and earth all the time. This first stage continued during this century-old disaster, and only after the end of the century-old disaster will this force of heaven and earth dissipate.

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