But let Chen Kai wonder what it is that some elf wizards know that the demigod’s remains can’t be used by thieves, but they still hand over the gloves that can block the high temperature to each other. At that moment, did Chen Kai’s elf wizards have long foreseen his physical condition before handing over the gloves to the cloud?

However, as to how strange Chen Kai is about this, there is one thing he needs to do now, that is, to drag out the demigod who is stuck upside down at the bottom of the crater. There is no doubt that Chen Kai’s strength is almost one ton after the outbreak, but Nero Aria didn’t tell him that this outbreak would bring a bad consequence, that is, his arms would need to rest for at least three days after the outbreak to get better, and it would still make the life spring situation.
When Chen Kai pulled the demigod’s corpse, his arms just regained consciousness, which made him miserable. If a piece of gel had not been stuffed in his mouth in advance, his teeth might have been bitten by too much force. There is no doubt that pulling out the demigod’s corpse in the magma with both hands is absolutely the stupidest and stupidest way. But the problem is that at the moment, there is no better way for two people to come to Chen Kai’s body. One end of a rope is carried on his back by the cloud, and his body force rushes forward and straightens out. This skill is thicker than the kinetic energy of rope violence, and it is still blessed to his legs. Chen
Great pulling force keeps pulling him forward, while his arm is a little twisted by pulling the demigod’s remains. When Chen Kai bites the gel, he can hear his arms groaning because of excessive force. If Chen Kai is given another chance, he would rather hit the hamster in the wasteland than come and suffer from this guilt. When cloud bursting comes out, the instantaneous pulling force is definitely more than half a ton. Plus Chen Kai’s own explosive force, the pulling force added to his arm is more than one and a half tons.
If it weren’t for the blessing of Chen Kai-shen, the auxiliary spell is still trying to maintain it. It is estimated that Chen Kai’s arm has been torn and broken, and even if he feels dull in his body, Chen Kai still feels very, very painful. Unfortunately, the remains of the demigod are still motionless after being pulled behind, and at the moment, the outbreak of cloud violence kinetic energy is almost over. He can’t continue to erupt for a long time, because that will completely disable his legs.
At this time, ll released the original pale golden wings of the battle angel wings. In this environment, like a burning flame wing, the light feathers fell all over the sky and instantly gained some strength. ll finally felt the movement of the demigod’s body behind him. In the expression of ll’s pain ratio, the charred demigod’s body was slowly separated from the bubbling magma that adhered to his body like a reluctant parent and child, but it was finally forcibly pulled by ll.
"go! ! ! Keep walking! " There is no doubt that after pulling the demigod’s remains out of the magma, Chen Kai will save a little effort, but the demigod’s remains are still very heavy. Chen Kai estimates that the seven guys, who are less than one meter tall, weigh at least 700 kilograms, and probably weigh a ton. Two people are dragging the huge body and it is extremely difficult to move. The most important thing is that they can’t stop.
Once they stop, the fire element will form a large lava in his body, and then the body will soak into the lava again. The most important thing is that the road made by freezing rays at Chen Kai’s feet has now become a narrow path less than 30 centimeters wide. Fortunately, at this time, the cloud has reached the top of the crater and is biting its teeth and pulling Chen Kai.
Fortunately, Chen Kai’s body was large enough to quickly cross the tens of meters road and drag the demigod’s body out of the bottom of the crater before the narrow path disappeared completely. However, after the body was dragged out, he still failed to stop to rest, regained consciousness a little and his arms became more and more painful.
"Mom eggs! My md is a coolie! " Chen Kai felt the pain in his arms, and the veins stood out. His arms were emitting a terrorist force. This force was enough to instantly drag an ordinary player’s head from his neck, and even instantly crush a person’s thigh into a meat pie. But now this force can drag the remains of a demigod who doesn’t look so huge slowly. Almost every time he drags a section of the road, there are more traces of bubbling lava on the ground.
To tell you the truth, Chen Kai and Yun really want to rest, but if they stay in the same place a little longer, a small magma pool will be formed on the surface of the demigod’s corpse. They can bite their teeth and insist that Chen Kai has drunk at least two drops of the fountain of life. Yun is a little better than him, but it is also a drop of the fountain of life. If they don’t drink it, there is no doubt that they are physically injured now, especially Chen Kai’s scalding chain is roasting his arms. Although he really wants to get rid of these burnt chains now, he can’t help him continue to catch the demigod’s corpse.
As time goes by, the fire element absorption agents carried by Chen Kai and others are becoming scarce. There is no doubt that at this moment, because they are too close to the demigod’s remains, the absorption power of drinking fire element absorption agents is increasing, and the consumption of drugs is naturally faster and faster. If Chen Kai and others make it a low-level drug, it will take a moment for them to be turned into scorched corpses by surging fire elements.
It can be said that Chen Kai and the two of them are now struggling at the death line every second, and as time goes by, they are getting closer and closer to the death line. Fortunately, they are still full of drugs, at least enough to support them to move from the whole fire element area to the marginal area.
At the same time, I feel that the atmosphere of the fire element in the center of the whole lava area is weakening. Those big lords monsters don’t know that the demigod’s remains they want have been stolen by two ordinary players who belong to ants in their eyes. In their eyes, the exhaustion of the whole demigod’s remains is the best time for them to rob the demigod’s remains.
Almost all the most powerful big lords in the western wilderness have gathered together. Although few big lords are suitable for living in lava areas, they can still move in lava areas at a certain time depending on their strong physique. However, when they arrive at the crater, these big lords are instantly stunned by the huge crater, which has now completely turned into a lava lake. In the perception of these big lords, the residual strength of demigods around the lava lake is the strongest, but the problem is that there is only residual strength, and there is no trace of demigods’ remains.
Huge roar roared out from the mouths of several big lords, and then the terrorist forces raged around. There is no doubt that these monsters want to turn the whole lava zone upside down. Of course, the result is that the original fire element creatures and monsters may never be bred in this lava zone. At the same time, they just ran to the periphery of the lava zone, and Chen Kai and the two of them instantly fell down.
There is no doubt that the ground terrorist vibration will never be weakened by the two of them dragging the remains of a demigod. The only power reduction is estimated to be a distance. There is no doubt that Chen Kai is at least a kilometer away from the place where those monsters are mad. If it is a milli-blocking situation, the two of them have definitely been discovered, but it happened that the red smoke in this area blocked the line of sight, and the power of the fire element also blocked their perception of power, and then they released their own power to turn this area into a power chaos area.
In such a terrorist force, Chen Kaigen could not continue to drag the demigod’s corpse. He did not hesitate to throw the corpse to the ground and get rid of the hot chain. However, there was still a part of the chain wrapped around the demigod’s corpse. Because of the long-term release of power, the temperature of the demigod’s corpse decreased. Although the purple iron structure chain was burned red, it was not in danger of melting.
However, although it won’t melt for a short time, it will soften and then melt when it needs a game. For Chen Kai and others, the so-called worry is whether they will splash lava to kill them.
Those big lords creatures are absolutely unscrupulous. The guys are in a violent situation. No matter whether the surrounding flowers and plants will destroy the direct terror, the surrounding ground will be turned upside down.
But at this time, Chen Kai’s expected support finally came, although this support made him a little depressed because it was purely intimidating, and several elf wizards jointly released the shock technique, that is, Xu Fei exercised it in the auction. Of course, the joint release of several elf wizards was absolutely powerful or full of threats and provocations from the sense.
Although the strength of several elf wizards has fallen sharply, the release of shock is still at an odd level, so it gives the big lords monsters the feeling that several strange spellcasters are challenging them. When such a challenge is absolutely serious in the eyes of several big lords monsters who are furious because they can’t find the remains of demigods, their horses stop tossing about lava areas and rush towards Nero Aria and others to release shock.
Of course, a few elf wizards will never sit there and wait for death, and the strange caster has absolutely no psychological burden to deceive a few monsters after turning his head. Therefore, when these big lords rushed over, they saw that it was definitely a wilderness.
When several elf wizards ventured Chen Kai and tried to escape, the result was that two people trudged from the area full of volcanic dust and lava again, dragging the remains of demigods covered with volcanic ash and magma shell, and Chen Kai slowly appeared in front of Nero Aria step by step.
"My md was able to come back alive?" When Chen Kai saw the natural magic hiding in the crowd, the only thought in his mind was that he was still alive. At least he burned several places. Chen Kai looked like a roast pig and a knight. The cloud was also extremely bad. His hair was covered with volcanic ash, and his body was as full of bubbles as Chen Kai, because they didn’t have time to drink fire elements to absorb drugs when they were avoiding the magma fissure.
When ll was feeling that he was able to live, several elf wizards were busy arranging the site to close the demigod’s body and give off their strength. Fortunately, they were ready to rely on what they had in their hands to decorate a huge magic circle with an area of hundreds of square meters. If not, ll and them would have been furious and found by several big lords monsters. It is impossible to drag the body under their noses and move in the wilderness.
The magic circle of hundreds of square meters is controlled by several elf mages, facing Chen Kai, thousands of meters away, and their power coverage is gradually reduced until Chen Kai and them hide in the magic circle. Of course, the ground of the magic circle is covered with special power, so that the scattered power of demigods’ remains can not erode the ground. The most important thing is that this magic circle absorbs the power of demigods and gathers them into the core to form a turtle shell with strong defense ability.
This magic circle base with a huge scope has already shown the skills of several wizard magic circles. Of course, it is responsible for arranging errands or Xu Fei. Even dwarves need to be responsible for several core components of the magic circle. It is also a miracle for the wizard wizards that the whole magic circle is completed in less than half an hour, but the whole magic circle is undoubtedly half-unstable. Some components in the magic circle will flash from time to time to show that magic has passed. There is no doubt that the power that demigods escape has a negative impact on the magic circle. The burden is very heavy. If Nero Aria hadn’t had a brainwave and turned the middle and rear forces into a fantasy and defensive wall over their heads, the whole magic circle might have been violently destroyed by magic.
"This product is a demigod!" There is no doubt that when the whole magic circle was completely opened, everyone felt that they should be very safe, so they crowded into the middle to look at the corpse of the demigod. For the two lucky and bitter people, they directly threw it aside. Poor Chen Kai and Yun finally shrank to one side with burn cream and touched each other’s body with plaster and then secretly wept. Although Alisa hinted that Chen Kai could help him with his medicine, the question was, did Chen Kai dare to let her give her medicine? There is no doubt that she is absolutely afraid. If she wants more bruises on her waist, she can enjoy a Tauren-pretty girl hand massage.
"So that’s what demigods look like?" The dwarves looked at the head blackened and the demigod muttered in horror thunder, the demigod’s head was blasted directly, and the skull of the demigod disappeared directly, but in the original skull cavity full of brains, a ray of dim light was shining. There is no doubt that this ray of flame is the most important foundation of the demigod’s fire source. The actual fire source of the demigod should be semi-crystallized, and after crystallization, it is the deity that embodies God’s own beliefs and the source of divine power. However, in that horror thunder, the semi-crystallized fire was directly split into small flames, and now the whole head is split into this kind of demigod
Of course, this demigod can’t be said to have completely fallen. Although his consciousness has fallen, his body needs to be repaired and his strength replenished. Finally, he awakens his consciousness sleeping in the fire of God, so the demigod can still be resurrected. However, there is no doubt that several elf wizards will never resurrect this demigod because they need the strength of the demigod to recover themselves. There is nothing more painful for a strong person who was once at the peak of ordinary life than the loss of strength. Now there is a shortcut to restore his strength. It is very good for several elf wizards to maintain their manners.
It’s absolutely unwise for several elf wizards to rush to restore their strength, because there are many big lords around now, which is equivalent to odd monsters. The most important thing is that it’s still a short time and more powerful ones will come running. After all, the fall of a demigod is not a trivial matter, especially in this era when the demigod is hidden. Everyone knows that the only demigod is just logging in to the demigod Gedoss, and then there is another Ness. As a result, it’s still now. A few years later, a demigod came out again and hung up. Just thinking about it will tell how busy the whole western wilderness will be in the future. It is estimated that the legacy of the demigod will be the most important thing for all players and aboriginal adventurers in the surrounding areas of the western wilderness to be continued.
The first volume Chapter 13 Fall demigod (4)
Will the western wilderness become a player’s search for a demigod’s treasure land? Chen Kai doesn’t know if he knows that even if it will become like that, he doesn’t know what will happen in a few months. Now there is no doubt that if you can’t leave from here, Chen Kai and Yun seem to keep a cool head and think about this headache. Others are watching a few elf wizards dissect the body around the remains of the demigod.
There is no doubt that the autopsy of a demigod’s body is definitely a big event. If it weren’t for hiding himself and being killed as an early bird, Chen Kai might hold a video broadcast to get a large number of clicks and cash income. Unfortunately, if the video is broadcast, it will be mosaic. I don’t know, but they have demigod’s remains in their hands, which will definitely be publicized and then kept by a large number of crazy players.
For players, Chen Kai holds a sacred object in their hands, and they are envious, jealous and hateful. But if they get a demigod’s remains and a demigod’s wealth, they are not envious, jealous and hateful, but crazy. Millions of players will complain about Chen Kai’s bug in custody. Although this is not necessarily possible, it can definitely make people sick. The most important thing is to envy, envy and hate players. They are likely to come to Chen Kai because of this. After all, people are in trouble. If the sacred object in feather’s hand is not still bound by soul, even if he hangs up, others can
But the problem is that the remains of demigods can’t be bound to something that can be taken away, so once the news gets out, Chen Kai and others don’t want to have a quiet day. Although the scene of dissecting demigods is very exciting and can definitely be a blockbuster, Chen Kai and others have not been carried away by victory.
"So demigod blood is red?" When the first drop of bright red blood was taken out as bright as a rose, everyone was sluggish because the blood of their god or demigod was supposed to be golden, but I didn’t expect that the blood taken out after squeezing the blood vessel turned out to be a drop of red blood. Looking at the drop of red blood with a faint fragrance and hot and high temperature blood, the people couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.
"It should be delicious!" When the idea appeared in everyone’s mind, everyone was stunned, and then they all wiped their corners of the mouth and patted their cheeks to drive this impulse to drink blood out of their minds.
Actually, it’s not only a few players’ expressions, but also the elf wizards such as Nero Aria’s. There is no doubt that demigod’s flesh and blood is the same as the super enemy’s tonic pill for ordinary creatures, but the problem is that this kind of thing is a tonic and a poison. If you eat it well, it will reduce your happiness for a long time, but if you don’t eat it well, there is no doubt that it is not the most painful, but torture and death are the most terrible.
For several wizard, this kind of thing that can supplement the life source has little effect on them. On the contrary, a careless person will burn their own life source like a fire, because this drop of blood contains a lot of fire elements. For non-fire element casters, this kind of blood containing the power of fire elements is a deadly poison, especially for natural attribute mages and water element mages. Maybe this drop of blood will instantly burn the magic in their bodies or run away.
There is no doubt that there is not much blood in the remains of the demigod, because a lot of blood has been sprayed out when he fell, forming that huge lava area, but there is no doubt that the blood left in the remains contains the essence of life, and the most essential part is naturally left in the bone marrow.
When the first golden phalanx was taken out, the group paid more attention to the demigod’s remains. However, if the demigod was still conscious, he would be furious. In fact, at this moment, this demigod is really lying on the chopping block. Chen Kai and others have come to prepare food for the two dragons. Many of the things that were used to dissect the corpses were originally things in the kitchen, but what was stronger than the bone chopper? Now it has completely become a decoration to really cut the demigod’s remains. Several elf wizards collect a knife sharper than a knife.
"Thebes blade!" This is Chen Kai. They thought of the name when they saw the letters dbs engraved on the handle of the knife. Of course, if translated according to syllables, it might be Dibos or something else. But for the convenience of memory, Chen Kai still found the name they had seen in reality to explain the name of the knife.
There is no doubt that this knife looks very slender, which is definitely a sharp weapon, because even Chen Kaihui’s smooth blade may not be able to break the demigod’s skin. It has a feather ruling blade, which can be cut eloquently, but this knife is very inconspicuous, but it can be easily cut. Even the bones that are stronger than demigod can leave clear cuts on the surface.
For several elf wizards, the most important thing about demigods is in his body. Although the realm world has been completely destroyed, there are definitely some fragments left in his body. What several elf wizards need is these realm world fragments, which can help them restore their destroyed fields.
However, it is very difficult to find the world fragments in these fields. The most important thing is that even if the world fragments are found, they are not so easy to take, let alone so profitable. At the same time, these world fragments have repaired their own fields, and several elf wizards may have completely lost the possibility of lighting the divine fire if they are not careful. But for several elf wizards, the most important thing now is to restore their own strength and plug the leaking gap in the magic source.
For Chen Kai and others, the field of the odd strong belongs to something very novel and difficult to understand, not to mention the field of the demigod strong and the world of the Ness field, which gave them a very unforgettable impression. Although the demigod had fallen, they still felt a shock when the first field fragment appeared.
Originally, their glittering thing appeared in the body should be a stone or a demigod armor pendant jewel embedded in the body. However, when several elf magicians dug out the crystal the size of a grain of rice with great joy, they realized that it looked like a diamond. After finding this small piece, several elf magicians wrapped it up and put it in a special device. The whole device was placed in a small magic circle, and several priceless magic crystals were being kept in the magic circle to prevent the world debris from breaking inside.
The glittering and translucent world fragments are as attractive as a shining diamond, and at the same time, the flash of fire on the surface means that there are still a lot of fire elements in the fragments, and once the power is guided out, it is absolutely terrible.
The whole dissection process lasted for nearly a day, and at the same time, there was a constant terrorist explosion and roar outside the magic circle. When the dissection was completed, the remains of the demigod lying on the chopping block had changed greatly. The surface of the charred corpse was still the same, but the contents inside were different. Valuable flesh and blood had been taken out by the Ministry, and there were not even a few bones left. At the same time, the wisp of divine fire in the cranial cavity also changed. Most of the essence of divine fire was taken out by several elf wizards, leaving some residues and fragments of consciousness still there.
It is very dangerous to do this, because the fragments of demigod’s consciousness will be angered and full of resentment after this treatment. Once it breaks out, it will be a disaster. However, in order to implement the strategy of Li Daitao’s crossing the sea, the elf wizards can do this. They took away some of the most important things in the demigod’s remains, including the most vital heart, blood, bones, the essence of divine fire and the world fragments that are extremely important to several elf wizards. However, they still stuffed something into the demigod’s remains without some broken bones and skulls, and all of them were left behind after the bones were stitched and sprinkled with some
The simulation of the power of the fire element in the demigod’s body is very simple, that is, all the way, Chen Kai, they vomited after drinking the fire element to absorb the medicine, and the medicine will gradually absorb the fire element and invade the body in their stomachs. When the fire element is absorbed to a limit, these things with a large amount of fire element will be spit out by the two of them. Chen Kai, they were still wondering what some elf wizards had asked for these vomits, but they turned a little white when they saw the elf wizards stuffing these vomits into the demigod’s stomach.

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