"That game copied people’s doa. I don’t think it will take long to run and it will be sued."

"No way, that’s the big penguin acquisition workshop. By the way, do you want to copy this game first in your broken workshop? Anyway, whoever comes here will copy it first."
"Well, this is true, but let’s talk about it later. Angry Birds is not finished yet."
The two brothers were sitting on the court, but their thoughts were wandering on the off-court court. The Clippers bench once again played a supplementary role. James tried to make it disappear after three minutes in the fourth quarter. The Cavaliers were even more stupid than the Lakers, and the main force expanded the difference to one point.
The little emperor had almost no rest at half-time. Mike Brown came to let James rest for three minutes in the fourth quarter and play again. This simply stopped playing. The difference between the two teams was close to two points. They could not get back today.
When the game entered the garbage, the little emperor sat on the floor with a towel covering his face. This year, he played very tired and often encountered the same situation as today. How to work hard and finally lost the game? They won 4 wins in the East this year, and their performance was not qualified for the championship.
Espn team’s combat power list The Clippers are now ranked 10 th and the Cavaliers are ranked 13 th. This figure is very unlucky. No one in the outside world is optimistic about their championship. Even in the divisional finals, no one except Cavaliers fans is optimistic that the Cavaliers can break in this season.
The final score was 11:9. In this key battle, the Clippers beat the Cavaliers by 2 points at home and stabilized their position in the West.
Ji Guoqiu scored 14 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists and 3 blocked shots, Ji Guoshame scored 17 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocked shots, and Billups scored 13 points and 5 assists.
After the game, Chou He, his idol gorilla, exchanged jerseys, but Ji was humiliated and exchanged jerseys with Tai Huang.
The Clippers received a good news at the post-game press conference. The game between the Suns and the Mavericks was played one hour later. Shaquille O ‘Neal beat Dan Pierce, who claimed to be the second center in the West, with 25 points and 12 rebounds. He killed the Dallas Mavericks at home.
At present, the Western Conference ranks 1 Spurs, 2 Lakers, 3 Jazz, 4 Hornets, 5 Rockets, 6 Suns, 7 Mavericks (5 wins and 27 losses), Clippers (49 wins and 2 losses) and 9 Nuggets (47 wins and 3 losses).
The Clippers and the Mavericks are one game away from winning, and there are five games left. Their last game happens to be a direct dialogue with the Dallas Mavericks, and then they can decide that the seventh place in the West belongs to the Clippers. Now the slogan is to fight and not gdp.
On April 9 th, the Clippers beat the Nuggets in overtime at home, and the country was humiliated and sent two guns to go fishing!
After this game, the Clippers are three away games ahead of the Nuggets, and there are four games left this season. Unless the Clippers lose four games in a row, the probability of being overtaken lies in theory.
How is it possible that Denver media can’t even make it to the playoffs because they have the most offensive combination in the league?
When the Nuggets went out, all kinds of media and fans criticized Allen Iverson. The local media in Denver criticized Iverson’s "cancer" endlessly, which seemed to indicate that the answer had entered the countdown on Denver Day.
Clippers fans are happy that their team won, but on the same day, the Mavericks also bloodbath seattle supersonics at home, and the record of the two teams is still one game behind.
On April 11, the Clippers played against their arch-rival Lakers at home, which was the last game of the season between the two teams and the last city derby in the league.
Kobe Bryant has said before the game that this game should be taught a lesson. The dead Peter Pan still remembers Ji Guo’s shame and says that he is a Chevrolet.
The Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz also played on this day, and it is not easy for the Mavericks to leave in Salt Lake City.
Neutral fans are very interested in the secret competition between the two teams. Lakers fans are the coolest side at this time. They have already waited for the Clippers fans to clamor for the destruction of the Clippers’ catch-up plan at home. The small boat has already snickered and wants to climb the seventh place to meet them in the playoffs. It is simply a delusion!
Before the game, the atmosphere was very unfriendly. On the day of the game, Lakers fans mixed in and nearly 10 thousand people almost turned the Clippers’ home court into an away game.
It is conceivable that clippers players don’t feel that they are playing a home game at all in this atmosphere.
Old Deng Liwei saw this situation and suddenly thought that if so, they would lose a lot in the playoffs with the Lakers. Three away games are equivalent to losing their home court advantage. It is better to fight with the Spurs! And if you think about it, their line-dominant substitutes are much stronger than spurs. Even if two twin brothers beat Duncan, they should not suffer. Their comprehensive strength is stronger than that of the Spurs, and they may not be able to create a black miracle for the defending champion Lamar!
Chapter two hundred and four The end of the regular season of seven seasons ()
Old Deng Liwei, who is also the manager and head coach of the team, wants to discuss with several confidants immediately. After weighing the pros and cons, he thinks that playing the Spurs has a better chance than the Lakers. Then his mother might as well play the Spurs.
If the Clippers can successfully put the defending champion into the second round, the team’s morale will be high, and they will still have a fight against the Jazz and the Rockets winners!
If we can go further to the finals, it will be much better to play against the bitter rivals in the same city than to fight the Lakers in the first round!
However, old Deng Liwei didn’t know a word. They didn’t intend to go beyond the Mavericks’ mentality and relax the team’s firepower. They tried to kill them in the first place. The whole process went smoothly beyond everyone’s imagination.
The final score was 1:9. The Clippers were leading one after another and never fell behind from the first quarter. On the contrary, the Lakers felt bad from the first quarter. The team wanted to win too much, but their sight was out of order. The last Los Angeles Derby lost to the same city’s sworn enemy in a humiliating way.
Ji Guoqiu scored 2 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist and 5 blocked shots. Ji Guojiao scored 3 points, 1 rebound and 4 assists, Billups scored 12 points, 7 assists and Artest scored 16 points.
Old Deng Liwei was lamenting that he shouldn’t have won the game after the game, but they did. It was not until an hour later that the result of the Mavericks-Jazz game came that old Deng Liwei was relieved.
Dirk Nowitzki killed Carlos Boozer, the anti-athlete, away from home. They are still one game away and continue to rank first in the West.
The Clippers won the Los Angeles Derby and officially entered the playoffs. Even if the Nuggets won and lost the next game, the final record of the two teams was the same, but the regular season record of the Clippers and Nuggets was 2:1. According to the outcome, they still ranked first.
It’s worth one thing: the panda warrior won the triple doubles for the sixth time in the regular season, and the giant panda has won the triple doubles for the whole time twice.
It is said that after the game, Kenny Smith resolutely argued that the two triple doubles that Brother Panda got in the Star Race didn’t count! This kind of shameless remarks have been booed by many fans, who like to watch the fun. Fans think that Kenny Smith, a public figure, should keep his word. Didn’t Charles Buckley kiss the donkey’s ass at the beginning? So what if you kiss a cute panda’s ass?
Kenny Smith was forced to come up with an idea to show that he wouldn’t go to the zoo to kiss the giant panda. He was going to kiss the country and hate his ass. Isn’t his name panda?
Ji Guo’s hatred of smell speech scared him to pee. Of course, he wouldn’t let a dead nigger kiss his ass, otherwise he would have nightmares every night!
Kenny Smith knew for a long time that Ji Guo’s humiliation would not let him kiss him, and he had something to say at this moment. It’s not that he broke his word, but that Brother Panda refused to let him kiss him, so he can’t bully the hard bow, can he? That was sexual assault!
Charles Buckley’s big ass was so angry that he didn’t expect his old buddy to be so bad. At the beginning, he could afford to lose, but he really kissed the ass of the donkey. Can the king still play happily together after cheating?
Just when fans all over the world cursed Kenny Smith for his bad conscience and thick skin, Fox made Kenny Smith want to strangle him!
Before returning home from Ji Guo’s humiliation training, he specially said to the reporter, "My brother asked me to take a message. It doesn’t matter if Kenny Smith can’t kiss his ass. He can go to the zoo to kiss the real giant panda."
Kenny Smith was narrow-minded and bounced back by Ji Guo’s humiliation, and he was choked to death at that time.
With the client’s statement, Kenny Smith has no excuse. He can either kiss the real panda or really default. There are two choices, but this matter has already become public knowledge after being speculated by the media these days. Once Kenny Smith defaults, his image will be destroyed, which may also affect other jobs.
However, according to the grapevine, nine pandas in the United States have gone on hunger strike to protest against this incident. The zoo is determined not to let a dead nigger fuck their cute panda ass, and even the China Embassy is alarmed!
It is said that Kenny Smith is a good gambler. This is the wise man. Even if he loses, he can’t fulfill the bet. Isn’t it easy to find a donkey like that big ass? This is IQ suppression!
On April 13th, the Clippers beat the Golden State Warriors away from home. Now the Clippers have put aside their burdens and relaxed their state of mind to win more easily.
On April 16, the Clippers narrowly beat the Hornets David West. They didn’t play in this game. They beat the disheveled Hornets
On April 17, the Clippers played the seventh Mavericks away.
Old Deng Liwei hid all the starters in this game. They have already chosen their opponents. There is no need to fight the Mavericks in the last game! Is this the last regular season game or the back-to-back away game? Of course, Old Deng Liwei chose to let the main players have a good rest for a few days. It is not generally difficult to be black in the Spurs.
The Mavericks also didn’t send Kidd and Nowitzki, but they didn’t do so well as the Clippers, and they didn’t even change a main player. The Mavericks finally beat the Clippers, which was a happy result for both sides.

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