The wind blows the sand and scatters the yellow sand, which is quickly taken away by the wind and trampled through the hole, and gradually filled up. The two people in the wind-driven sand field are separated by a layer of yellow sand at this time.

"Keng! "Weapons strike savage in the mountain is slightly better in strength, and then look at the young master’s morning tea and retreat to one side, changing the direction and attacking savage in the mountain again.
Two people are fighting in the most direct way. One force has some advantages, and the other speed has some advantages. When they rush by, the two people are still entangled.
Looking at two people with the same frequency in the yellow sand, the weapons kept colliding and clanging in their hands. At this time, my eyes were mainly on the young master’s morning tea body
Morning tea keeps changing its moving direction, speed and attack frequency. The figure has been surrounded by wild people in the mountains and has never deviated from half a point.
The dagger in his hand is sometimes stabbed, sometimes chopped, sometimes swept, and the speed is so fast that the savage in the mountain has to defend again and again, but there is no time to fight back
If the young master had changed his morning tea to a long sword instead of this dagger, the savage in the mountain would have missed, but even if he changed his long sword, he could not hit such a high frequency.
After a stalemate for a while, the savage in the mountain no longer pushed the block. Before the morning tea attack, it turned out that the attack posture was ready. It seems that he has made up his mind to fight for his life.
Or maybe he still can’t believe that a little assassin beat himself with such outrageous play. You know, assassins don’t fight like this.
However, he has decided to stop defending, and the best way to defend is to attack, which everyone knows.
Young master’s morning tea rush is still in the mountains. When savages change their routines and pose, young master’s morning tea has also been found to be stopped manually, but this habitual force can’t be decided by her. The young master’s morning tea momentum is not reduced at all, and he will fight with a dagger.
The savage in the mountain deliberately stopped the young master’s morning tea movement route, so that after the attack, the morning tea could not escape smoothly along his own route and left himself with an attack.
Life-and-death fighting is not suitable for assassin.
But I didn’t see the young master’s morning tea rushing straight at him without any hesitation, and he was already in front of the savage in the mountains, pushing the dagger forward and leaving towards the abdomen of the savage in the mountains.
Perhaps the savage in the mountain guessed the morning tea. When the morning tea deliberately slowed down and attacked, he saw that he withdrew half a step backwards, but instead moved forward, the tip of the knife pointed at the young master’s morning tea.
Nnd, I can’t believe I was wrong. This guy doesn’t want to fight for his life, he wants to take advantage.
Regardless of these, the speed of morning tea did not decrease, and she rushed over against the knife edge. Before the savage knife stabbed her in the mountain, the dagger in her hand had already penetrated into the savage chest in the mountain.
A blow to the young master’s morning tea doesn’t rush into the dagger. Before the morning tea is inserted to the end, the right foot is pulled out. It has stepped forward to stop the impact slightly. At this time, the position of the shoulder armor has also been stabbed by the opponent’s knife, oozing blood.
If the savage in the mountain rushes forward again, the morning tea will be penetrated, and you can’t even run if you want to.
However, at this moment, the young master’s morning tea has made a step forward. When the tip of the knife went in again for half a minute, he saw that the young master’s morning tea body flashed and disappeared in front of the wild man in the mountain.
Although the grasp of time and distance is not perfect, but waiting for such a high-speed movement to hurt yourself and not letting the other side leave themselves, it has already reflected that this beautiful assassin is accurate in judging.
Such talents should be in my hands everywhere.
What’s this called?
Birds of a feather flock together.
Young master, the morning tea body suddenly disappeared, and the savage in the mountain drew the bloody blade toward the virtual. Everyone knows that this is an assassin’s surprise attack skill, but even if we know that the savage in the mountain can’t take back the knife for defense at this time.
The savage in Naishan had to move forward because the gravity of the savage in the mountain was still in the second half. When the gravity turned and stepped forward again and again, it was enough for the young master to give him two knives in the morning tea.
Young master, how can you miss this great opportunity? As soon as you land, you will pop up again. With the speed advantage, you will stab the dagger into the savage in the mountain again.
"snow! "
Amount ~ the dagger is in the wrong place. I saw that the young master’s morning tea face turned red and his hand trembled. The dagger twisted and turned to one side.
This is going to be an anal fissure.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Woo again
Young master, this move of morning tea is quite malicious. I think it was with this unique skill that I won my fame now.
Got this recruit savage in the mountain jumped forward and turned around, with a big face red, staring at the young master’s morning tea chest with violent ups and downs and shame.
A big man has been breached by a woman, which is more than picking up soap and making people talk endlessly. The situation is that he is a big man with five big and three thick blood.
Master morning tea is also ashamed, nodding his head and bending his waist, saying, "I’m sorry about the accidental injury."
It’s just a little woman and she apologized to herself. It’s hard for a big man to say anything. He heard the savage in the mountain say slowly, "Let’s start again."
He doesn’t care, but the girl hasn’t recovered yet. Just in the middle of the mountain, he strides towards the young master’s morning tea, but the young master’s morning tea doesn’t move at all.
"snow! "Long dao to delimit the young master morning tea waist.
"Ah!" Morning tea exclaimed that the shame of the savage in the mountain holding the big knife was gone, and there was a little anger in his eyes. "How did you sneak up!"
Oh! This is really wronged. Compared with the game, people also told you that if you hit yourself again, you would be distracted by others, but the young master morning tea, a little girl, said it, and the big man didn’t know what to say. He didn’t even know whether to split it with a knife.
A woman and a man; A pampering a simple and honest man is doomed to be bullied by a pampering woman, which has been used to by people.
So this big man was won by the young master’s morning tea. The savage nai in the mountain walked on the table with a wry smile. The young master’s morning tea face was full of smiles.
"Why do I feel so deep about this girl’s scheming?" I muttered to myself. As soon as I finished, I felt someone patted me on the shoulder and turned my head to find that it was a clear lamp.

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