Those players who want to get a sigh of relief around the streamer have lost their previous arrogance and are in a hurry. They want to squeeze out the crowd and escape from the range of array skills, and they want to reduce their injuries in a hurry.

The streamer wanted to give them a total annihilation, but now he is disabled and can’t do anything. The unknown fell from the sky and the clothes fluttered to her side without saying anything, so he grabbed the streamer and took it back.
"Great God, can’t you make disabled patients move?"
I haven’t finished saying this, but the unknown ran behind her back.
"…" My face hurts a little.
"I won’t make it," Unknown calmly said. "That array is a good thing to save for the next time to fight boss or other times. It adds dozens of good and evil values for no reason and becomes a red name. How can you thank me?"
Looking at the short legs and five elements carrying a patient running hard, I want to laugh and set up a high wall for myself. It seems that a corner has collapsed and hidden behind the high wall. For the first time, she feels that she is not alone.
But …
The streamer pokes at the unknown "Don’t be too nice to me". I can’t help but sink in and take it for granted that you regard her as the only one.
Alas, the disease seems to be getting worse and worse, Liu guang thought sadly
"Huh?" Unknown, busy running along the road, busy releasing all kinds of deceleration arrays as traps. I have no time to separate my spirit, and I don’t care where her melancholy comes from. It’s really unlike her.
In order to make you laugh, I came up with a funny saying, "So even if it’s good for you, I haven’t held the whole world in front of you. What will you do then?"
Who knows that the streamer thoughtfully for a moment and took a bite at the unknown neck!
"streamer, are you a vampire?" I was bitten inexplicably, and I almost threw her when I stumbled.
Tong was one step ahead of him, and the direct player was subjective and aggressive. He kicked her out of the game for 24 hours and reflected that she could not line up. This result was reported to the victim unknown.
"What’s all this?" The unknown is very wronged to cover the wound.
The streamer was kicked out of the game and still "unrepentant", thinking that biting him in the game would quickly refresh it. It’s not worth it. She should actually give him a bite and mark it. This is her. No one can touch it!
So wronged, the streamer points at the finger
"Rinrin-"She glanced at Xiao Yurou and heard Xiao Yurou ask, "Did Qian Cheng do something to you?"
"Ah?" Time thought for a long time Xiao Yu’s soft tone was not good, but Qian Cheng didn’t do anything to her. "No"
"Then why did you get kicked out of the game for 24 hours?" Xiao Yurou recognized from her tone that she really had nothing to do, so something was Qian Cheng.
Speaking of this streamer’s grievances, she said, "I think I’m a little sick." She told the whole story about the game.
I heard Xiao Yu’s soft words, "What disease are you? There is no disease at all. If you have to take medicine, go to a man and hang up."
"…" The streamer pointed at the mobile phone. What kind of guardian is this? Is there such an irresponsible guardian? Aren’t you afraid that I will be cheated if I find a man?
At this time, her heart is broken.
Xiao Yu soft words just hung up for a few minutes and the second sentence came in.
It’s Qian Cheng
He came for an explanation.
"Did I offend you before the streamer?"
"Then why did you bite me?" Unknown said that when the neck was faintly painful, the tingling feeling was still in the face. In that instant, his brain turned white. I still remember that after holding on to the streamer, she was kicked out of the game and the unknown followed the line. He sat still for a while and didn’t figure it out.
"Qian Cheng, I want to ask you something. Is it true?" The streamer didn’t answer and asked, "I’m very insecure. I said you shouldn’t be too kind to me, but you said you didn’t show the world to me. Are you serious?"
There was no ringing at the other end of the conversation for a long time. Qian Cheng didn’t answer. There was a shallow breathing certificate. He was still at the other end of the conversation
Don’t answer or hang up. What is this? The streamer’s mood is even worse. He blurted out, "Biting you deserves to make you flirt with girls!"
I hung up the phone and was silent for a while. Suddenly, I buried my face and threw myself on the bed and rolled and wailed, "What happened today!" to be continued
26 confession
The atmosphere there is really solidified.
The clerk in the cafe wiped the cup and looked up at the booth by the window to see that they were not old and didn’t look like blind dates. They stared at each other for so long to see if there was any difference.
Comfortable, soft and pure music is flowing in the room, and the aroma of making coffee is filled. Different kinds of kerosene lamps, parking machines and colorful glass are neatly arranged. The Manchu window pushes the door and hangs on the doorknob, and a string of bells tinkles like a signal. Two times outside the store.
If streamer would appreciate this store on weekdays, but now she is not in the mood to explore the details of this layout.
Besides, the owner of this shop loves cats and keeps two cats, one black and one fat, both of which are glossy and shiny. The black cat jumped at the bar and stretched for a stretch, so it was lazy and crouched on the surface, occupying the whole place. Narrowing its eyes, it was an afternoon fat, obviously lively and active, with a little nervousness. Nothing happened, but it seemed that it saw the most terrible thing and ran away. It took a few steps to fly out and run along the stairs. The sleepy black cat made a loud noise and alarmed the streamer.
Streamer looked up at the sound and saw it running with a strong posture. A heavyweight cat was as timid as a bow, and streamer was the first time to see it.
There was a cat interrupting, and the two sat staring, and the strange atmosphere dissipated a little.
"Oh, I’m sorry." Qian Cheng is stubborn when he comes with a wry smile. He also fights with him. It’s just that one of them has to bow his head first, isn’t it
In the face of his words, Liu Guang is not angry that she didn’t do anything. Well, she bit Qian Cheng and looked worried. She said, "If you have nothing else to say, I apologize for my game. I shouldn’t bite you … but you shouldn’t molest me either. I’m a very serious person. I will take you seriously when my relatives and friends tell me things. I believe you and treat you as my good friend. I won’t doubt the truth of what you say, Qian Cheng. You can’t play with my feelings."
She said that she was serious. It was the first time since she met her in Qian Cheng that she had seen this serious appearance.
At ordinary times, even if the streamer doesn’t bend the corners of her mouth, her eyes are radian. Even if she dares to swear, she is not really angry. After the incident, her anger will dissipate, just like the weather in June, when a child’s temper comes and goes.
"When I was talking to you, I was thinking that I don’t want to be your good friend anymore."
The streamer heard this answer and his heart fell into icehouse.
Without warning, even she didn’t know that Qian Cheng seemed to be on fire. The whole person bounced up and took out a tissue. His face was distressed. It wasn’t fake. He gently wiped the time and tears came out from his eyes.
"Why did you cry before I finished?" Qian Cheng was distressed and funny. "I don’t want to be your good friend, I want to be your boyfriend."
“! ! !”
Did she hear it right or did she say that today is actually April Fool’s Day?
"I’ve thought for a long time that I have a good impression on you. You are very kind to Linglong and like you to play with you. She always remembers you in front of me. Then one day, she told me that you were playing fantasy. At that time, I didn’t know that the streamer was you. I thought that the streamer of the game was … very local but also very bitter." Qian Cheng laughed.
"You are hard!" Streamer refutation
"Just a dirty outfit, both of them were put into the small dark room of the yamen, and then they were fined. And how to get to the beach can attract a large group of small strange faces. I have also heard that the fighters killed the most small strange faces when they had an excellent player unit. Today, people can break it, so that I can understand how you are alone or in the overseas fairy mountain, but then again, I owe you a lot for acacia ashes."
Jianchengwen found a bargain and sold it to them, and then switched the gods. It was very strong, and Qinglong made them win the Guardian pk of the guild.
However, Acacia turned to dust but did not give her the protection she deserved. They couldn’t wait to kick the streamer out of the guild when the gods put a little pressure on her.
That’s because the guild itself is not strong enough.
Liu Guang listened to Qian Cheng, but he was lost in thought as he talked.
She looked at Qian Cheng Hazel with her chin cupped. She told her that she wanted to be her boyfriend, and now Qian Cheng says that she wants to be her boyfriend. She is very happy to prove that she is still attractive instead of Xueyun. That guy said that no one would look at her little one, but she didn’t feel anything when Xueyun said it.
It’s healthy for the streamer to touch her heart, but don’t, she really doesn’t feel it.
She tried to find the answer from Qian Cheng, but she was doomed to be disappointed.
"So what do you think?" Qian Cheng came to her senses and threw a question at her.
For a moment, I shook my head and the future was very confused. "I don’t know."
"It’s okay, let’s take our time." Qian Cheng didn’t force the streamer to stretch out his hand and touch the streamer head, and then remembered that streamer caused trouble and said, "I’ll check the things that streamer killed God in Qinglong. Most of them were leaked by the staff of Fantasy World. Otherwise, how did the slayer know what you were doing? What are you going to do these days? You don’t go to the thunder class? "

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