On April 24, the Los Angeles Clippers returned to Angel City and their home stadium, Staples Arena, for the San Antonio Spurs to play the third playoff game in the first round.

Everyone knows that the Spurs seem to rely on Duncan, Parker and Ginobili to win at this time of the season, and this year is no exception. These three men scored 7% in the first two games of the playoffs, in other words, the Clippers can win the game if they keep an eye on them.
* * Vicky’s pre-game press conference said, "We need everyone to score. There are 12 people in our team. We need role players to take responsibility. If they (Clippers) kick my ass again, I will kick their ass!"
Robert Horry is under a lot of pressure now. The San Antonio media hope to have seven rings. Mr. June would rather cut off Stoudemire, who is not sick or injured, before coming out of the Spurs, and take Horry, an old demon who is not healed in the playoffs. He can’t disappear at this time.
Ji Guo was still a little reckless before the game and said, "We have found a way to win. You heard me right. My brother and I have adapted to the rhythm of the playoffs. The first game will not happen again. We will not let the Spurs win another game."
Spurs players are too lazy to talk to this fox and such a shameful person, which is absolutely insane.
It will soon be 19: 00 sharp, and there will be half an hour before the game. At this moment, Staples Arena is already in full swing. Although the stars on the sidelines are not as bright as those on the Lakers’ game, there will never be a shortage of stars on the sidelines of the Los Angeles playoffs.
Nicholson, Leonardo, Julia Roberts are a few big names, but there are many new stars like Little Radish and Taylor Swift, such as Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley, who come to join in the fun. They know that going to the Lakers game can’t get the camera, and there are all the best actresses there.
Ji Guoshi was equally shocked when he saw the TV broadcast of his own and Emma Watson’s advertisements yesterday!
He really didn’t know that this advertisement would come to the United States to broadcast. Damn it, Aston Martin said that it would be broadcast in Europe. Is it a lie to me?
He was going to tell Taylor Swift about it after he finished filming, but later he was too busy with his "Fox Player" and "Fox Video Network" to remember it completely.
Last night, he explained to Taylor Swift for half an hour that he refused to admit that he was filming an advertisement with Emma Watson, which was indeed the case. The first two advertisements were completed in the United States and Britain respectively, and they did not meet each other. He was not lying.
In the third commercial, of course, he won’t tell Taylor Swift that he is not stupid!
Ji Guoshi saw Taylor Swift’s family sitting in the locker room where he delivered the tickets. Fox immediately knew that Taylor Swift was not really angry.
Actually, Taylor Swift himself was jealous there, and even his parents-in-law didn’t think much about it. The fox looked even more handsome …
It’s just a little trouble for Ji Guoqiu that he hasn’t been affected by this incident today, but the giant panda over there is in big trouble today. Today Emma Roberts and Christine came to Staples Arena to support the giant panda, which made Ji Guoqiu feel that his support was too high and too fast.
However, this giant panda is really cunning. He gave tickets and seats to Christine and Emma Roberts to separate the two ends of the stadium, so that the two sisters had no chance to face each other. I wonder if he looks like an honest man. Where did all these hearts come from?
Kristen didn’t have a new film in Twilight until the end of the year. She is still not well-known now. Recently, she has been running around all day and talking to Emma Roberts about the workshop. In the evening, he directly touched the female vampire bed …
Fox said that he hadn’t seen Ji Guoqiu spend the night at home for a long time. Although he didn’t live at home all day himself, he ran to Taylor Swift’s house when he had something to do … All the time he wondered if it was necessary for them to rent such an expensive room of nearly 20 thousand dollars.
Ji Guoqiu said that it is very necessary. If he doesn’t live here, how can he be black with little radish?
Before the game, Vicky made his final thoughts in the visiting locker room. In the past two days, the Spurs coaching staff has also been studying the reasons for their second loss. In addition to replacing the pothole, Vicky believes that their problem lies in the fact that the single defense ability of the Spurs has dropped significantly this season compared with last season. The reason is that Bruce Bowen’s aging line Duncan lacks a qualified partner.
Spurs’ flank defense this year is the worst season in recent years. Old Bowen may have some ways to deal with stars like Kobe Bryant and McGrady, but it is too difficult for Bruce Bowen to deal with players like Artest. Even at the peak, Bowen is very passive.
However, despite many problems, Vicky still thought of some solutions. It is still the same sentence. The Spurs are going to make a foul to deal with Artest in this game.
Strictly speaking, the Spurs have been making fouls against the Clippers since the first game. However, in the first two games, they made fouls against twin brothers, but in the second game, their move has failed. Vicky decided to change the target. Artes Tai’s breakthrough is powerful, but the lack of change is just right for him to make fouls.
Both teams have prepared a lot of targeted arrangements before the game to give each other a surprise in the third game!
"Boss, our horse is about to appear. Why are you going to say hello to the two sisters without making a trace?"
"This question … do you think if I ignore any of them?"
"I think … it’s a good thing we don’t have a father … or love rat like you might end up with your own sister!"
Ji Guoqiu sighed again after sighing, but this expression is really a slap in the face of Ji Guoshame. Little fox has been wondering why he didn’t touch such a good thing.
Old Deng Liwei clapped his hands at this time, and the horses will arrive at the race. It’s time for them to play.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
Ji Guoshi came to the technical stage as usual after the home team’s entrance ceremony and did a back flip. Of course, this time he didn’t jump the technical stage so arrogantly!
Naturally, it was that 20,000 clipper fans in Staples Arena who greeted Brother Fox. There was a thunderous cheer in the arena!
Artest is also in high spirits today. Old Deng Liwei’s game is finally really important. He intends to help others attack the team on the offensive end.
The starting lineup of the two teams today has not changed the starting lineup of the Clippers: Chauncey Billups, James Posey Ron Artest, national humiliation and national hatred.
Spurs starting lineup: Tony Parker Michael Finley Bruce Bowen Tim Duncan Fabrizio Oberto
Before the game, Charles Buckley said, "Do you know Kenny? I’ve always listened to the faithful crowd of the Spurs in the past two days. With Duncan getting old, it will be even harder if the Spurs don’t win this year. "
Kenny Smith laughed and said, "Can I say that they are too greedy to think like this? You know, some poor guys didn’t even get a ring all their careers. These greedy guys. "
Charles Buckley really showed an extremely complicated expression when he heard this, including anger, embarrassment and naked jealousy!
"You’re right. The gdp portfolio has won three championships. There’s no reason for them to take the ring. It’s time for someone else to win the championship."
The next game is almost over, and the main players of the two teams’ substitute players are ready to compete for the ball.
Spurs players are more serious today. Without the first two games, they talked and laughed as if the whole team were made of stone. Losing the second game made them feel pressured and the Clippers’ strength increased, which made them afraid to take it lightly.
Duncan almost beat Brother Panda by jumping the ball in his energy.

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