In fact, many things can be explained by science. It is not easy to explain directly with Taoism. After all, science is also a variation of Taoism.

After all this, he went to Zi Xia Palace to visit Violet, and he was a little shocked when he saw Violet. Violets used to be. Dressed in a smart shirt and skirt, she is clean and tidy, but now she has become a Taoist.
"I’m a little surprised how you escaped into the door and became a monk!" Bai Meng knows this and the coldness of his day. There is a great connection, but there is some apology in my heart.
"I’m too clear to get away from being original, but I hope the guru will give me a cottage. If the guru is embarrassed to be original, I’ll leave!" Violets are indifferent, and the heroic spirit of the past disappears gently. He also took a purple jade charm and gave it to Bai Meng. "My teacher gave it back to the master!" he said.
Bai Meng felt distressed as if a knife was cutting, not only recalling the past, but there is no regret medicine in this world. He can go against the sky but can’t turn back the clock. Using the real yuan to see the purple jade characters in the mainland to know that it is almost the same as my original expected answer. What used to be a gratifying thing is now laughing.
After a long silence, Bai Mengcai sighed: "There are countless Taoist temples in Zixia Mountain for you to choose if you don’t like it. When I was a teenager, my family passed down a white garden, and no one has been there for three years. There is a Qing Mei ‘an. If you like me, you can go with me! "
Violet stood up and smiled silently, but it was a little dull and a little down and out, as if she had seen through all the things in the world of mortals. She still said gently and slowly, "Thank you, Master. I naturally chose that uninhabited place!"
I don’t know why Bai Meng suddenly thought of the phrase "no face to live in the world!" " This is really the same as that. It’s a pity!
Bai Meng sighed and stopped saying that she was going with violets in her arms. Suddenly, all her training was in ruins. She was shocked and asked angrily, "Who broke your Yuan God?"
Violet smiled faintly and whispered slightly distantly, "What is there to care about? Some of the most important things we care about are to hurt it, and we will regret it only after we really lose it. Compared with those things, this cultivation is just a cloud. "
Bai Meng opened his mouth to say something, but bowed his head and sighed again: "Come with me. There has been no one in the White Garden for many years. I miss it too. I will send you there. If you need anything in the future, just let Wang Ding know!"
Driving a cloud and leading violets to the white garden, they quietly fell down, only to find that the grass here is lush and elegant, as if it were a wild grass field.
Originally, I wanted Wang Ding to arrange someone to clean up here, and suddenly I felt that this was my home. I didn’t need to find anyone else to let Violet rest in Qing Mei ‘an. He hurried back to Zi Xia Wonderland, and only called violet scattered people, Tianyu and Tianhu nothing three people and four people hurried back to the White Garden.
As soon as I came back to the White Garden, the violet scattered people finally couldn’t help laughing out loud and said, "I didn’t expect you to think of it here. It’s strange to say that three years have passed in a hurry. Wonderland is wonderful, but how many times have I come back to this white garden in my dream! "
Tianhuzi suddenly jumped up and said, "Master moved away and moved to fairyland. This is our original home!"
Tianyu jokingly knocked on his forehead and said with a smile, "Where is your home? It is also my home, but it is not yours. Your home is in Luoyang!"
Tian Huzi was born like Bai Meng, and his parents left not many years ago. When people knew this, Tian Yuzi said, "Don’t be rude. Since Tian Huzi thinks this is his home, it is naturally his home!"
Tianhuzi sighed: "Master Bo is still good to me!"
Violet scattered people and laughed lightly, took the dust and hit him on the back with false anger. "I dare say that I really want to teach you a lesson today!" "
Nothing pretends to be in severe pain and keeps jumping around. Bai Meng is happy and sad, and he doesn’t care. They just show the three people Violet.
All three of them were shocked at the sight of violets and violets. The scattered people took the divinatory symbols and even counted two divinatory symbols, frowning slightly, raising their hands and offering a photo of the mirror of destiny. They couldn’t help sighing and saying to Tianyu, "Bai Yuer took the six-turn elixir given by your brother Tian Hezi and gave it to Violet!"
Violet hesitated for a long time but retreated from the two six-turn elixirs and violet scattered people and said, "Thank you for your charity, but elixirs are useless to me. I have seen through it. Samsara is not necessarily a bad thing. In the afterlife, I am willing to really be that violet, which will bloom forever in the deserted place on Ganquan Mountain! "
Violet scattered helpless can only silently a wry smile back then. And Bai Meng said: "This place has long been deserted. We seldom come back to clean up. We are willing to come back. Explain that it is better to live here for a while! "
"I really miss it here often!" Who said that people who cultivate immortality will not dream? The place where Bai Meng dreams of lingering is this white garden every day.
Let Tianyu and Tianhu go back and continue to deal with affairs. Bai Meng and violet scattered people settled down and blew a breeze to turn into more than ten Warawako. Clean up the white garden.
Go back to your former bedroom and open the closet. Looking at hundreds of sets of clothes, I couldn’t shake my head and smile. I simply took the cassock and changed into a black silk summer shirt and wore a pair of blue wooden slippers.
Pattering on the orange log floor feels like going back to three years ago.
After all, it is a century-old mansion manor, carefully arranged.
He also restored the elegance and grace of the past, invited Violet to accompany him and walked in the leisurely clouds in the plum blossom forest every evening.
Time flies, and it’s the day of the Tiandufeng War in Huangshan Mountain. Bai Meng is getting uneasy, and he can’t be as chic as he used to be. He decides to go back to Zi Xia Wonderland and prepare for this war.
Violet really saw through the world of mortals and reluctantly sent Bai Meng outside Qing Mei ‘an to say something but couldn’t open his mouth.
Bai Meng knew in his heart that he just put two six-turn elixirs in jade bottles and gently put them on the stone table. He looked up at the sky and suddenly sighed, "You have lost your land, but you still have it. Why give it up now?"
After saying this, Bai Meng led the violet to disperse the people and wanted to look back at the violets, but after all, he resisted.
"Don’t worry, after all, there will still be those good relationships between you and her when you meet each other. How can you easily turn them into waiting for the good times?" Violet scattered people know how much Bai Meng is still a little worried. They smiled indifferently and stared at Zixia Mountain and sighed again: "This child will be the first to be robbed of three major disasters in the future … Do you remember … the evil appeared in Roland’s robbery; The second robbery … poof! "
Violet scattered people here suddenly spit out one mouthful blood and fell on the lotus throne and quickly took an elixir. Bai Mengjing’s face turned pale, and his mother, Sheng Jie, hurried to hold the scattered person, knowing that it was because the scattered person was not blessed, but he was injured by the secret machine. He used Zhenyuan to stabilize the chaotic qi in the body: "How can this be a secret?"
The scattered man shook his head and said with a wry smile, "It’s really hard to say. I’ll think of some other ways to remind you carefully in the future!" "
Bai Meng said angrily, "Don’t remind anyone whose life is not as important as yours. Just give the mirror of destiny to Draco to be in charge of your peace of mind. I don’t expect anything else but that you can feel at ease and ascend to heaven! "
Violet stared at Bai Meng, and both of them looked complicated, and they no longer said anything to help each other.
Fang arrived at the gate of Wonderland Mountain and saw that Huang Lingzi was already ready. As soon as Bai Meng saw him, he waved his hand and smiled, "Brother, it’s time for us to attend that grand event!"

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