[Nearby] Like a flower and a small mushroom!

Ruhua is really a little angry this time. This little mushroom is two by two. Recently, it has been newly recruited into their small group. A younger sister usually does things casually, unlike ordinary girls who are always coy. He still appreciates it.
But today, when it happened to his friend, he didn’t feel so good. Hoohoo came to be a very cheerful girl. He used to make fun of her, which was called hand-disabled but heart-not-disabled. Although he has always been aware of his poor operation, he still likes to ask for advice and learn his favorite moves in the Royal Guards. Now, Little Mushroom says that, maybe others look at this girl really handsome, but he feels a little cruel to Hoohoo.
In particular, what is meant by "what’s wrong with the same gang?" What do you mean, "Why does Yunxian team up to save her?"
Shouldn’t Yunxian come to save? Are Mu Yunxian and hoof-hoof the same gang?
Joke! This little mushroom doesn’t know anything and is still there so arrogant.
Ruhua simply doesn’t know how to reply to the little mushroom.
But to say … What’s going on with this MuYun idle! Didn’t Ruhua meditate on being in a team? Does he care if Little Mushroom and Er treat hooves like this? Are you busy and don’t know what’s going on …
Just as Ruhua was still thinking about how Muyun idle didn’t come, Zuo Tangtang was in a complicated mood, but he saw a familiar white figure on the bridge behind Ruhua …
Mu Mu is here after all.
It turns out that Mu Mu is really here and playing with his friends in Luoyang.
It turns out that Mu Mu said that something urgent is an "urgent matter" like eyes!
Zuo Tangtang chuckled.
That’s all. Now she’s really tired and doesn’t want to pursue anything.
In less than two hours, she saw her friends’ urgent affairs and abandoned her. She also saw what "urgent affairs" her friends had.
I feel really sad.
Zuo Tangtang gawked at the screen and slowly lifted his hand to his chest position, but suddenly stopped to look at the figure getting closer and closer. Zuo Tangtang didn’t want to think about how much glistening silver would nag in her ear after the flower, and directly ordered the nearest resurrection.
The nearest resurrection reads quickly, but Zuo Tangtang seems to be so slow at this time. She doesn’t know what will directly want to escape at the moment she sees Mu Mu.
I don’t want them to know that their hands are so crippled and they don’t have their own baths.
Or don’t you want to see him and his friends there and listen to their attacks on yourself?
The negative emotions of inferiority and bitterness are filled with Zuo Tangtang’s heart. At the moment when he finished reading the article and his body disappeared, Zuo Tangtang understood.
It seems that even though I am very sad, I still don’t want her to see her in the most embarrassing way!
Just leave …
Like the end of a song, the game screen is slowly getting dark. In the jump interface, the instantaneous Zuo Tangtang actually vaguely saw Mu Mu calling himself.
Hehe Zuo Tangtang with a wry smile.
He should not know that he is lying there in a mess, right?
Yu Ruhua and the two men are going to tell him that she doesn’t want to think about it at this time, so pretend not to know.
[Nearby] Muyun idle hooves?
Wait until MuYun idle completely walked beside the flower and saw that it was swinging on the ground and slowly dropping ginkgo biloba from the next tree from time to time.
[Nearby] Muyun is idle? I just read it wrong. It seems
[Near] Like a flower …
[Nearby] Muyun is like a flower. You’re here, too. Well done!
[Nearby] You found Er and Xiao before Muyun Idle Line pulled you into a team.
[Nearby] Little Mushroom Flattery/Brother Yun ~
[Nearby] Muyun’s expression/what to do
[Nearby] Little Mushroom, are you and the nun waiting over there?
[Nearby] Mu Yun patted his head/not bashful to say!
Turned around and looked at one side and didn’t speak.
[Nearby] Muyun is idle! I told you! Let you rush the little results and see for yourself! What are you two grinding about?
[Nearby] Little mushroom complains/that is! Two! Look what you’ve done!

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