When the players come to the three women next to Zhang Ye, they feel vague about Xu Yin, because Xu Yin has never really entered the game, but they know that this person also knows that Ye Zhang and Xu Yin should be justified boyfriends and girlfriends, but Ye Zhang is not a good person, and his opinion of Xu Yin is not too good.

Zhiruo, a powerful fu Shi master, killed many people in Ye Zhang and once played the enemy and was noticed by her opponent. In Zhiruo, players felt a strong feeling of love and hate, and Zhiruo was also defined by players as Ye Zhang’s loyal loyalty.
But little beauty, she entered the glitz first, but by then it was her flashy marriage with the big whirlwind. She has always been a well-behaved person, but no one dares to ignore her, let alone disrespect her
But it is precisely because of this that the former is almost ignored in the minds of players. Her loneliness is not caused by the environment, but there has never been a real object in her heart.
At this time, the two men never spoke again. They were lonely and different, but they were all caused by one person. If Ye Zhang knew that the two women were talking about their own affairs at this time, he would be surprised, because even he himself was not sure which woman could accompany him to the end.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-six Goodbye Day
"I don’t think the two of us have reached the real decisive moment."
Thun III took the lead in saying this sentence, which was both a sign and a temptation. At this time, Ye Zhang was relieved and wary, because at this time, changes in expression could make the other party talk back.
Ye Zhang didn’t answer, but looked at each other with a smile on his face. Thun III was afraid that he would show great strength. He didn’t dare to bet on this battle without seeing the result, but Ye Zhang tasted otherwise.
Thun III left them for two hours with all kinds of ultimate BOSS beside him. During this time, no one spoke, and no one rashly attacked. This was a popular AI battle. In the end, Thun III seemed to be the first to retreat, but neither of them won or lost.
After Thun III left, Ye Zhang successfully entered the sacred valley, and the unified sign came with it.
"Congratulations on your discovery of the sacred valley historical site. 7/1 completion"
Finally, the seventh historical site has been discovered, and the last three, except Fenggu and Ottma, have one but I don’t know where it is. Fenggu and Ottma were both distorted by the fact that their glitz changed human history three years ago and led to the revival of the dynasty. These two races should be very powerful in the real historical track.
When Ye Zhang entered the sacred valley, he soon came to the town hall. When he entered the hall, he was stunned, because in his eyes, it was not Princess Murphy but Walcott who appeared on the throne.
He remembered that he had seen the coronation ceremony of the Lord of the Holy Valley three years ago. The heir was indeed Walcott, but Walcott gave up the title of Lord for some unknown reasons and finally fell to Princess Murphy.
Ye Zhang has a worship value in the sacred valley, and when Walcott saw Ye Zhang, he suddenly staggered, and a familiar feeling suddenly appeared in two people.
"Are you? !”
"It’s me!"
The question and answer between the two people raised a long-lost familiarity in Ye Zhang’s heart, but at this time Ye Zhang couldn’t help laughing, because it was not a good thing for the other party to meet Walcott several times, but for Ye Zhang, Walcott can be said to be another form of guide.
"What are you doing here?"
I don’t know how long it has crossed, and I don’t know whether it is in the future or in history. But at this moment, Ye Zhang read an impatient expression from Walcott’s face, as if the other party was happy that he could come but still felt a little disgusted.
And this kind of feeling immediately let Ye Zhang heart movement is because of each other this kind of expression can almost determine the present this sacred valley is the trajectory when the future world of science and technology appears.
However, it is meaningless to think about these things at this time. At this time, Ye Zhang looked around in the hall and finally locked in an NPC. Then he walked towards the NPC.
Master of professional skill appraisal When Ye Zhang clicked on the dialog box of the other party and saw the long-lost option, he finally typed the column of skill learning conditions and saw those skills learned by other methods.
Ye Zhang’s divine blessing is still at level 15, which is the level of weeping world, and the level of divine blessing is raised. Because he also studied the aura of undead judgment and other methods, he learned the last big move of the apocalypse. Because of this big move, players need to learn the skill tree of the apocalypse.
But at this time, Ye Zhang smiled in his heart and asked him to understand this skill attribute and skill principle management limit, so he could simulate it. The last big name of the Apocalypse, Light Rain, gave a continuous blow to the screen light attribute after charging for 1 second, and this skill is different from Grenade impact, that is, it can receive the blessing of apocalypse cooling effect.
And there are still three question marks after the rain. Obviously, they can be learned by learning after the rain or meeting certain professional conditions. But at this time, Ye Zhang can report regret.
Ye Zhang may have some other secrets from the sacred valley, the main city, but Ye Zhang has already explored it at this time. When he returned to the ruins of Gore, he found that the road blocked him and those ultimate BOSS departments disappeared.
Ye Zhang smiled at this. Thun III seemed to be too afraid of him. In fact, Ye Zhang would be relieved if he thought about it himself. If you really talk about a BOSS who can summon Exedia to fight, Ye Zhang would never have any plans for this BOSS.
After leaving the sacred valley, Ye Zhang decided to go to the Wind Valley and Otmar. Now that Thun III no longer stops his actions, it is the greatest welfare for Ye Zhang. But Ye Zhang also cries during the day. Once the main line ends, the expansion will also end, and Thun III will give up these unnecessary battles, but he will bet the final decisive battle on the last unknown historical site.
However, all this is behind us. It took Ye Zhang two hours to get to Fenggu, and then two hours to get to Otmar. When the historical site income reached 9/1, Ye Zhang finally ended his journey in the future science and technology world.
Ye Zhang is on his way to the passage leading to the weeping world. He is a little delayed here, but he can’t see the news of his friends in the future science and technology world. He is going to go back and make plans after contacting Feng Zhi and others.
However, when he had just returned to the weeping world, he saw several beating heads in his friend column, and his heart sank immediately. When he clicked the news of anger, he was in trouble when he left.
Angry inflammation sent a message that a Hayes had come, and it was Hayes, a weapon of four demigods. At this time, Ye Zhang suddenly remembered that during his confrontation with Thun III, he had been in the state of summoning Exedia, and the most flashy monster was summoned by ignorance.
How serious things are? Ye Zhang knows at this time, but he sent a message to Feng Zhihe Residual Blood, but he didn’t get a reply, which didn’t make his heart more ominous.
If it’s a Hayes, even if his four demigods are powerful, it’s just one person who will never let Feng Zhi and others make room to reply to the news. Is it that Hayes is not just an intruder?
Ye Zhang didn’t do it. He wanted to start the eternal state of tears. With the extreme moving speed, he hurried to the lost continent. When he arrived at the lost continent, another hour passed, but at this time no one sent him a message. Zhang Ye’s heart became more and more anxious. At this time, a man appeared in front of him, and this man should not appear at this time.
"I told you not to let me down when we meet again!"
At present, the mysterious man’s expression is light, but there is a powerful momentum that is ready to go. But at this time, Ye Zhang simply doesn’t want to entangle with him, but he suddenly shakes.
Is it true that Hayes took refuge in the mysterious man and launched an attack on the ruins?
At the thought of this, Ye Zhang couldn’t help but stop and re-examine the mysterious man in front of him. He is still mysterious and powerful, but at this time, Ye Zhang dare not summon Exedia because he sent a message to Zhi Ruo so that she could make Exedia summon the rune stone.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-seven Combination
After losing Exedia, the strongest reliance, Ye Zhang didn’t dare to be careless at all. He couldn’t see through this man’s strength, which made him feel stronger than Thun III. Perhaps this is also the consistent understanding of human fear of the unknown.
At this time, the mysterious man began to enter the fighting state, and the distance between the two people gradually shortened and the speed was fast, and he came to Ye Zhang in an instant.
At this moment, thousands of thoughts flashed through Ye Zhang’s mind, and he didn’t even come yet. At the end of the day, the environment was almost a sense of self-protection, which made him start the sacred blessing and the war.
When the attack hit these two shields, Ye Zhang felt his blood volume drop rapidly, and then a sense of linear shock and strength emerged in Ye Zhang’s mind
He was beaten out of the Beggar’s Emperor effect and entered the weak device. His strength was comparable and his opponent’s power was unbelievable, but it seemed that he had already known a little bit about it, which made him gradually restrain his heart from shaking during his trance.
"You won’t kill me?"
At this time, Ye Zhang almost randomly invited someone to let him out, but he saw the mysterious man stop. There was a feeling of extreme disappointment and loneliness in his face. He was indeed very strong, and this powerful performance was the absolute power that Ye Zhang had always wanted to pursue.
"You don’t deserve me to kill you!"
I’m afraid I haven’t heard anyone say this sentence to myself for a long time. Ye Zhang couldn’t help smiling bitterly. As he is so vulnerable in the face of absolute power, he also knows that even if he changed his anger, he also has his fate here. Maybe the result will be the same.
In that instant, it’s like being pointed at by a gun and then pulling the trigger. If a normal person, he will avoid it instead of standing up to meet it. Players have no professional training, and they can’t make the right choice at the first time.
But the former Ye Zhang took advantage of this when he calculated Thun III’s absolute logic in turn. Because Ye Zhang showed strength, Thun III would not think about how much strength Ye Zhang could play, but he would definitely think that Ye Zhang could show a perfect fighting state.
At this time, Ye Zhang sighed in his heart. In fact, he had done a good job before, and the sacred blessing and the war of the gods were also very unusual. However, the gap between the two sides was too big, and the opponent’s strength had already exceeded the scope that the player could understand. Avoid being killed by a blow
"Did you let Hayes attack my friend?"
Ye Zhang can’t resist life and death at this time, but he is calm when he thinks about each other. Even if he is going out, he needs to worry about it.
However, when a sharp light came to Ye Zhang from the other side’s eyes, it suddenly became clear that a powerful character like the mysterious man would share the victory side by side with others. He is a loner, so there should be someone else attacking the ruins besides Hayes.
At this time, Zhang Ye didn’t help much. After thinking for a few moments, he found that his opponent was really not interested in killing him, but Zhang Ye’s heart was filled with reluctance. He suddenly said something, although he knew that doing so might offend his opponent, he still said something.
"Give me five minutes and I can hit you!"
Ye Zhang’s words raised a little curiosity and expectation for the mysterious man. Perhaps there is an absolute logic in his role design, which is different from Thun III.
If Thun III is a wise man who is good at analyzing the situation and opponents, then the mysterious man is the only one who is independent.
The mysterious man will not calculate the strength of his opponent, but he will think that he is the strongest and this role is also the most difficult, but Ye Zhang believes that if he is prepared for him, he has the strength of World War I.
Mysterious man’s silence seems to have agreed to Ye Zhang’s "rational" request. At this time, Ye Zhang was already ready, and he didn’t get angry. It is precisely because of this that it didn’t take him too long to get through the weak period of 1% blood volume with 270,000 blood volume now.
When two minutes passed, Ye Zhang had filled up his blood volume with the holy light, and at the same time, he blessed himself with various states.

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