Around Qi Yufeng, you usually drill a sword to find out and even stab two people’s throats. When they saw that the sword was fierce, they quickly retreated. Qi Yufeng stepped forward and cut one of them’s belly, and then picked up another person’s head with half of his shoulder.

Hai Lanbi saw that the two men’s swords were like tigers and mountains, like meteors, and almost every time they moved, they fell a hand. He was surprised and inexplicable. He knew that this snowy mountain flying fox was terrible, but he never thought that Hu Fei had brought that wonderful swordsmanship boy to be so brave.
Seeing that the two men are only a few tens of steps away, Heilan Bi couldn’t help pounding his heart and quickly shouted, "Shoot the arrow!"
Hundreds of archers around you have long been ready to hear orders and shoot arrows one after another.
At the sight of Hu Ji, they quickly let go of their opponents and threw torches, and danced the sword into an arc and flew back. Heilan Bi was furious and shouted one after another, "Don’t let these two get away! Stop with an arrow! "
But those two people are outstandijīng in flying skills, such as flying birds, flying birds, flying birds, j and ng, four-elephant footwork, swimming fish and sliding, and two people are prancing around and retreating at a rapid pace, which won’t make the arrows sent by martial arts archers catch up.
Pei Hu retreated to the hall and shouted "Back off! Return to the main hall! "
The poor family helped all the people to dare not continue to fight, but also returned to the hall. Because many masters such as Pei Hu and Qi Yufeng Yuan Guannan postponed the Qing soldiers, they retreated to the hall because they did not dare to interfere with the previous party.
Everyone went into the temple door to clean up the number of people who found six dead and five injured, and then they danced with eyebrows. The poor family helped to say that Clear The Demon, who had been killed by Kangqing for several years, did not have such a lot of cheers and cheers.
Chen Yuanhou quietly said to Pei Hu with a heavy face, "We have only about a hundred fighters, and there are nearly a thousand people outside. We can’t underestimate our enemies!"
While Yuan Guannan and Yang Zhonghui nodded to each other is also worried.
Pei Hu heard Qi Yufeng glances immediately laughed;
Chapter 45 Seven Hearts Begonia
When they saw the Pei Hu Qi Yufeng God Se laughing, they looked at each other inexplicably.
Pei Hu took off his sheepskin coat and took out a parcel from a hidden bag, from which he picked out some pills.
Give it to Chen yuanhou, "make one pill in an altar and give it to each of you for a drink."
Chen Yuanhou was puzzled when he put the pills into several jars of wine and distributed them according to the instructions.
Waiting for everyone to take a sip of wine, a few people got together again. Yuan Guannan was a little inebriated with a slightly tipsy face and made a big speech with a wine bowl. "Today, I am fortunate that Hu Daxia is such a contemporary hero. Let’s go out and kill more tartars in a moment!"
When everyone nodded and said that they were holding up their wine bowls one by one, their expressions were very tragic and they toasted Pei Hu together.
Pei Hu smiled and drank a bowl of Yuan Guannan and poured himself a bowl and turned to Yang Zhonghui’s affectionate way. "We haven’t left half of our husband and wife …"
Qi Yufeng heard the words and laughed and immediately sprayed a mouthful of wine in the tunnel. "Yuan Xianggong, is this a broken wine?"
Yuan Guannan to sincerely smell speech was dumbfounded. "Isn’t that …"
The word "decapitated wine" is so unlucky that he has never said that he has seen this Qi Yufeng smirked. If he is often embarrassed, he can’t help secretly admire his heart. This person has died and deserves to be a master of flying foxes in snowy mountains.
Qi Yufeng laughed. "Don’t worry, you won’t die today, and you won’t die. I predict the funeral, such as waiting for a moment."
Say to the front of the door, far away from the door, Hailanbi is spitting and flying, and he is preparing for a wave of offensive and can’t help but sneer at it.
Pei Hu asked, "Is it about time?"
Qi Yufeng looking back deliberately inscrutable nodded "321" and made a snap.
There’s a noise outside …
Qi Yufeng slightly embarrassed cough a look at the outside of the Qing army formation shield hand knife axe hand archer layer cascade folds thousands of teams to form a wall.
Approaching slowly before forming a ball, he was fearless and continued "321"
At the count of one hour, the wilderness suddenly snapped like fireworks, and the green flowers bloomed one after another, dazzling and dazzling everywhere.
The Qing army came to move forward cautiously, only to be surprised by the sudden change.
They went to the door of the temple and looked at the outside.
Suddenly, the poor families who were tied together in the temple shouted, "Why can’t I see clearly?"
"I’m … I’m blind."
These people are crying, dad and mom are in a mess.
And outside the army is also cried the scattered like autumn wind swept the leaves fell one by one.
That Heilan Bi’s xiaoqi ginseng was poisoned especially deeply, and immediately his knees gradually bent and his body softened, and his face Gherardini looked very strange.
Everyone around him fell to the ground, unconscious, poisoned, blind, shouting, and slowly felt paralyzed and stiff.
This original killing battlefield has become a shura, and hell is full of ghosts and ghosts.
When Chen Yuanhou saw the horror outside, he felt that the green fireworks were like demons in his heart, but he observed for a long time and felt that the fireworks explosion had both peculiar smell and smoke, so he turned to look at Pei Hu.
Pei Hu nodded at him and said, "The first strange poison in the day-Seven Hearts Begonia."
They heard that the word "first day, strajīnge poison" suddenly made a burst of pins and needles in the scalp, and then lamented that Pei Hu’s martial arts were so well-informed that even poison was so j and ng. I really don’t know what he can’t do.
Pei Hu looked out at the door, and there were still fireworks, bright and gorgeous. She couldn’t help but think of the owner of the seven-hearted begonia, and her life was as bright as this fireworks, and then she was silent.
Seven-hearted begonia, the poison Se, stinks, but she can always carve an indelible mark on Pei Hu’s heart.
They saw that Pei Hu looked up at the faint tears in the corner of the star, and I don’t know why when there was silence.
Have Qi Yufeng know she remembered Cheng Lingsu, the contemporary wonder woman unknowingly shook her head and sighed.
People outside are getting lower and lower, and finally only a few people are poisoned and blinded, crawling around until their bodies become stiff and they die sadly.
Outside, such as Qi Yufeng Yuan Guannan and others ran out to clean up the battlefield and saw the corpses lying in the shade of the ditch outside the hill.
The dead are smiling as if they were dreaming a beautiful dream.
In this world, crane-top red, peacock gall, ink spider juice, carrion paste, rainbow bacteria, green silkworm eggs, Agkistrodon halys saliva, soft-shelled turtle and sweet potato buds are all known as poison kings, but Se stinks and makes people die of poisoning unconsciously, but there are seven-hearted begonia.
When master Chen, the poisonous drug king, returned from overseas, he brought back ten kinds of begonia with seven hearts and distributed them to master Chen and Shi Wanchen, who could grow a living.
It was not until Cheng Lingsu, the younger brother of Master Chen, that he realized that the spirit cultivation method had lived a strange poison this day.
After Cheng Lingsu’s death, Pei Hu got seven-hearted begonia, which he never liked to handle flowers and plants, but in memory of Cheng Lingsu, he carefully cultivated several seven-hearted begonia in Yubi Villa.
Later, Miao Ruolan married him. Although she didn’t know martial arts, she liked to wait for flowers and grass to plant the seven-hearted begonia.
Considering that guarding the treasure of King Chuang is bound to offend the heavenly master Pei Hu, he refined the seven-hearted begonia in candles and fireworks.
Today, Ri, he and Qi Yufeng spread the seven-hearted begonia all over the forest, and the candles were burned and melted by torches, which revealed the package. Among them, the fireworks, seven-hearted begonia, finally wiped out the army of Hailanbi.
Qi Yufeng and other people turned a circle, but the original team of one thousand people caught four alive.
Pei Hu saw these four blind people begging for mercy on their knees with a slight sigh and said, "We have killed enough people today. Will these four blind people spare their lives?"
They all nodded one after another, and they killed more than a thousand people this night. At this time, they couldn’t help but be concerned.
Hu Fei said, "In that case, what shall we do?"
Yuan Guannan said, "I went to Jilin and led my troops back to rebel."
Pei Hu shook his head and said, "There are many masters around Fu Kangan. At this time, the mutiny in Wula City is bound to cause casualties for us, but we will not move at all. Why don’t you lead this team to Changbai Mountain quietly along the line of Yongji Huadian Fusong, and I will help you choose a grass to be a mountain king?"
Yuan Guannan thought for a moment and nodded.
Pei Hu added, "Today’s World War I is bound to disturb Fu Kangan. I wanted to sneak into the city and kill him. Now I can’t get it, so you can go together."
Yuan Guannan cried the big heart and got this help. Those who sacrificed Ding Xiaoqiao School were much more fooled.
How many people in Liaodong don’t know the name of the snow-capped mountain flying fox?
Chen Yuanhou, Zhao Laosan, also said, "So we took Master Du and went to Changbai Mountain to join us?"
Yuan Guannan laughed. "So the top three castellans must be three."

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