At this moment, Lin Ze and Shaying Belit are no longer on the same ladder. Linze doesn’t believe that Shaying Belit will give up his long-range attack advantage to fight in close combat! If things really come to that, then all the actions taken by Shaying Bailey to stop Lin Ze from getting close are in vain …

But it is precisely because everyone will not believe that Shaying Belit will choose to fight with Lin Ze in close combat. At this moment, Shaying Belit’s choice will make everyone consciously open his mouth.
See this stop in Shaying Belit and Lin Ze strange blue flame disappeared instantly Shaying Belit’s body suddenly leaned forward and ran a step in the direction of Lin Ze, then the body directly fell to the ground and went to Lin Ze to shovel. Belit actually chose to fight with Lin Ze in close combat. A roaming gunman with the advantage of long-range attack turned out to be a shadow fighter with strong melee ability. I’m afraid everyone will feel that Shaying Belit’s brain is broken except Dr. Giselle in the battle.
Shaying Bailey’s brain is not broken because he is also very confident about his close combat strength! If the former Shaying Belit is a sharp bow and arrow, then Belit has turned into a knife longer than sharp to stimulate Lin Ze’s skin to get goose bumps.
Shaying Bailey’s sliding shovel has just been shoveled to Linze in an instant. Lin Ze’s reaction force naturally cannot be shoveled down by Bailey! In Belit’s about to kick himself in the left foot, Lin Ze suddenly leaps up. If Belit continues to shovel to Lin Ze, it will definitely fall to Taishan without mercy. Even Belit should be too much, right?
However, since Shaying Bailey chose the sliding shovel, how could he not know that this kind of attack was easily hidden by Lin Ze? So he jumped high in Lin Ze, suddenly got up and his right leg actually volleyed a ling. At this time, the tall height advantage of Tianren was finally reflected.
Shaying Bailey actually kicked Lin Ze’s body with one foot. As soon as Lin Ze lost control of this force in Bailey, but just as Lin Ze tried to forcibly reverse his body to fight back, Shaying Bailey slammed into a knee and pushed Lin Ze’s body up again. In Lin Ze, Shaying Bailey’s body was about to fall instantly, and his hands suddenly propped up. The whole person had already turned around and kicked Lin Ze’s chest. Once again, he got a heavy kick and his body fell to the ground, splashing a dust smell.
Bailey, this series of moves is more skillful than Lin Zegen. There is no reaction at all! Although this has something to do with Lin Ze’s decreased agility due to the "death revolver", Shaying Bailey’s strong body skills still made Lin Ze feel a great pressure
The original Linze will be able to win as easily as Qilan and Felton Christian’s battle in efreet when he is close to Shaying Belit! However, Shaying Belit is Shaying Belit, who deserves to be the leader of callert organization, and the melee strength is also so strong.
Lin Ze rubbed his chest that has purple footprints can’t help but take a deep breath. How strong is the strength of Bailey, who can leave such a bruise on his body after several times of strength training? The original is already an advantage, but I didn’t expect to be beaten by Shaying Bailey in the end.
Lin Ze feel very nai but there is no way! Shaying Bailey, his body is much more agile than himself at this time. I’m afraid that if he didn’t escape when he was himself, he would have been stepped on by Bailey! Although belite has the last bullet left, this bullet is enough to make him lose his fighting ability …
After such a long battle, Lin Ze has been very clear about the power of Shaying Belit’s imprint revolver. If it is not that he is * * strong, he can’t bear Shaying Belit’s shot if he and Felton Christian come alone.
"Pojun rises to the dragon!"
Lin Ze in got up and instantly cast out this a bully body skills! If Pojun’s dragon stroke can lift Shaying Belit perfectly, then Lin Ze is confident that the perfect combination will defeat Shaying Belit … But how can Shaying Belit be lifted by Lin Ze Pojun with such a flexible posture?
Bailey, but a slight sideways, he has deftly escaped Lin Ze’s attack! While Shaying Belit dodged this attack, he was ready to kick Lin Ze away again with the roundhouse kick. At this time, Shaying Belit and Lin Ze did not attack him in a straight line, but he was able to kick Lin Ze with the roundhouse kick.
This is a good opportunity, and Shaying Belit has a strong ability to seize the opportunity! However, in the instant when Shaying Bailey held his hands on the ground, Linze’s body surface was filled with murder fluctuations, and at this moment he finally seized the opportunity!
Chapter 736 Bailey’s fifth bullet
The fluctuation broke out! A metaphysical force slammed into Shaying Belit, and as soon as Belit held his hand, he felt his body out of control in an instant …
This time, it’s finally Lin Ze’s turn to seize the opportunity to attack. You know, even if Lin Ze can’t make ghosts and gods work, he still has many powerful skills. In fencing, ghost fencing, post-jump chop and sword-drawing chop have all been released perfectly, which has also caused great damage to Shaying Bailey. However, Lin Ze’s series of attacks have not completely defeated Shaying Bailey, but the last sword-drawing chop has completely angered Bailey because he hit Shaying Bailey’s imprint! If there is no imprint revolver to stop Shaying Bailey, it is very likely that he has lost his fighting ability in Lin Ze …
Weapons are the second life of every gunman.
Seeing an old friend blocking a blow by himself, there was a flash of anger in the eagle eyes of Shaying Bailey. Lin Ze felt a chill arrival. At this time, Lin Ze suddenly found that he had been drawn out by himself to cut the flying sand shadow Bailey, which was conveniently out of his attack range.
Oneself and ShaYing Bailey once again pulled the distance …
At this time, Sand Shadow Belit is like a falcon, nutritious and chic, pulling out a gun from the ground and aiming at it. At this moment, Lin Ze’s hair has stood on end, and Lin Ze feels a fatal threat. If Sand Shadow Belit aims at the key position of the terrain, he is likely to die in his shot.
Is a mechanical revolver day clan can bring such a big threat to Lin Ze! This is Lin Ze never thought that the original Lin Ze is a clan with strong long-range attack power, but no matter how powerful they are, they also have no advantage over this group of people in fighting by virtue of their own weak external forces …
But now Lin Ze is found himself in a really some underestimate them! Shaying Bailey let himself be so embarrassed by these four shots. What if Bailey doesn’t just use five bullets anymore? I can rely on my own defense to resist five bullets fired by Shaying Belit. What about the sixth and seventh bullets? Will you still have the strength to resist?
The Tianzu people are really powerful.
Through this field, the battle is not over yet. Qilan, Felton Christian and the 27 quasi-knights of the Secret Instrument Order behind them have already gained a new understanding of the strength of the Tianren.
Seems to have reached the final decisive moment, sand shadow Bailey, holding up the imprint revolver in his hand and aiming at Lin Ze like this! Lin Ze seems to have a passive defense option so far away from him, but holding up the imprint revolver, Shaying Bailey has never fired.
Lin Ze stared at Bailey’s eagle-like eyes and saw what he meant.
Shaying Bailey doesn’t want to see himself as a defense. He wants to attack by himself. The curtain of this battle should be that both sides attack each other instead of one attacking and the other defending. The old ending is over …
Feeling the chill on the body surface, Lin Ze realized that if he didn’t attack and defend simply, I’m afraid Belit would have no mercy on this bullet. This time, he may be aiming at his most deadly place, right? Want to be in life and death at this time. Linze got excited …
What is more exciting for the craziest fighter than walking a tightrope in life and death?
Lin Ze gently nodded to the characteristics of Shaying Bailey. In an instant, Lin Ze has already started the fluctuation engraving and murder. The fluctuation and fluctuation outbreak have once again been enhanced. At the same time, two different forms of fluctuation prints appeared on Lin Ze’s head
Two wave marks are enough for Lin Ze to make him use ghost marks, but Lin Ze did not choose to release them at the first time.
Because he felt that the ghost-printed bead method formed by two wave prints posed an effective threat to Shaying Belit.
He still needs a stronger increase.
At this moment, Lin Ze’s pair of silver eyes instantly stare big and bloody strength emerges from Linze body, and Lin Ze turns pale in an instant. At this moment, Lin Ze has entered a bloodthirsty state!
But it’s not over yet! The emergence of bloodthirsty state is where the blood gas skills are increased, and it is the best choice to release the bloodthirsty skills after they are released.
Linze suddenly growled, and there was a white mist in the bloody breath around Linze.
Outbreak and bloodthirsty, the two strongest growth skills in Lin Ze, have appeared at the same time in Linze’s body. Outbreak and bloodthirsty have once again formed two strange fluctuation marks on Lin Ze’s head. At this time, four fluctuation marks have appeared on Lin Ze’s head.
After the outbreak and bloodthirsty growth, plus four fluctuations, Lin Ze’s ghost print bead power will be the strongest that Lin Ze has ever made …
Now this is Lin Zeli’s going to Lin Ze, and the Ssangyong Magic Shadow Sword has scattered black phosgene, and the smell of dust has been attracted by the black light of Lin Ze’s blade.
Ghost print bead has been thrown out by Lin Ze with stronger adsorption! If this ghost print bead can’t stop the bullet of Shaying Belit, then there’s nothing Lin Ze can do. Ghosts and spirits can’t make Lin Ze’s strongest blow now is this ghost print bead …
Feel the power of this ghost print bead, and everyone’s face has changed in the place! All of them think that it is impossible for them to survive after this ghost print bead hits them! But the only person who didn’t change color at the scene was Lin Ze’s opponent Shaying Belit. At this time, his eyes were completely attracted by this imprinted revolver in his own hand.
Holding the imprint revolver, Shaying Bailey seems to hold his lover. Nothing outside can interfere with his communication with his imprint revolver. The ghost imprint beads are getting closer and closer to Bailey with a dusty atmosphere, while Shaying Bailey still maintains this gun posture.
In a few seconds at most, this spinning black energy ball will hit Shaying Belit. If Shaying Belit doesn’t fire this bullet, the result of this battle will be doomed …
Just as everyone Shaying Bailey, who had been deterred by Lin Ze’s ghost print beads and gave up the attack, Shaying Bailey raised a sneer at the corner of his mouth to see him suddenly hold up his proud head and fasten his right index finger instantly!
The red light flashed from this imprinted revolver, and then everyone saw a red awn that seemed to cut through the whole world and hit the black ghost print bead in Lin Ze! A simple and simple little bullet and a huge ghost print bead spiraling constantly form a fresh contrast. If we just look at the figure, Lin Ze ghost print bead will occupy an absolute advantage.
But when Lin Ze saw Shaying Bailey shoot this last bullet, Lin Ze knew that he had condensed in a hurry. The ghost print bead root method resisted this bullet. Shaying Bailey paid more attention to his imprint revolver than he did to the ghost print bead.
Everyone says that the more you pay attention to one thing, the easier it is for people to succeed! But in this impetuous world, how many people will be willing to be lonely and have been quietly studying the same thing? There is no doubt that Shaying Belit did it …
Shaying Bailey did it absolutely seriously, but Lin Ze devoted himself to carving every skill because there were too many complicated skills in the city. This final duel has been divided into high levels, even if he blessed Lin Ze’s runaway and bloodthirsty ghost, he could stop Shaying Bailey’s last bullet.
The red line drawn by the bullet disappeared in the ghost print bead department, and the whole world seemed to be quiet, but the silence seemed to last for a few milliseconds, and then the dazzling red light burst out from the black ghost print bead department, just like the simple red line drawn by the previous bullet.
The whole day is dyed red by this light! In this way, Lin Ze’s ghost print bead instantly exploded to black shadow soul force, as if it were a fog spreading, and all the spectators’ eyes were blocked by a black fog, and then they felt that a red light appeared from Lin Ze’s side and disappeared at the end of the world at a very fast speed.
A drop of blood fell on the ground along the flight path of the bomb and was slowly infected and buried by dust.
The dust settled, and Lin Ze and Shaying Belit fought. The last bullet of Shaying Belit drew a full stop, and the black fog gradually dissipated. Shaying Belit’s posture was still so natural and unrestrained, while Lin Ze was kneeling on the ground clutching his chest.
Lin Ze was shot by Shaying Belit. The head shot didn’t aim at Lin Ze’s head. Although the bullet penetrated Lin Ze’s chest, he was still unconscious with Lin Ze’s physique. Lin Ze knew that this was Shaying Belit’s hand. If the head shot really aimed at his head, then the brain splash was probably his own field.
If you beat Shaying Bailey yourself, then Qilan and Felton Christian should be as serious as themselves. Shaying Bailey, I’m afraid he needs a bullet to make a man. He’s really the leader of the callert organization …
Lin Ze nai shook his head, but now I can’t be in a coma! If you are in a coma, your own group of people can be "taken" by Dr. Giselle for experiments as before. Your own group of people who don’t belong to this world are very rare unknown creatures for Dr. Giselle
Chapter 737 Join callert?
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Lin Ze felt a sharp pain in his body every breath. Shaying Belit’s bullet directly penetrated Lin Ze’s lungs! Although at this time, Lin Ze’s own left wrist sapphire Wang Teng is constantly replenishing his vitality, the damage caused by this "headshot blow" still makes Lin Ze feel rooted.
Lin Zeqiang got up the spirit and took out a perfect red ginseng from his ring and stuffed it directly into his mouth. This was the time when Lin Lang celebrated his 50th birthday. The wooden house owner asked for it and gave it to Lin Lang, the king of blood ginseng for ten thousand years. This holy medicine that can make bones raw and flesh raw made Lin Ze really have some waves in this situation.
However, this kind of blood can almost regenerate the blood and blood, and the effect on Lin Ze is also extremely obvious. Lin Ze can feel the red energy of the blood and blood, the sapphire, the rattan and the cyan energy meet together, and the pain in his body is slowly relieved. He will not directly pass out.
The battle is over, which is beyond everyone’s imagination. Lin Ze is also slowly getting up, although he feels a little quivering.
Looking at Lin Ze’s pain to the twisted face, Shaying Bailey nodded slightly at him. He naturally knew how the effect of the "head shot" attack was abnormal. For Lin Ze, he was able to hold back his unconsciousness. Shaying Bailey still felt very admired. Anyway, Lin Ze made him play five bullets. Lin Ze has been recognized by Shaying Bailey …
Lin Ze left with his companions.
Shaying Belet didn’t speak, but looking into Belet’s eyes, Lin Ze already knew his thoughts! Maybe this is a feeling of appreciate each other? Lin Ze forcibly dragged his tired body toward Dr Giselle’s side, and Qilan and Felton Christian also hurriedly held Lin Ze before.

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