Sun Sheng mumbled a sentence of "no big or little" and joined three people in white robes.

"How come you’re still in Zizhulin without me?"
"We are still here; Don’t practice your baby? "
"I’m tired of not practicing"
"It’s a bit boring to watch the baby kill himself normally and not start work. Come on, we’ll wait for you, and we’ll have a good time again."
"I’m coming!"
After that, Sun Sheng immediately made a roll back to the city. I didn’t care much about this thing before I bought it when I was hiding in the bamboo forest. However, this thing is still very useful when the player is far away from the city and busy returning to the city. Although a roll back to the city costs twenty silver coins, it is much more expensive than sending it to the array, but it is a very cost-effective thing for Sun Sheng.
Back in the city, Sun Sheng was sent to the vicinity of Zizhulin to ride a horse and ran to the three men, who joined Sun Sheng in the team.
Although it’s early in the morning, it’s the most time for players. Some players have something to do during the day. Playing games while resting at night can relieve the pressure of their careers. Therefore, there are not a few white-collar workers in this game, and they become the main players at night. However, because the lines are generally short, their grades are generally not too high. Now it is considered an elite part to be able to mix in Zizhulin.
I found the handsome guy in the white robe. The three of them greeted each other first and then brushed up.
It’s still that the brush of the bamboo grove can take the initiative to attack the bamboo monster. The only difference is that when we see the patrol of the bamboo grove again this time, several people choose to hide temporarily.
The three handsome men in white robes are going to fight again, but Sun Sheng stopped himself from dealing with them at least, and the elder of Zizhulin killed a bamboo forest. That’s just it. It’s somebody else’s generosity. If you still find somebody else’s trouble now … Hey, hey, how horrible the elder of Zizhulin is. Sun Sheng knows that although it can’t move at will now, it’s time to meet it himself. Now, it’s better to endure it first, and that elder feels good to Sun Sheng. Now, killing it can be an excuse to help it implement family planning, but killing
And three people explained that they had to make friends with the elders of Zizhulin. These Zizhulin inspectors couldn’t kill three people, so they gave up happily. Although some people were distressed and didn’t get the equipment, Sun Sheng still had to give it.
"When you’re done, when you’re done, let’s clean up the elders of Zizhulin. It must be a good thing."
Sun Sheng caught a glimpse of Dian Wei’s life. "It’s nice to go to that old man. I don’t want to kill him. If he gives me something good when I’m finished, I’ll call him a benefactor. I can’t kick down the ladder."
"Don’t kill, don’t kill, but you’ll get cheaper sooner or later."
This Sun Sheng has nothing to say. Yeah, if you don’t kill yourself, someone else will. There is such a big guy who can’t be stupid and knows how to explode something. How can no one do it? Now, although no one has found it, it’s only a matter of time before Sun Sheng sighed. Although he won’t fight against the elders, it’s impossible for him to fight against it, and the players will always mix with other players.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-one Happy breakfast
Sun Sheng is not the kind of person who is very sentimental. Worry comes quickly and sighs quickly. Sun Sheng also puts this matter aside. It is tacit understanding to kill monsters as it was not long ago, and the efficiency is also high. It is also fast for several people to kill them. Every time there is a patrol in the purple bamboo forest, several people have to temporarily hide. However, it is very good for mobsters to explode things with equipment. Less of those things can still be sold in shops, while dozens of pieces like bamboo charcoal can only be sold for a silver coin, which is too much to be put in bags. Not yet. The other three people are lucky, but Sun Sheng doesn’t care. The thought of stabbing Xiao Yan in the bamboo forest can leave you thousands of miles away.
Although the process of killing monsters looks hot, there is nothing to talk about, that is, going back and forth. After three or four hours, the sun has already revealed the first few talents and decided not to brush it. It’s already early in the morning. Sun Sheng, although there is nothing, there are still classes for several people in white robes. At this time, several people have passed 40% of the experience in white robes and 50% of the experience in Dian Wei. At this rate, if you come back twice, several people will definitely be able to upgrade!
"It’s so fucking cool to have you set fire at a different speed!"
"Modesty Modesty can’t be so cool if you don’t blame me for wanting to prevent fire!" Sun Sheng walked over and patted Dian Wei’s chest face with a smug expression.
"Come on, you two, don’t be disgusting. Let’s get back together another day. We have to go online, pack up and go to class."
"Oh, I know it’s early now, and I have to treat myself. By the way, you guys are universities, right?"
"Yes, we are all in Jilin University. We are only sophomores this year. If you come to our place to play with your brothers another day, you will be entertained!"
"I depend on the northeast? Come on, who doesn’t know that your host is just pouring wine into the dead? I want to live for two more days. I won’t go. Even if I go, I won’t come to you! "
"Ha, ha, ha, you’re not coming. If you come, you’ll have to let us break the white robe, which means you’re serious when you say it’s purely polite to you."
Sun shengda Khan!
"Since you say so, I have to go to your place to play after I graduate in a few months. I’m sorry for your wallet!"
Several people listened to the laughter.
"Line line not kidding line! Bye bye. "
"Well, bye-bye." Sun Shenghe shook hands with several people and looked at several people who lost the line themselves.
Sitting up from the bed, I was surprised to see that the other five people in the dormitory were discussing something enthusiastically instead of lying in bed and playing games with helmets as usual.
"I depend on the sun coming out in the west today? Why are you all up? " Sun Sheng put his helmet away and stretched himself out to exercise a muscle.
"You finally wake up. If you don’t wake up, we all say we won’t wait for you." The old man’s face lit up and said to Sun Sheng, making Sun Sheng confused.
"Wait for me? Wait for me to do what? Is there a class today? "
"Are you crazy? When is this time to return to class? We are waiting for you to get up and have dinner together! Don’t you spend money on us. "
Sun Sheng immediately froze his waist and stopped his body. After standing still for a moment, he suddenly got up and ran to the window to hit the window and look out.
"What are you looking at?"
"What about the sun? What about the sun in the west? Why didn’t I see it? " As he spoke, Sun Sheng also exaggerated his hand to build an arbor and looked at the western sky.
"Do you want to die?" When the boss came, he hugged Sun Sheng. "I let you see the house and you can’t see clearly. Go out and have a look."
Sun Shengli shouted at the windowsill, "Help! Kill people! Boss, let go. Boss, I was wrong. I was wrong! "
It’s better than strength. Sun Sheng is not younger than the boss, but now that Sun Sheng is half-length out of the window, he can’t make the effort. He has to beg for mercy.
The boss released Sun Sheng and said, "Are you going?"
"What not to go? As soon as I put my clothes on the mountain, "Sun Sheng saw that several people had put on their coats, and it was even more gratifying to know that several people were not joking. It was a rare sight in a hundred years. How many people had to invite themselves to dinner and say what they had to give to several people?
Soon Sun Sheng put on his clothes, and six people locked the door and walked to the dining hall.
By the time the door of the canteen, Sun Sheng had said something. How many people would invite themselves to eat something good? As a result, he came to the school canteen.
"Hey, I should have known that these people are not so generous!" Sun Sheng himself was naive and sighed deeply.
"Why don’t you want to eat in the canteen?" I don’t know how the old six actually saw Sun Sheng sigh and asked immediately before.
In the face of five people’s confused eyes and bad looks, Sun Sheng quickly appeared in denial. "Where did I suddenly see so many beautiful women in the cafeteria, but none of them were my wife’s feelings?"
"Oh … really?"
"How can I tell a lie?" Sun Sheng hurriedly cleared his name.
"Don’t worry, I’m not going to the third floor today!"
The boss said that Sun Sheng was more confused.
There are three floors in the canteen, and the first and second floors are the school’s standard canteen equipment-the uniform dining table, dining chairs and uniform appearance are almost unchanged, and at the same time, it is a bit difficult to arouse people’s appetite-most students eat here, but the third floor is different. The third floor is rather a combination of various catering chain branches. It makes no difference between eating on the third floor and eating in ordinary restaurants, but the price there is not low and it is much higher than that outside. It’s because it’s convenient for someone to celebrate a birthday and receive a friend. There are still many people who come here for dinner, but Sun Sheng and others rarely come to this place. If one of the six people has a birthday, they would rather go outside the school than here-hard work and plain living are probably the only thing that the six people have in common.
"Let’s go, let’s have a good time today!" Old four came and put her arms around Sun Sheng’s shoulder and almost forced him to pull to the third floor.
Because there were not many people on the third floor early, there were a few six people who turned around inside and found a porridge shop and went in.
It’s called porridge shop. There are many things in it because its signature food is porridge.
I found a single six-person seat and asked several people to order.
According to the order, from the eldest to the oldest, each person ordered a dish and a bowl of porridge, and finally ordered a case of beer as usual.
While waiting for the food, Sun Sheng couldn’t help asking several people, "Why are you so happy today? Also took me to drink together. "
Five people look at each other with a smiling face and a happy expression.
Finally, Lao Liu lowered his voice and said carefully, "I’m so jealous of you. When we just killed the monster, we actually hit a gold object!" " Say that finish corners of the mouth and couldn’t help but become warped up with his head down gnome male-"stuffy smile the rest of the few people and his sample are almost see Sun Sheng one leng one leng.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-two Drunk
"You … hit a gold?" Sitting next to Sun Sheng, the boss patted Sun Sheng on the shoulder and said, "Although we don’t want to hit you, our conscience tells us that we can’t lie. We can tell you that we did hit a 31-level gold’ ice crystal sword’! Just give it to me! Gnome male-"…"
After all, I may have fallen into extreme YY again, or I may have been tempted by the aroma of food and unconsciously shed a little saliva from my mouth.
Then the old four added, "Hey! However, considering that our brothers are still in abject poverty, if we stay here, our strength will be improved, but it will not be obvious. After careful discussion, we decided to sell it and improve our lives first. "

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